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  • Is that Peter Sudarso?

  • keren bangettttt

  • Great songgg

  • sad af

  • Medyo hawig niya si Sarah Geronimo

  • She is far better than Agnez!

  • niki still got toothpaste in her mouth


  • Hey that's the blue/red power ranger guy! Peter Sudaraso

  • This one is my favorite song of niki such a goodvibes while im playin in the morning

  • Ariana Grande - Baby I

  • Kesini grgr liat tiktok, bru tau saya klo dia org Indonesia,

  • 😍😍

  • Kirain td dari malaysia sklinya indonesia smpai aku cari di google.

  • Enak lagunya.

  • Hey! An ad appeared with this video.. I tried to watch it a little.. I saw this girl and I checked and it turns out that she is from Indonesia.. i don't believe it. This song is cool.. wow. As a fellow Indonesian.. I support you and proud of you.. 100% subscribed to you. Keep it up, Nik🔥

  • Kalo denger lagu Niki langsung ikutan nyanyi

  • Randomly showing on my feed, and I instantly dig this song. Especially the chorus. And turns out to be she has the +62 country bloodline hhha.. Hebat lah! Keep it up NIKI..

  • <3

  • we need every single room version pls!

  • Mbak, lagu b suarane sampean uapik polll .. karya luar biasa 🥺❤️

  • Akhir akhir ini NIKI kok galau Mulu dari lagunya

  • NIKI is absolutely brilliant and talented. Love you

  • 💗💗

  • THIS. Highschool is over and I know at the end of summer the person I love is leaving me without a thought. I'll try to remain in touch but it will become unbearable to paddle the sinking ship when my partner has already jumped boards. **and not a second later they text me...oh kill me now

  • like seeing good ol asian couples in videos or anywhere. im deprived of this as an asian diaspora!

  • Locke and key backsound, congrats