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1:17:14NIKI -  Live at The Wiltern (Full Show)
NIKI - Live at The Wiltern (Full Show)Ditonton 146 rb14 hari yang lalu
3:53NIKI - Autumn (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Autumn (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 363 rb9 bulan yang lalu
5:04NIKI - Take A Chance With Me (Official Lyric Video)
3:54NIKI -  Backburner (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Backburner (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 897 rb9 bulan yang lalu
3:58NIKI - Facebook Friends (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Facebook Friends (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 260 rb9 bulan yang lalu
4:17NIKI - On The Drive Home (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - On The Drive Home (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 303 rb9 bulan yang lalu
2:51NIKI - Milk Teeth (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Milk Teeth (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 144 rb9 bulan yang lalu
4:15NIKI - Anaheim (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Anaheim (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 392 rb9 bulan yang lalu
2:58NIKI - Keeping Tabs (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Keeping Tabs (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 351 rb9 bulan yang lalu
4:00NIKI - High School in Jakarta (Official Music Video)
6:36NIKI - Oceans & Engines (Official Music Video)
NIKI - Oceans & Engines (Official Music Video)Ditonton 5 jt10 bulan yang lalu
4:55NIKI - Before (Official Music Video)
NIKI - Before (Official Music Video)Ditonton 3,6 jt11 bulan yang lalu
3:27NIKI - Every Summertime (Living Room Version)
NIKI - Every Summertime (Living Room Version)Ditonton 3,8 jtTahun Yang lalu
3:29NIKI - Split (Lyric Video)
NIKI - Split (Lyric Video)Ditonton 413 rbTahun Yang lalu
3:56NIKI - Every Summertime (Visualizer)
NIKI - Every Summertime (Visualizer)Ditonton 38 jtTahun Yang lalu
4:00NIKI - Hallway Weather (Live Performance)
NIKI - Hallway Weather (Live Performance)Ditonton 2,2 jt2 tahun yang lalu
3:54NIKI - Hallway Weather (Official Audio)
NIKI - Hallway Weather (Official Audio)Ditonton 449 rb2 tahun yang lalu
3:41NIKI - Plot Twist (at home)
NIKI - Plot Twist (at home)Ditonton 393 rb2 tahun yang lalu
3:00NIKI - Wide Open (Foreword) (Official Lyric Video)
3:05NIKI - Tide (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Tide (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 221 rb2 tahun yang lalu
3:47NIKI - Pandemonium (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Pandemonium (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 264 rb2 tahun yang lalu
3:27NIKI - Nightcrawlers (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Nightcrawlers (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 221 rb2 tahun yang lalu
3:38NIKI - Drive On (Official Lyric Video)
NIKI - Drive On (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 332 rb2 tahun yang lalu


  • Miss zefanya kenapa war ticket andaa sebelum aku otw operasi usus buntu siii😭🙏 sadar sadar dah sold outttt

  • 2:31 Jengkel Moment

  • Keren

  • sakit naman nyan par

  • Great stuff, keep it up. We'd like to feature you on our blog

  • Lyrics : 18, we were undergrads Stayed out late, never made it to class, uh Outer Richmond in a taxi cab You were sweating bullets on the way to my dad's and oh You said, "Baby, think we're moving too fast", ah-ah And I swear the magnolias flashed a smile (flashed a smile) And that's when I caught me hoping you'd stay a while (stay a while) Baby, I'd give up anything to travel inside your mind Baby, I fall in love again come every summertime My daddy taught me to choose 'em wisely, but you don't have to try 'Cause, baby, I fall in love every summertime 25, man we're missing church Laugh 'bout everyone we're hating at work Dinner with your sister and the jokes kinda hurt Cry the way home, and you're putting me first, oh Yeah, we just always know what to say (mh, ah, yeah) We're strolling down the boulevard And dancing under streetlights (oh, the lights) Every year we get older, and I'm still on your side (oh, I) Baby, I'd give up anything to travel inside your mind Baby, I fall in love again come every summertime My daddy taught me to choose 'em wisely, but you don't have to try 'Cause, baby, I fall in love every summertime Every day is summertime Every day is summertime Every day is summertime with you Every day is summertime Every day is summertime Every day is summertime with you

