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10:24Let's talk about the spin serve
Let's talk about the spin serveDitonton 39 rbHari Yang lalu
5:01Choi/Kim and Chia/Soh take to the court
Choi/Kim and Chia/Soh take to the courtDitonton 46 rbHari Yang lalu
10:18Heavyweight matchup between Japan and China
Heavyweight matchup between Japan and ChinaDitonton 132 rbHari Yang lalu
10:06Malaysia and Korea Clash on Semifinal Saturday


  • this guy's been commentating for quite a while now but he still refuses to learn how to pronounce the players' names correctly. it's basic courtesy for chrissakes

  • Fighting spirit

  • Korea🎉

  • 베리 굿

  • * jorji lg onfire , skill pukulan tipuan, pukulan silang jorji trmsuk mematikan, mental psikologis bermain trmsuk ok * Lbih keren lg jk ditingkatkn stamina daya tahan fisik, dijaga jngn smpai cedera parah * Jorji ok , namun Jojo, Antoni , Mpin/Gideold, Fajri justru memilih nyungsep dini berulang2 .. * Mpin/Gideold brniat come back....come back maksudnya kmbli kalah dini

  • semoga jorji. yg juara malaysia master

  • No other country would understand how often Malaysian women can go this far! With god blessing hope them to be crowned champion tmrw because they deserve it more than anyone in this edition WD tournament! 🙏

  • mantap gorji gbu

  • Sip sip .. fisik sudah kuat .. semoga besok juara

  • Akane's footwork is absolutely marvellous. been a fan since 2014 and she still amazes me how much improvement she can make. coupled with absolutely ncredible shot making, causing her opponents to feel despairs.

  • Jorji klu bisa berat badan diturunkan lgi dikit biar tambah lincah lgi..

  • Hoki is a generous guy. I remembered him giving his racket to fans after losing in the same tournament quarterfinal last year.

  • ginting tak pernah di reply

  • the shuttle should not spin before touching the racket; however, spinning the shuttle with the racket hitting on the shuttle head should be acceptable.

  • That was 🔥, can't wait for your next upload!

  • Congratulations to both players, very well played. 👏

  • Goes to show Bladex is the better singles racket

  • 리총웨이 왜 더 말라 보이나요 ㅠㅠ

  • Kenapa taufik hidayat tak masuk hah ?

  • 강민혁,서승재 너무 멋진 경기 잘봤습니다😊 내일 결승전도 응원할께요🎉🎉🎉

  • Turut bersedih tp CA luar biasa dan saya bangga dengan mental dan kualitas permainanmu.

  • ❤❤

  • Sepertinya tunjung akan terus Ketagihan tuk naik kepodium

  • First❤

  • Queenn gregoria mariska Tunjung 👍🎉

  • one trick (smash) pony lost

  • So many incredible matches in Perodua Master this year.

  • Semoga besok menang dn tnp cidera

  • We all Proud of you Cristian..what a fantastic week 👍 speedy recovery 🙏

  • 試合前に、小さなコイン?みたいなものを対戦チームに渡してますが何ですか??

  • Future world no 1

  • All the best Malaysia duos

  • Great, Malaysia Boleh !!!

  • Smoga bsok bisa mngatasi yamaguchi

  • Bisa ga yah 1 k subscriber tnpa unggah video..😅

  • this is we want from pearthin! FINALS HERE WE GO😮‍💨

  • What a comeback in the second game! We were all looking forward to a third set. But wow, in the end you two got an amazing win! Bravo again for going all out again today.

  • Very very tragic. Please get well soon Christian. You played so well this week 🙏 Thank you Prannoy for rushing to his aid and helping out as much as possible

  • Skill vs power = skill wins

  • Gregoria served many awesome shots . Come on Gregoria Mariska one step closer for Victory.

  • Tren pukulan drop shot silang sangat efektif untuk tunggal putri. Dan Grego melakukan itu dg sangat baik

  • Well done girls! Power!

  • Keep feeding shuttle to same person good strategy. But still korean really crazy stamina so good😅😅😅

  • I've been binge-watching your videos all day, keep up the good work.

  • Krenz beutsz!

  • Seem a serious injury...

  • Don't post spoilers ffs I was about to watch this match then got this noti

  • Jorjiii....semangat lawan bola bekel besok🤭 semoga rubber dan menang lawan akane yahhh❤

  • I Can See 70% Mia Audina and around 20% Susi Susanti (that dancing and split). Just need consistency to beat (a lot of power but not so beautiful to watch) skill like Chen yufei and An Se Young

  • 24:55 slalu lupa turn 😁😁