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  • Max got a point who are they to dictate where you want to Go! 🤷‍♂️

  • Why would anybody want to hire a foolish negro troublemaker?

  • 'LaVar Ball is banned from ESPN?' Until he run his mouth and then he is news again. Dude had his 15 minutes, now lets get Jeremy Lin's granny on for a clip shall we?

  • He proved to the world and still proving to the world white racism is at its highest. This is exactly why he took a knee 😅 Kaepernick is a legend✊

  • Steelers passed on a opportunity to get a QB in the draft... I feel it was a bad move for them.

  • Pete Carrol daid that two years ago.....he aint Vick if he comes back he will be humbled Quickly

  • much as we support him as black folks in this country..." Uh...nope.

  • Drew Brees hurt now

  • Its too bad they take a genious like Molly and put her with these fools!

  • Rams should be number 2. Rams beat the Cowgirls like a drum a few months ago.

  • Kaep would have been a raven of his girlfriend /wife or whatever she is didn't disparage the ravens and spit in the face of the owner of the team and its greatest player. I don't really feel bad for him because he got his settlement and his act of kneeling changed the world so he made his difference

  • NFL can black ball him if they want... he’d hurt any fan base... NFL is a business.. come on now, get a clue.

  • Kaepernick should be banned from the NFL for his outrageous, disrespectful behavior.

  • This Westbrook is better than any of the Rockets CP3. They'll at least be regular reason pretenders. If they get hot in the playoffs idkkkkkk

  • But it is OKAY for the organization to wake up one day a decide to get rid of a player??? It business! The tables have turned! Now the player says I don't want to be here! They trade to make it best for their bottom dollar....PAY the MAN!

  • Rockets arent going anywhere this season. They arent even top 5 in west anymore.

  • Colin will never be on my team ever even as a is what I turn my TV on for on Sundays not kaepernick bs

  • Danny Dumpster time

  • Plus blazers talk? This is Blazers talk

  • It makes sense to play defense before you had to just want it and almost anyone could do it but in today's game you have to truly be physically talented to stay in front of an nba player and still have the dog mentality to do it all without using contact to guide where the supremely gifted athlete is trying to go to defend

  • now warriors fans n curry can finally feel what Lebron felt when kyrie, love injured n climb his way up as the underdog team

  • I finally know why every 'national of anthem in America' video have comments about fergie lol

  • T-Mac's game was the blueprint for guys like KD

  • Just give the AFC Championship Trophy to the Patriots already. AFCs season is over. NFC is still competitive amongst itself and occasionally gives the Patriots a challenge or defeats them. Patriots = John Cena = both making their sport boring and lame.

  • Im all about supporting Kap. Honestly the way it's been, sad to say but it's too far along so he ain't coming back man. Hope im wrong.

  • Agree with Max kellerman

  • Russ averaged a triple double in the NBA for 3 years straight and he still needs to "get back to MVP level" 😪🤣😂

  • Imagine Ben Simmons starts hitting 3s. Lol that would be a surprising turn of events and 76ers could win the playoffs. DON’T GET ME WRONG I know that’s not gonna happen 🙅‍♂️.

  • Why he got the dumb and dumber haircut

  • Ahhhhh the best ranting from Stephen.A. love every moment of it.

  • Before his injury 🌉water was good

  • Lavar is a joke. Especially as a business man. Even his own son is calling him out. Only people buying these shoes are living in the ghetto. Horrible brand and made like Walmart specials.

  • Jamies Winston was drafted , he’s not on waivers Mclaurin was takin off waivers last week

  • Leveon will waste the rest of his career


  • If they sign that clown they'll lose so much credibility if they do anything less than win the superbowl

  • HAND CHECKING in the All-Star game! YES! I can get behind this. How about hand-checking in the finals, too?

  • Blind idiots .... no the NFL will never become the nba ..... and let’s face reality every player knows his lane .... not all players are elite ....the ones that are trash will keep there mouths shut 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Barry Bonds before the juice lol.

  • Superbowl might be a national holiday this season if cowboys make it to the bowl. Huge base that will root for and against them.

  • See, Tebow comes from a well to do family, so its real easy for him to talk that bullshit. The reality is student athletes are being exploited and are not allowed to capitalize off of their own name. That's the very definition of slavery. Many of these student athletes come from low income families and go to college on a full ride but struggle to feed themselves. This is why I despise college sports and the NCAA.

  • Everybody say the Warriors is trash now, but they still saying if Giannis joins than they're overpowererd. How does that work?

  • I'd rather have stink eye than Eli.

  • Why bring unwanted dramas to your team? Be smart don’t sign him

  • Weak mfs as if Kobe doesn’t have a daughter his self. People really think he’s gonna slight a child? Really think he doesn’t know that he’s only coaching children. It’s disgusting how fragile people are these days. Always turning nothing into everything

  • Listen Linda, listen Linda....,

  • Steelers should have traded MIA for Ryan Fitzmagic. Black and Yellow are in urgent need of a QB with magical abilities

  • Couldn't be happier. Been a Giants fan since the 70s and it's about time for a change.