  • ♥ u

  • Enak2 lagunya NIKI ya...bangga bgettt

  • Teruslah berkarya, ini lagu yg sangat bagus

  • 💕💕💕💕

  • love you ni ki from Philippines

  • How absolutely ADORABLE is this!!!! Did we just become Best Friends?!?! LOL

  • Dari 1.3 jt viewers. Aku salah satu diantaranya tiap hari dengerin smbil berangkat kerja

  • Selene and Ocean and Engine is my favorite NIKI's release ever

  • its niki fav song, and its my fav video of her. thanks niki

  • I can't lie, it feels nice that you're calling You sound sad and alone, and you're stalling And for once, I don't care about what you want As long as we keep talking (as long as we're talking) I mean, you gotta admit the history's kind of unmatched Asian Calvinism, we made it out of that Well, whether we're free of will or predestined Clearly, I've not learned my lesson even now Hope He doesn't strike me down (strike me down) The Goo Goo Dolls are dead to me The way you should be too But you bring them up Along with how much I fucking miss you Maybe I'm just not better than this, I haven't tried Maybe life's less romantic when I don't wanna die You'd think I'd be a fast learner But guess I won't ever mind crisping up on your backburner Backburner Your backburner Your backburner Your backburner It's pathetic, but at least you are, too I don't know what to do I don't like anyone except sometimes you And now you're sounding like a hurt puppy You look ugly when you cry But I'm the one you think to call How do you feel lucky and appalled at the same time? After everything you put me through I somehow still believe in you, oh-oh But I know in a week or so You'll fade away again And I wish that I cared Hey, are you still there? Good Maybe I'm just not better than this, I haven't tried 'Cause maybe you'll finally choose me after you've had more time I thought I was a fast learner But guess I won't ever mind, guess I won't ever mind Maybe I blame my mother bleeding into my stride Maybe it was my father and his wandering eyes (It's their fault that) I'll always be in your corner 'Cause I don't feel alive 'til I'm burnin' on your backburner, oh-oh (Backburner, your backburner) And I know that it's sad that I settle for the backburner, oh-oh (your backburner) (Your backburner, your backburner) Guess I won't ever mind crisping up on your backburner, oh-oh (your backburner) (Backburner, your backburner) As long as you still think of me, oh, oh-oh (backburner, backburner)

  • hy

  • hy

  • I love 💕 this music video of niki so relaxing 👌

  • POV: You're dating niki

  • Videos like this makes you appreciate a person more because it shows how human they are despite their godly voice and stardom. ❤

  • i wish my dad was like this😭

  • love nikii

  • Manila day 2 pleaseeee


  • Make music video for autumn too please

  • This was just released 11 days ago? I feel like I've been listening to this song for month/s now. Lol. The loop is on.


  • so cute❤❤❤

  • Oh how I love this track so much, I'd do anything for it 🥲 I WAS ALSO SURE DOWN TO MY BONES THAT THIS IS NIKI'S FAVORITE TRACK AS WELL UPON RELEASE 🚗

  • Listening to this coz I turned 20 today bruh and it feels sow adult yet teen and this song is my fave thats all thankyow.(。・ω・。)ノ♡

  • 酸酸甜甜的。挺好。我很喜欢你啊。加油!

  • love you so much niki! thank you for sharing your voice with us.... hope to see you soon in manila!

  • i wonder when will i get over my backburner phase

  • backburnerngitis

  • this take me back to 2019. im really sorry for everything i put you through, A. hope you happy up there.

  • The Goo Goo Dolls were just chilling

  • Mbak Niki cantik:)

  • Mbak Niki cantik ya

  • This video is PERFECCTTT some fragments in life then bam it now is a perfect music video!!!

  • i love u BB

  • Keren

  • I feel like they tuned out a lot of the audience so it kind of just sounds like no one knows the lyrics to any of her songs ;-; bro shes so talented wtf

  • I just saw the ad and thought it was catchy, and I love Niki so I just want to listen to the full song. But the lyrics ended up bitch-slapping me because it speaks of almost exactly the same situation I am in right now. Actually made me tear up. Thank you for this wonderful song, Niki.

  • POV : Niki is your girlfriend

  • Happy 1,3M kak Niki

  • And even the room in the intro looks like her room when she was just uploading videos on youtube before huhu

  • This is when you can just focus on your own between the croud