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  • Got great footage from the morant dunk

  • Y'all finished or are y'all done

  • When is Katie Nolan gonna go out with me? I'm sick of thinking of her getting hammered on the weekends and waking up in another man's bed. And then she wonders why I pursue these beautiful, legal, 18 year old women instead of her... 🐺

  • エンビードは罰当たり

  • u wrong for this Rachel. Jimmy is a good player, but doesn't belong anywhere near in the conversation with Lebron

  • Wack interview done by rachel

  • Lebron 3 finals mvps 4 regular season mvps Jimmy Butler 0 mvps

  • westbrook made a mistake not joining this heat team imagine bringing his explosiveness with jimmy buckets and good role players smh

  • We don't miss him Vic will be back soon

  • Must be a meaning behind the plant ...

  • Pippen doesnt like any team that isnt the bulls in the 90s. Doesnt give credit to any modern players.

  • Matt cassel won that many games because he was in his prime early on in his career and was surrounded by talent all over the place that if anything that proved max even more wrong..jimmy G and brissette played against the dolphins and bills and Texans, when they were trash teams...u also assume that having a purely talented qb would make the situation easy which is also where max is they mentioned earlier, Brady was a coach and a player that lead that offense and in some ways helped boost the defense..he thought exactly the same way as BB did..without Brady that dynasty doesn’t exist..u can also say BB wasn’t anything as a HC before Brady..people just don’t understand that they were meant to be together..once one leaves it won’t ever be the same..but I’d say Brady simply cuz he was a coach and a player per say..

  • whats Funny is people say the championships don’t matter but isn’t that the reason they play to win championships so winning doesn’t matter no more I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️😂🤣

  • I live in Wollongong

  • Ahahaha😏

  • !!!!!!!MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP !!!!!!

  • There’s always someone to score a lot of points in 3 quarters and it’s always against the Hawks

  • it's been a while since I've seen him this happy. I love his mentality. In a league that's molded with teams led by 2 stars; him embracing that challenge to lead as a single All-star on a young team is awesome. Hope they go places.

  • Stephen Texas Ranger lol

  • Harden carried em to the finals

  • Lakers will remain undefeated away from Staples but will keep losing to the Clippers in it because Kawhi will know every nuisance of the hardwood and rims Lakers and Clippers use at Staples.

  • So why do they lose most leads when hes out and AD is in 🤔...his +/- stat is by far the best on the team 🤔...even the eye test tells u the mvp is lebron

  • how about that pass

  • Who is earl😂

  • he def cant

  • Goat man goat man

  • I mean Scottie wants some recognition of playing defense and getting rebounds

  • Skip Bayless? Joy Taylor? Molly Qerim? Kristine Leahy? Dan Hicks? Chris Bergman calling baseball/golf? LeBron as the GOAT fans? Come on, Stephen A.!

  • “He doesnt seem to move fast” But hey they cant keep up 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • And the 2 other generations are in the way also, literally “over their dead body” would they let anyone else be a gm

  • Second

  • Molly has got to be the best, most refreshing voice on this show.

  • 5 tds later...

  • Jimmy and Heat nation it's Simpatico!!

  • I would not wana play for Canada as it is freezin.

  • I dont think the 49ers have a weak link... The seahawks are the only team that cant stop them......

  • Dwight howard contract clause stop him from that fight. 🤙

  • First

  • I don't think the problem is Dolan, is actually the high bar that the NY media puts on their teams and how freaking annoying they are. NY is awesome for vacations and night life, living there is a different story. Not everybody is built for that monster.

  • Proud of Jimmy

  • He should sign with And1

  • 🧢

  • 5 TDs, 0 INT. 86 yards rushing.

  • so they bash Jokic when Simmons only put up 7 points....

  • Knicks have confidence issues. Need a pass first PG and a bully big man that’s more about. Defense. Hope the Knicks get the Detroit center. Great place for hungry center.

  • Lakers won't lose again until the 19th in Milwaukee or Christmas against the Clippers in Kawhi's new practice facility that's a 4-minute walk away from his new condo. We'll see. Maybe Miami surprises.

  • Crowford want payday but he won't get it...hahaha this is the definition legend Manny..i think even Lomachenko cannot handle 41 years old legend most likely Knockout victory for Pacman...

  • Dude a Heat v Lakers finals would be fire. I’m starting to think these guys are actual contenders in the east

  • Heat Vs Lakers in The Finals

  • Who was the hot woman?

  • Wow

  • I swear Stephen a is such an casual when it comes to combat sports. If it's Dana white he'll ask about Conor or job Jones, if it's boxing he'll ask about Floyd or Manny. SMH

  • Yes, I agree with the love trade but who do the Blazers trade.

  • Nick cannon kids after he dissed eminem

  • Stephen a couldn't wait to voice his vocabulary lol

  • That neck on Lamar 👀

  • Kawhi is the only true king of basketball.

  • i think dion waiters is not in

  • I know there’s a 0.000000001%, chance, but I hope New Balance can get him to sign Luka & Kawhi !!

