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  • Alice Cooper (and Keith Richards) ARE immortal. Next!

  • So did jimmy kimmel vote for Hillary policy?

  • It's nearly my b-day too.. so I'm just gonna pretend my name's Jimmy. What's one more, right?

  • jimmy yapping about himself as always

  • tRUMP IS a disgrace and a despicable excuse for a human being....IMPEACH NOW!!

  • Trump stiffs everyone, he;s a Conman and a crook. A Grifter will grift

  • I love the haircut. He looks very mature.

  • Wow ... how about a kid book on what happened in Auschwitz next, the fk is wrong with people

  • Born and raised in BC canada..i challenge anyone to outsmoke me. Snoop would come close..willie would prolly win though

  • Good luck you soy boy

  • but that's America

  • Happy Birthday Jimmy 🎂🎉 love your show!!!!!!!

  • Love it 😂

  • Castillo's channel

  • When i know monsta x will be in mean tweet, I clicked fast just to see them

  • Still Nash Bridges fan...

  • On the plus side, Cardi B looks like the girl that's gonna be fine with ANYTHING in bed. On the other hand, she would SO tell everyone...I'm not willing to trade my fantasies being fulfilled for people respecting me!!


  • Jimmy Kimmel is a puppet

  • No speak English. jajaaaa

  • James Corden is better... and British

  • I love you man!

  • pewee's a two of the brothersky, danone

  • GOP needs Larry the cable guy to go and defend trump at these hearings. Don't care who ya are that's funny!!!

  • Jock but vampires 🤣

  • Wow, Don is more handsome now than when he was young. Trump stiffing him? Of course.

  • well, who doesn't love a convicted rapist...

  • "The president of fried chicken" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • At least US has great future. 😓

  • I actually enjoy Trump being president because TV show hosts are constantly trying to roast him but they don't realize they are actually helping him in 2020.

  • Aww Billie’s has me 🥺

  • jimmy tomorrow sting, you might have checked the discography, let's see what happens napoleonian, same as street corner

  • i wish cardi would have went off on that comment then they coulda muted cadi at the end.

  • Republicans' grandchildren will be ashamed when history passes.

  • That’s my queen ❤️😂

  • " Santre ki shakal ke saath main yeh duniya pe raaz karunga ." 😂😂

  • I had this friend (Barbara Streisand) lol

  • "Did you go to college?" "That's the sad part..."

  • He looks great for his age sadly Melanie looks like a train wreck.

  • Okay but she did just prove his point ....she looked loud and my volume was turned down. 😂😂💀

  • The "beautiful letter" written to Don and its effect on him sounded like a Trumpism.

  • Not remotely surprised. Trump wanted his name bigger (narcissism), but doesn't pay up. What a disgusting individual.

  • He is so entertaining with a comfortable ease - a pleasure to watch. Bet he's a fun friend!

  • Hey, kiss ass kimmel, the only things imploding are the democraps lies and your delusional brain ass hat hahahaha

  • Lol so lame.

  • I hope Jimmy’s wife doesn’t read the comments 😂😂

  • Paddleton is fantastic. Also his comedy show is hilarious and I watch it too much

  • Fascinating trumps last lie is to build the wall for less money

  • Hilarious

  • Wonder what he would say now, four years later.

  • Dave:they aren’t dangerous Jimmy:why am I so scared then Me:cos ur a pussy 🐱

  • I want the name of his plastic surgeon!

  • Yes LANCASTER PA!!!!

  • I wouldn't wear a Jimmy hat with her.

  • LA seems like low energie and indecisive retards , NYers are real ruff mofos

  • Colder weather will always be my favourite

  • That re-enactment of Trump throwing that chicken bucket at somewhat looks so sad because it's probably true lol. The guy literally does nothing in the White house. I feel sorry for the next President who has to clean up that mess.

  • Cringe, corny this past 3 years have shunned a light on white America

  • How can one take the sponsorship money and then get stiffed on the money? That's confusing. I think he should have reworded that statement.

  • comedy is dead!!!!!

  • jimmy kimmel for prez!

  • Ewww. Both of them are gross satanists

  • Jimmy said that double knotting Isn't American and I do double knots but then I realised I live in Florida 😎

  • The fact that she thought the Bacon came from Jimmy shows she really doesn't know how Bacon is made 😂

  • AMEN Jimmy no matter what Republicans say they have blood on there hands too.

  • 👌🏽

  • I know what you got in your closet, Judd..

  • Thick rope around Nunes' neck will look so much better.

  • 🤤

  • Jimmy Kimmel. What a total moron 😂

  • 🤣🤣🤣..so hilarious

  • Why Fallon look lit 🤣

  • yooo in that monsta x group whos the one standing up on the far right its for science

  • How do they not know??

  • Que orgullo colombiano ver a Natalia Reyes hasta donde ha llegado a punta de esfuerzo y mucho talento. De Colombia para el mundo papa.

  • 2:50 " yes, exactly always blame the parents"

  • How the hell did Nunez (a repuklican) even get elected in Cali of all places?

  • Now that’s a way to celebrate 🎉 ur birthday. Impeach that idiot. 3 1/2 years wasted. How you gonna make someone pay up, when you owe half the country. Get out of here 🍊 clan.

  • The dude behind Castor is hilarious.

  • Why tf would the show run this clip? Joaquin Phoenix is a god damn treasure and should be treated with a little more respect.

  • @ to pay a visit is boring

  • You use chicken why? Cause trump got the majority of the black vote. Talk about racism. Jimmy you need help!!!

  • Im from Australia and to me it looked like the democrats got whacked in this thing.

  • Patrick Roger Autocrat III

  • trump 2020

  • JUST found out Sir Patrick Stewart's wife, Sunny Ozell, is 39 years younger than him, she is 40. In fact, Sir Patrick's 2 children are older than their stepmother!

  • Didn't expect to see any new OT7 Monsta X content. I'm thankful for it, though.

  • That canceled cheque stamped N.S.F. would make good poster t shirt etc

  • He won’t get impeached

  • Green Day 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

  • A state visit: One Autocrat kissing another Autocrat's butt and guess which one is doing the kissing.

  • Personally, I hope that Jimmy Kimmel gets to have his chance for to do his show in England someday as an opportunity to entertain the U.K. audience with his comedic wit and interviews just like his British counterpart, Graham Norton. Other than that, the interview with Patrick Stewart was FANTASTIC and FUNNY!

  • i would have said on mute and still could hear her thats how loud she is lol

  • Aww wonho!😣😣

  • Lol jimmy think you got your head up your ass too. Cause if you watched it. You should know that they have o evidence. This all looks bad on the Biden’s. You live in your Hollywood fantasy world buddy.

  • wonho the sweetest vampire alive also he is a cute bunny🐰

  • Why am I still crushing on him?

  • LMFAO 😂💀😂


  • What did y’all watch this hearing was a joke witch hunt all day long