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Future - Love You Better
Future - Love You Better12 jam yang lalu
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Movie: The Movie
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  • if you could see the stupid grin this vid gave me

  • Future one of the greatest fr 😂

  • Why do you still talk about trump?

  • Guillermo is in his element this week. 👏

  • Is he related to j.r ramirez(Manifest NETFLIX SERIES !??)

  • Trump, trump, trump, trump, trump.

  • 😍

  • What is the name of background entrance music of jim carrey

  • Ive always loved her, she just don’t care! Lol

  • RIP Coolio.


  • This one of the best interesting opening anecdotes I have ever heard.

  • Why are FOX correspondents allowed into the White House briefing room and why does the White House press secretary field FOX questions? Nothing lends more credibility to the universally perceived false equivalency presented by this fascist "News" organization than that. Hell, Russia state television is featuring Tucker Carlson on a nightly basis. And the White House lends FOX credibility by giving them a platform. I am starting to shift my blame from MAGA to Democrats because the Democratic leadership obviously believes that fascism and sedition cheerleaders deserve a legitimate voice.

  • Mila Kunis dibs 😆

  • She's amazing. I love the banter with the crowd but sticks to her guns.

  • 343…it’s an inflated lie…don’t be fooled again!

  • I love how bad alot of people make trump out to be. Its laughable how anytime someone with good intentions takes the presidents seat they get shot...they cant get killed as easy as they use to now so they just make the world hate them with lies. What people still fail to see is they only want corrupt people running things.

    • They get "cancelled"

  • Missed a good opportunity for a bartolo colon joke

  • An insect with ten legs???

  • 'The Fall Guy'. Lee Majors and ooowwhhh Heather Thomas :) Jimmy siad 'Mila Tequila', my head went straight to 'Tila Tequila' :P

  • Dude literally never loses his posture.

  • Nurse? The hickey player, Darnell?

  • Ukraine 👎🏻

  • Bees and sunflowers are nice so I approve of Kansas. ❤🐝🐝🐝❤Buzzzzzzzzz...!! ❤🌻🌻🌻❤ ... ! Oh cool it's Nick kROLL sweet ah damn this useless eyboard half the buttons don't function...! Ahh FUC...off I don't now why the "CAY" just isn't co-operating at all...! And the comma too...grrr! 🤔⌨💣💥❗😊👍

  • Hey Kimmel, I’d fire you in a heartbeat!

  • Guillermo has the best job in the world

  • Bug bit was a stupid waste of time

  • Throughout the entire interview my mind was yelling "shut up Meg"

  • New York also gave us Theodore Roosevelt. But mayor Adams shouldn't have said what he said. Totally unnecessary.

  • Kansas can also boast hosting Leavenworth Penitentiary, which may soon be hosting numerous former Trump administration officials.