  • Miami in the worst division in basketball....they 18-6 because they play orlando Charlotte washington Atlanta lol

    • The haven't played Orlando Or Chalotte yet but they have Beaten Teams like Milwaukee and Toronto😏

  • "They've been surging lately" , YES molly , he already said that they've won lately!!! God , I wanted to be devil's advocate and not dislike you like everyone else but you're ANNOYING

  • Khawi the CLAWS SILENT KILLER😂...the man that washed away WARRIORS AND MAKE THEM FORGOTTEN HISTORY 😂😂😂😂....thank you for that service and all. GOD BLESS

  • Anyone else notice my dudes horribly uneven sideburns 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • incredible!


  • Wings is the one man more annoying than Boras and Goliath played for the most annoying franchise.

  • Max is right. The hatred of Lamar Jackson is desperate racism. The attacks started immediately and have been incessant

  • LeBron has 6 Finals losses. Nobody will remember the circumstances. They'll only remember he is 3-6. He needs 3 more rings just to be at .500. Wilt was 2-4. Jerry was 1-8. Elgin was 0-8.

    • All I can remember is lebron playing in 8 straight finals in the 2010 decade he’s done things that fans coaches players can only imagine

    • I don't even like LBJ but bruh I dont give af if he's 3-6 hes arguably the 2nd best NBA player to ever touch a basketball behind MJ and the only loss I really blame him for is that Dallas loss and the other 2 are against a 4 all star team when he was literally carrying that Cavaliers team... you dudes that be speaking off emotions can hate all yall want but you tell me qhat other player has dominated/stayed #1 player for that many years and still is arguably the best player in the NBA... like I said I'm not no LBJ fangirl but you have to give dude his props I mean dude did go to 8 consecutive finals

    • 213 and how many championships does the clippers have 🤔 plus people will remember Lebron legacy because he is one of the best ever. Lebron is the greatest SF undisputed Mount Rushmore top 5 or 2. Lebron since high school was a superstar.

    • 213 and how many championships does the clippers have 🤔 plus people will remember Lebron legacy because he is one of the best ever.

  • Bob Arum keeping PacMan far away from Bud Crawford..

  • Spo love the game like a mf I see I like that he can’t even get his mind off it

  • I can not believe they spoke on my squad

  • I lost brain cells listenting to her math


  • I don't think it's for us but even if it is it's ok we're past it. I personally think it's for the warrior's because of what happened with his ankle injury that began the domino effect to this whole mess.

  • 0:33 Rachel "The Mathemagician" Nichols

  • Ok boomer

  • I thought that was Jonah Hill for a second

  • Question answered! BMORE 💪 💪 it didn't slow him down at all

  • Stop blaming just Kyrie. Scary Terry killed that team cause he didn’t want to take his role and it cause the whole friction between them

  • This lady gotta go, she’s horrible!!!

  • Luka gonna be with the Gopnik look if he signs with Adidas 😂

  • 33 is a Masonic number

  • 18+17= 33 6+0=12

  • When you have an owner who goes to Rub n Tugs it's fair to say the whole organization is filled with scumbags.

  • When Lebron team is winning HE is the reason. But when Lebron team is losing its because he doesn't have enough help. Typical media narrative.

  • Dawn

  • Thanks for spoiling last masked singer for me you troll

  • enjoy losing heat won the last chip when the goat left

  • Rockets now .. disappoint for trading to Westbrook

  • Scottie a legend but chill out old man

  • That footstep thing was amazing! Whoever thought of that deserves a raise!

  • a goddam monster

  • The Luka Puma for all his Polish cousins, let’s goooo!! 😂😂

  • He gotta see me👊🏿👊🏿

  • Saints has every opportunity to capitalize and they went for 2 when they should have gone for the extra point in which they would have won the game. Blaming it on a simple no call that should or should not been a holding is bullshit. Kick rocks. The team that played the better game won. Pack that up your cornhole and deal.

  • If the raptors kept kawhi(which means Danny Green would’ve stayed, because he said he would stay if Kawhi re-signed) the raptors would destroy every other eastern conference team. Everyone on the Raptors from last year got better, including Siakam who’s turning into a legitimate NBA star, og who is turning into one of the better defenders in nba(IMO top 10 perimeter defender) and turning into a great 3pt shooter, Powell who is playing better and vanvleet, who is playing like a borderline all star. Also no other players have seemed to take a significant step back from last year (talking about Gasol, Lowry and ibaka). Not to mention the raps still prolly woulda got rhj, Stanley Johnson and Terrence Davis. You look at all the other teams in the Eastern conference they got worse (except the heat who we would’ve beat with this new hypothetical raps roster). The Bucks lost Malcolm brogdon, the Sixers Lost their shot creator in Jimmy Butler and they lost JJ Redick(They don’t have any more shot creators on their roster now) and the Celtics don’t stand a chance. Raps would undoubtedly going to the finals, and could easily beat the lakers(Though there is a case for them winning this hypothetical series as well)

  • Why molly why🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Warriors fan here and im tellen u heat are gonna be in nba finals vs rockets not lakers or clips. Watch heat vs rockets

    • heat arent beating bucks

  • No it isn't. Laker fan here but their hot start is a testament to them having two top 5 players. I expected this. So this isn't a surprise. This is what they SHOULD be doing.

  • Jimmy got them young boys buying in ... period ..