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Double, double toil and trouble!
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  • 'Frankin Mauve' seems like it would be a nice name

  • Its Shop Miss A Not Shop Missaaaaaaaa I’m referring to Hermione Granger Btw

  • I think this is the first time I've ever seen them kiss...huh...YALL ARE THE CUTEST

  • Oh my.. I can't believe I'm watching this video about bras but then I saw the thumbnail and wengie is featured! I absolutely love her music videos even though this was made 2 years ago

  • The ASMR starts at 16:40 for the impatient people

  • 11:17 “So lets deflower you” oooo suggesting a foursome, how brave

  • I was just watching the ASMR and then all of a sudden I just thought who the hell came up with ASMR Like what the fuck who on earth came up with people tapping and scratching on random objects whispering making chewing sounds into microphone and filming it LMAO (Don’t Get me wrong though I fucking ASMR and I loveeeeee this video oh and if I bother you with my language I’m sorry it just doesn’t phase me so I say what I want but if it bothers you I’m sorry)

  • "That's just a theory, *A CHOCOLATE THEORY* "

  • Who mauved my cheese

  • Mauve over haters

  • They look better that the Jacklyn Hill ones.

  • how about FRANKEN ORLY

  • Hello friends. I was wondering if anyone knows any information about promo codes with youtubers. I just joined honey and wanted to use one of Safiya's links to join, and was just curious if anyone knew when they expired/if they do expire. I did check the URL when I added the plug in and saw that "safiya DR-evergreen" was there, but I was wondering if anyone knew if they always last forever or if they cancel people sometimes b/c tea or whatever. Any feedback would be helpful, thank you and I hope y'all have a good one. <3 <3

  • I'd probably wear the teal! Maybe you could call the franken-polish "Mauve-ational"?

  • Tyler needs to get a perm he has 1 million subs

  • You should go to China! Well, it may be a bit hard, but they’ll love you! Chinese people believe that Caucasian’s, or light skinned people are “clean”. It’s rather racist actually. The lighter the skin, the more “clean” you are. If you’re African American... Good luck 😂

  • I like move it move it name for polish

  • Where can I buy this outfit?

  • Because you buy so much in the internet if you use your Facebook log in on those pages. You got hook. Because you going to get them in your news feed and whatever those companies promote too. Its not Facebook.

  • Come on over to Joshua tree CA 92252

  • “Everyone like, wants to grow up and be a Jim... and I ended up a Michael.” I can relate...a little too much. 😂😂

  • When you were born in 2005 😬✌

  • I think your hair looks very shiny

  • Franken-ORLY

  • Is it me or is Mayra Karina Garcia?

  • Is it just me or does safiya remind u of a female matpat? Just me. Ok

  • how about frankenmauve

  • When Christine said for my boyfriend I was like, “bAnNaS”

  • Hi Christine from Ottawa, I'm Christine from Ottawa...we'll just on the outskirts, about 20 mins east!

  • How about “frankimouve”?

  • "Step 4 rotate.... Uh oh.. Can I find it?" 😂😂😂😂

  • like a year after lol but why is nobody talking about how safiya uses the cards against humanity for her mirror???

  • Anyone else just come back to old vids for Saf's wholesome, dramafree content?

  • Habanera. And I kinda love the hybrid outfit of all the... trendy? clothes. It kinda all fits together somehow.

  • I cant get over how 2007 the first outfit is

  • And she’s all mine!!! Lol 🤣


  • Are you going to post a wedding video

  • Happy birthday Amanda. Very, very, late.

  • I love this video and have watched it several times but now when I hear you say the name Thomas Halbert I quiver lol

  • Isnt...Zozo that viral ouija board demon? xD

  • People I know: I use pads because tampons hurt. Me: I use tampons but this cup scares the crap out of me. 1) I hate dealing with bloody tampons anyways so a cup full of blood is like *holy shit* 2) I'm afraid it will get stuck

  • Who else noticed that safiya had on simply's merch that's real friendship

  • 1. Aquarius 2. Aquarii 3. Aquariuses 4. Aquariusesi

  • Winter is my favorite

  • Saf MSC is toxic 😅

  • Bats are NOT marsupials- just normal mammals

  • Not a fan of Kpop, but you did your research, props to you Saf! 👏👏

  • Merry berry mauve

  • IT'S NOW 3 DAYS OLDER! -Cristine with no H 2019

  • Beginning of the video sounds like Simply Nailogical

  • Safiya looks so much shorter with the wedding dresses on.

  • You didn’t put Simply Nailogical as a beauty guru 😂

  • Nerdy nerdecrafter turn you into a bat

  • @merreltwins

  • OMG I LOVE RAIN also I thought rain was a German show 😂

  • Fyi, humans are bioluminescent. We just can’t see it because our eyes aren’t powerful enough.

  • @merriltwins

  • Franken mouve

  • I’m from Sandusky,Ohio

  • The franken shadow looks like a purple mixed with nude

  • Simply frankin

  • No blue blood?

  • Christine should actually do Saf's nails for her wedding. No one else? Okay.

  • mixing every hair dye together?

  • What is her accent?? She emphasizes strange syllables and has a weird cadence. It's almost like the non-regional American accent used by news reporters but with a twist

  • Christmas edibles has 25 not 24 (It’s at 16:44 for all you double-checkers who need to make sure I’m not hallucinating)

  • 2:57 no shade only shadow

  • Mauveine mauve

  • A suggestion: Mauve I’m gay Idk😂

  • At a loss is my suggestion for the frankenpolish- you said it yourself 😹

  • I don't like that.

  • 7:54 wow, Safiya made so many predictions about the conspiracy palette, from the flamin hot Cheeto dust to the excessive videos about a palette

  • Safiya never disappoints, im sad that I’m late but this is so good! Like, she looks absolutely gorgeous ! She has confidence to walk around like that though 😂 She probably did get attention. But wow, why not walk around looking like that when you paid for it? Also props to Safiya for being an educated queen

  • Try menstrl cup

  • Ok well now I need to go to the green tea bath for my damn acne

  • When you’ve watched this video 2 times already 😳

  • I think, *Mauve, I Might Chip a Nail*

  • Omg y’all when I first started watching Safiyas channel I thought that Tyler was her brother lol!!!

  • i’m glad i’m not the only one with straw wrappers and a heck ton of receipts in my bag

  • Frankenstein’s mauvester

  • Berry me in nail polish, Madame Mixalot’s favorite, Franken-Polish, SimplyMauveLogical, or Shimmer, Shine, and Wine.

  • Flash of mauve splash of peuce

  • Here in Oklahoma we'd call those waders. Well crappy waders anyway.

  • “Mauverlous” Idk

  • i wish you luck with the fiddly fig because i can say that i have killed two of them

  • 8:31 ew the amount of hair on her arm eh grosssssss

  • How many times a year does safiya travel to different countries??I wish I had that kind of cash (lol)(btw love your videos)

  • Heard the classical piece, can’t remember the name.

  • video idea: mixing all my colourpop collab lipsticks together

  • Don’t know the classical music this time...

  • I hope those condoms are used/thrown away by now, if not they’re expired 😬

  • I would have named mine baby girl

  • You need to be Cruella Deville😈

  • Day 2 sucks.

  • Who else is in the dark colors club!

  • 23:44 the construction worker on the right checkin them out omg-😂

  • “I have small boobs but a decent size badonk”-saf “I have decent size boobs but a tiny badonk” -me

  • Question: Are you the person who rides escalators - like are you the person who walks up escalators - comment

  • You shoulda collaborated with ro :o