  • The saints need to sign him till brees come back

  • on paper possibly but hasn't translated to the field yet

  • Garbage Kaepernick

  • Russell being a "pick and roll" player?? Dude is Young and can still develop in a motion offense.

  • Pats are winning it. No question. Bye.

  • I hope that it IS true

  • Never going to happen, when someone squanders an opportunity like this guy did resonable people will come to the conclusion he's not worth the risk of another contentious situation arising from a radical SJW.

    • >Takes a knee "Radical SJW" >Millions complaining about the same right they defend by principal "-no comment."

  • Please! You are the same people who said Zeke should not be paid but traded! You all need to be in politics not professional football! Worst then fantasy football about now! Your type of shows will start to lose ground with the fans real quick!

  • Imagine lamar jackson n Kamara in the same back field...alot of people thought they trade up for him but they draft davenport instead...only if

  • The NFL is NOT giving quality product to its customers.

  • The function of the basketball hall of fame is to preserve basketball HISTORY. Drose is the Youngest MVP in HISTORY.

  • Why would he pass the torch when he’s the superior player?

  • But SAS, how do you really feel?

  • Bengals need grabb him

  • Ok, but why does eli look buffed in the thumbnail?

  • Its amazing seeing ND like this.

  • Pass you say? Nah

  • bring back david stern please..

  • Much respect for Eli Manning, a great player and champion. If this is the end, congratulations on a terrific career.

  • Ok look at the clip vers the golden state that is not good in the playoffs

  • Miami

  • If you run the calcs their predictions put the cowboys and eagles neck and neck at 10-6 or 11-5 its possible both go into playoffs with that type of record

  • Digging that Pip drip. 💧

  • Teo is talented. He looks big for a lightweight.

  • Come on why did you cover his face that’s the best part


  • NBA just needs to enforce the rules on offense too. James Harden gets away with a push off all the time. Call traveling violations. That will balance the game and make it better.

  • The rockets are not going no where Westbrook you sorry asshole live it at that

  • Steelers shuld sign andrew luck

  • Man I loved that so much. Because as much as SAS want to call the cockroaches out his general behavior is equally as nauseating. Difference between being real and being a jackass. 🤣 Stop giving Dallas or D4K credit SAS, the bandwagon is full. This isn’t the Mavericks and you aren’t Charles Barkley where you can squirm onto the bandwagon whenever you think the team is finding its way after you have historically regurgitated nonsensical hatred. You always chose Wentz over D4K. Stay at it. Dallas QB1 doesn’t need your praise. You have since 2016 called for Cowboys to win certain games just so you could have a next day show that either says “I told you so” or a giddy rant on how the Cowboys couldn’t get it done in the end. Your hot takes are watered down cat 💩 that you should be made to eat. You eat that cat 💩 for the way you talk about my city. 🤣

  • I hate this show so much!

  • I honestly don't see how this works. And no it isn't the same as harden n cp3 bc A cp3 is a spot up shooter and can shoot B he's better on Defensive. WBrook is none of that

  • first 3 games: Tua 12 TDs 0 INTs TLawrence 5 TDs 5INTs BUT you analyst dumb AF

  • BULLSHIT, he's a cancer. Saying he's black balled cause he kneeled. No he brought this on himself cause he is disrupted to the team, obviously these ESPN douch bags have had ZERO people in their families serve in anyway shape or form. His QB rating was next to last in the NFL!

  • Stephen A tried to give em game that agent got to go

  • Kobe is getting fat

  • the jets have half of their starters out due to injurys.. ridiculous how this has not been mentioned on most sports media shows

  • just may have to push the date back

  • Dear Stephen A, as a black man you embarrass me everyday with your feminine ways , loud obnoxious voice and pandering to a certain demographic for Scooby snacks.

  • If giants win the next game , Eli Manning should think of retirement

  • That’s light

  • The media does a horrible job of presenting this debate. The mid 00s rule changes had a larger impact on the game we see today than the hand checking rule changes.

  • Anyone thinking Tua or Herbert are can't miss QB prospects worth high 1st rnd picks have never followed their colleges QB development histories. I'll take the "bird in the hand". Oh and by the way Stephen A Loudmouth, we don't need a CB we need a fucking SAFETY.

  • the steelers have no reason to bring him in. they have a young qb in rudolph and they probably want to give him reps to see what he’s about

  • I'll send healing vibes to both Nick Foles Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees that they recover from their injuries

  • BBB prob wouldn't make the Wal-Mart cut.

  • As a Steeler fan I miss Lev Bell I still feel like we did him dirty, the way the lockeroom turned on him was some bs when he was trying to get his contract. The Steelers should’ve paid him instead of AB. The carries he was getting and the workload we put on him demanded a big contract. I Hope he succeeds with the Jets

  • Man, Pippen's voice is so pleasant.

  • Rodgers is one brittle guy

  • I like him but I'm still doing Management's bidding. SA

  • I really want to know how much money this dude has made man. 12 mil a year?????😂😂😂

  • Nah that's just him being dad. Telling him to be better in his own way