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There are values and goals that JYP Entertainment (JYP) has pursued. JYP prides itself with those values and strives to be an exemplary leader in the entertainment industry.

With the lead of Park Jin Young as one of Asia’s most prominent producers in the entertainment industry, JYP has discovered and produced some of the most popular and successful K-Pop artists, such as god, Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, GOT7, DAY6, TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY, Xdinary Heroes and NMIXX.

Also, we have introduced and led K-Pop’s dominance by expanding the activities of our artists to the global music industry through the network of our overseas subsidiaries, JYP Japan and JYP China.

JYP not only focuses on ordinary business, like planning and creating music, finding and managing artists, conducting online, mobile and overseas business, but also strives to scout creative talents and develop them to be suitable for the entertainment industry.


0:47[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 2 BEGINS!!
[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 2 BEGINS!!Ditonton 59 rb22 jam yang lalu
55:24[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #10
[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #10Ditonton 76 rb23 jam yang lalu
3:22VCHA "Y.O.Universe" M/V
VCHA "Y.O.Universe" M/VDitonton 2,1 jt9 jam yang lalu
50:37A2K ep.22 "The Final Members"
A2K ep.22 "The Final Members"Ditonton 1,8 jt9 jam yang lalu
48:31A2K ep.21 "The Grand Finale Begins"
A2K ep.21 "The Grand Finale Begins"Ditonton 2 jt11 jam yang lalu
1:27Xdinary Heroes 〈Livelock〉 The Beginning
Xdinary Heroes 〈Livelock〉 The BeginningDitonton 129 rb14 jam yang lalu
37:10A2K ep.20 "Team Evaluation Rankings"
A2K ep.20 "Team Evaluation Rankings"Ditonton 2,2 jt16 jam yang lalu
1:29[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #10 Highlights
[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #10 HighlightsDitonton 240 rb16 jam yang lalu
53:50[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #9
[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #9Ditonton 165 rb23 jam yang lalu
45:19A2K ep.19 “Team Evaluation”
A2K ep.19 “Team Evaluation”Ditonton 2,4 jtHari Yang lalu
1:23[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #9 Highlights
50:52A2K ep.18 “Individual Evaluation Rankings”
50:27[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #8
[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #8Ditonton 146 rb14 hari yang lalu
45:28A2K ep.17 "Individual Performances Continue"
A2K ep.17 "Individual Performances Continue"Ditonton 2,2 jt14 hari yang lalu
1:09[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #8 Highlights
[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #8 HighlightsDitonton 181 rb14 hari yang lalu
44:05A2K ep.16 "Korean Boot Camp Begins"
A2K ep.16 "Korean Boot Camp Begins"Ditonton 2,7 jt14 hari yang lalu
3:40Young K "nothing but(이것밖에는 없다)" M/V
51:27[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #7
[Nizi Project Season 2] Part 1 #7Ditonton 184 rb21 hari yang lalu
33:44A2K ep.15 “LA Boot Camp Rankings”
A2K ep.15 “LA Boot Camp Rankings”Ditonton 2,4 jt21 hari yang lalu


  • Um well it's still have a kpop group vibe to it or they go with this kind of thing...cus i'm sure asl no one in america would care except those kpop fans ig.

  • whoaaa good jobbbb

  • 서배나 컬린즈는 오디션때의 화장 안 한 얼굴이 더 예뻐.

  • piece of cake

  • АХАХАХАХАХХАХАХАХАХАХАХА❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Prettiest 395

  • Gina. TT_TT

  • ダンステスト、ボーカルテスト、スター性テスト、全部魅了してくるやん。トモヤァアアアア!!!!!!

  • The way Kaylee hugged Kendall

  • So proud of you girls. This is so heartwarming. We love you, VCHA!

  • トモヤクン本当に面白くて実力あって最高すぎる😂❤

  • 190

  • After knowing the lineup of VCHA, it’s really shocking that the second and third place of LA Boot Camp, Cristina and Gina wouldn’t make their debut…

  • Seungmin's vocals are so magnificient in this song. Keep streaming stays!

  • makes me feel like a kid again it feels great

  • 저 정도 비주얼은 되어야 일본을 대표하는 보이그룹이 될 수 있지..!! 다들 잘 생겼네.. 너무 많이 탈락시키지 말아줘~ 시청자들이 싫어한다고~ A2K도 Gina 탈락해서 너무 허전하고 허탈하네.. ;;

  • I’m going to miss Rio, Shokei and Takato 🥺

  • Already better than Trash Nmixx.

  • 一人一人の圧倒的存在感が既にすごいと思う‎🤍

  • Wow you girls will be so Faoumes when wil they get acc?

  • Hope JYP does a group from Australia too. We know how talented Aussies are.

  • Why this masterpiece has only 200M views, they deserve more 😢❤

  • this is so catchy 0:50

  • They r too young

  • Que pasa ID-tv, estas arruiando nuestro str34m, por que congelas las vistas .


  • jyp, watch dream academy mission 1 team b and learn how to recruit, you hack.

    • Dream academy is no better, tho. You had to be popular to survive since it's basing on most votes. Also it's wack how they gonna eliminate someone who haven't even showcase their other skills such as Adela, they eliminate her without even letting her showcase her vocal. Yes jyp got a bias treatment towards Kendall, but Kendall sp and emotions what makes her win.

  • Creo que las vistas siguen congeladas , ya lleva hora en el mismo número no suben :(

  • Bien hermosos los SKZ ❤️❤❤😻😻

  • KG my bias. Camilla bias wrecker.

  • Cómo amo está canción ❤

  • just debut them all... 2 rappers, tomoya main vocalist and ken is such a visual - I remember seeing him in his sisters videos & thought "he need to debut w/ those visuals" lol...

  • even though cristina and gina wasn't there, I still think this group will be a big thing soon!!!

  • Bence gelecegin blackpink i yani onlarin unvanina sahip olacaklar

  • candidate to dubut tomoya, Yuki, Eiji, sodai, Yu

  • 118

  • V ot e please for Felix on Halo Ocean 2023 the most stylish star in Asia pacific.

  • 2:00 음색 정말 좋다

  • I love you girls!🫶🏼

  • No te duermas tan tarde xd

  • Hasta pasado mañanas, buenas noches 🤗 descansa

  • Pero ya mis ojitos no dan KAHSJAHS

  • 105

  • JY. Park is never honest. Kendall seriously did not do well preforming vocals and JYP praised her. He either needs to be way more observant or he just needs to lie to make the girls feel good about themselves.

  • 너무 잘생겼어요❤

  • girlies you slayed so hard ly <<333

  • Quería esperarte para darte las buenas noches 😊

  • The song really gave me goosebumps and made my eye tearyyyy, idk what to feel, they're like telling all those words that I've longed to hear

  • Cristina.....😭

  • Estos chicos trabajan tan duro, es impresionante 😮❤