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3:12Behind the scenes look at FA Cup win over Swansea
24:59The Big Interview: Justin Kluivert
The Big Interview: Justin KluivertDitonton 2,3 rbBulan Yang lalu
4:28FIVE goals in the FIRST HALF 🤯 | Alt Angle
FIVE goals in the FIRST HALF 🤯 | Alt AngleDitonton 1,3 rbBulan Yang lalu


  • Good to see . Solanke will probably play I’m assuming and come on u reds

  • Chicken and blues is fantastic

  • Prediction Premier League Season 2023-2024 : Burnley FC 1-4 AFC Bournemouth.

  • one of the most underrated players this season

  • Really no need for murder on the dance floor backing on this 😂

  • Great stuff lads!!!

  • Solanki ❤

  • Hot potatoes.where was big dom when we needed him to be leading us on to victory? Hurt his team and insulted us all with lame manager and his escóuse. 😢

    • Do you think Dom will learn that he is a fifty million pound player who is being used by crooks to hide Kieffer Moore?

  • Must have been filmed before Newcastle game as Antoine also scored against them

    • 👀

    • 😂 no judgement, you guys in the PR team keep raising the bar ​@@AFCBournemouth

  • Your everyone so funny😅.semenyo and solanke so funny😂😂

  • Hi

  • I enjoyed 😂 this. Antoine 😂😂😂 is being a bit naughty 😜.

  • this was a brilliant funny video. the editor as well was on it !

  • Need more like this

    • More episodes coming before the end of the season....

  • My gs

  • The heat is on! Nice one guys!🍒🍒🍒

  • I love chicken wings

  • R.I.P ❤❤

  • R.I.P I was there and he got a yellow for respect

  • Nicely done!

  • UTC 🍒

  • Up the cherries

  • Hi❤

  • Hi❤

  • ❤🍒

  • Styll lost the match 2-1 if I’m correct

  • Tinpot club

  • 2010 vobies coming back again!

  • So sexy

  • Well done Leicester! I do have a peeve though. A lot of FA Cup Games are being shown across the TV Stations, one can only enjoy one game at a time, so I was watching the Backburn vs Newcastle Game, intending to watch this game later. I, like most no doubt, like to watch a full Game without knowing the score, so the last thing we need is some Gobshite Big Mouth Commentator, blurting out the result in extra time of the other game we are watching!!!!! Play the game ffs and at the very least give us a warning that you are going to do that, so we can avoid the result and enjoy the game later. you Muppet!!!!!!

  • Poor by Bournemouth. Goal finishing and attempts dire. Professional players should not be lofting all shots way over the bar. Both teams rather mediocre. Failure to take advantage of superior play cost Bournemouth. Good goal by Leicester but should have been closed down and prevented. it's like Bournemouth were asking for that.

  • Excellent Save From Mark Travers The Irish Sensational. AFC Bournemouth Defeat Against Leicester City In The Vitality Stadium Score By 0-1. #BOULEI. AFC Bournemouth Eleminated & Out From Emirates FA Cup Season 2023-2024.

    • Go away your not a bournemouth fan I've seen you on other teams channels you fish for attention and likes

  • I don’t think I’ve ever cared less about a result - it wasn’t a good display, some very poor performances exposing some huge holes in our squad. Pleased for Leicester to get through!

    • Then your not a bournemouth fan if that's your opinion

    • Why would you not care? Your club has never won a major trophy in its entire existence and right now this Bournemouth team is probably the best it’s ever been. FA cup and Lesgue cup are your only real chances to win silverware during this golden era for your club so you should be gutted. Obviously you fans have a very small club mentality if you’re not upset with losing in a game against a championship clubs b team with a place in the QF at stake.

    • @@martint3392 💯 facts

    • I’m really annoyed, a great chance to progress and we put in an insipid performance like that. We’re never going to win the premier league so the only real upside of being in it is to be able to put together a team good enough to at least get to a cup final for once.

    • @@jamieadams5826 yes. Of course you’re right. 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️ I would argue that many of the fans there last night don’t care either, such a tepid atmosphere!

  • Sad😢

  • Cok şanslisin england

  • Andoni out!!! No win since boxing day had enough now people defended my comments and said I'm wrong few weeks ago but now it's showing I'm right great effort from Bournemouth but shooting practice needed and no solanke on bench our best player is criminal shocking tactics has cost us a quarter final!!! Fair play to ref and Leicester they done well From a sad cherries fan

  • One Question Where Is Dom? Other than that ON WE GO COYC!!! 🍒

  • Where's Solanke tonight?

  • Looking forward to a decent game tonight - UTCIAD 🍒🍒

  • Amazing Game! The one goal result does not reflect the wonderful football and grit from both teams we witnessed with this game. And although they lost...Kudos to Bournemouth for a fantastic game against my MC team.

  • It’s going to be one to catch them early. Would love to catch them with three quick goals (just to help my blood pressure), then keep attacking with the crowd behind them. They’re a good team and love how Andoni respects all opponents.

  • Up the cherries 🍒🍒 2-1win

  • ❤🍒

  • John Stones

  • Jack Grealish Oscar bobb Kyle Walker

  • Prediction Emirates FA Cup Season 2023-2024 Round Of 16 Rematch From Premier League Season 2022-2023 : AFC Bournemouth 2-1 Leicester City. The Last Meeting AFC Bournemouth Vs Leicester City Every Years : 1. EFL Championship Season 2013-2014 : AFC Bournemouth 0-1 Leicester City 2. Premier League Season 2015-2016 : AFC Bournemouth 1-1 Leicester City 3. Premier League Season 2016-2017 : AFC Bournemouth 1-0 Leicester City 4. Premier League Season 2017-2018 : AFC Bournemouth 0-0 Leicester City 5. Premier League Season 2018-2019 : AFC Bournemouth 4-2 Leicester City 6. Premier League Season 2019-2020 : AFC Bournemouth 4-1 Leicester City 7. Premier League Season 2022-2023 : AFC Bournemouth 2-1 Leicester City.

  • Pkoi Bournemouth ne joue pas toujours comme ça 😮😮😮

  • Bournemouth may have lost, but at least they didn't slip up like City running out of steam! 😂🍒