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He was THAT close 😭
He was THAT close 😭15 jam yang lalu
Winston was MOVIN' 😮
Winston was MOVIN' 😮15 jam yang lalu


  • Yo that’s the first time I’ve actually seen the women’s draft night lol

  • 0:21 "I'm so glad I adopted that boy!" 😄

  • Freaking love the red sox but i just had to root for him these last few games

  • so they can't let it go its his body his choice he didn't want the 100m just leave the man alone

  • Why do these guys have to scream?

  • He left after Rodgers signed his contract

  • Crazy how that mandate went away when the Yankees started there season isn't judge unvaccinated same energy please real life and basketball are 2 different things crazy how yaw silent about him still being alive without being vaccinated wasn't that the point 😳 🤔 so again trying to force people to make a decision then getting mad about his decision where you lose people your symptoms wont be as severe wasn't a good enough motivation

  • 3 weeks and they are a playoff team? Never have, never will.

  • Judge is a great baseball player, but a even better human being. Congrats to him and hope he will get 62 or more.

  • Why does sprint time matter for a Quarterback? Is Scrambling becoming more popular nowadays?

  • Brett farve is a thieve wheres the coverage on that

  • Drake prancing lol

  • This man bleeds football !!!

  • That’s an incredibly straining move to the legs I doubt anyone can really do it consistently. His knee didn’t touch the ground either so I would allow it.

  • He's a great person and a great player! But what I like about him the most is that he didn't use the word "surreal" like ALL players seem to do!

  • Testing is always behind. Js

  • U have millions…yet u complain….

  • Gone girllllll❤

  • Congratulations!

  • What a good sport! Eli!!!!

  • As a Auburn fan , i like what coach prime doing at Jackson State, Find the best coach available .

  • It’s soooo sad that Scottie resulted to this….him n MJ was the G.O.A.T’s of that basketball era

  • Hope he goes to the bucs next year.... Ravens need to pay him yesterday....

  • The man is amazing,he will go down in history as the only person in this era to hit over 60 Homer's in one season and not be tied to steroids.

  • So many excuses for the Bills and Ravens loss. RG3 Correct in saying the best right now is the Dolphins. KEY WORDs, RIGHT NOW. Also, Philly. Based on winning record alone... Ignore all other factors. Statistically, this is based on Win-Loss record, which is the absolute deciding factor or metric when considering competitive sports. This does not mean that Buffalo has not been consistent or proven themselves to be dominant across seasons, which they have. It simply means RIGHT NOW based on win-loss. This concept is basic logic aka common sense, and really not hard to grasp when observed objectively. This is not debatable, numbers do not lie. What is up for debate, however, is that history, as well as the probability of the Bills having a statistically higher chance of success this season is the likely outcome. Just stop with the exuses already. 3-0, > 2-1. 3 is always greater than 2. Take the L, move on and have a productive season. Just stop with the what If's because that logic can be applied infinitely and is not a sound argument. As a Dolphins fan, Buffalo has proven throughout recent history, that they are most likely going to continue to dominate almost every team they play. That does not change this early in the season with one loss. If you cannot accept simple facts then you are in denial or just simply trolling - cognitive dissonance is actually a thing.

  • What a goal 😂🤦🏻‍♂️