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Hosted by Kyle Forgeard & friends.



  • Elon: I'm currently residing in Texas as ive built the biggest factory in North America just outside of Austin... Interviewer: So what brings you to texas.. 🤣🤣

  • Elon is for the real woke people that know what’s going on.

  • I love the game not really for his music but knowing there’s rappers and rich men out here who are true, just true to themselves and morals

  • How the hell did they manage to get elon musk....

  • When you reach a certain point in life, run through endless fake friends and realize that true love exists, thats when you are on top of the world. Please do not be like any of these rich douche bags. If you do… you will find yourself lost, lonely, and rich. And I truly believe his parents failed him. God bless all you guys who take this crap and embody it because you will truly be lonely. I mean you’ll be surrounded by hot chics but you will be lonely I guarantee it.

  • Favorite part is when he showed them how to use the lighter 🔥💯

  • That phone definitely still the same lol

  • Only thing that bugged me was that stiney didnt know about the tunnels in vagas

  • A full 17:44… lol make it 17:30 😉 thumb aches 😂

  • I’m the one who was wearing the hoodie when he talked about it rn

  • Please get hasbulla on

  • 1:14 gives me chills

  • Hey Stieny how about let Elon finish answering the question you asked him before interrupting him during his answer with a different question. Super annoying for the listeners waiting on his answer.

  • every cunt in this video is a fucking embarrassment 2life. hope it feels good ya fuckin numskulls...uberfuckingspunkbubblessss

  • STEINY NAILED THIS ++++++++++

    • not really. he constantly cut him off while he was trying to respond to a question with another question

  • Best podcast I've seen with Andrew tate thus far! Awesome!

  • Bruh they talking over John about some random shit like wtf

  • bro why haven’t you done this idea of the vidoe

  • Steiny is getting on my nerves!! He reminds me of a kid in kindergarten, on career day asking a police officer if he's ever shot someone.

  • That part about getting the resources to make batteries for electric cars is bad for the environment is true. They trying to blow up mountains in Alaska for lithium. Alaska one of the most wild places left on the planet. They don’t give a fuck about the environment

  • A memory is a neural pathway

  • It will never happen but man I would love to talk with Elon for 3hrs

  • dana white is a bad ass !

  • There’s my imaginary work hubby/bf killing it again. ♋️ 420 69 hahahahahahahaha


  • big jokes!!! “We have to go when Trump is in office”😂😂😂

  • I genuinely don’t believe this guy says.

  • I ain’t even know that Steve got his channel deleted That’s crazy bro

  • This pod is a perfect example of why steiny gets fired.. lol

  • I honestly feel humans from every other period in time would love Andrew tate , but not In 2022 lol