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  • Can’t lie tho, Paul George was scary good before he broke his leg

  • Man this is awesome but im a yankees fan

  • When talking achievements DAME is better than PG13.

  • Ameen you need a trim my brother :)

  • PG13> Dame

  • Whats the name of the female host?

  • Start winning please

  • Collin is a class act!

  • They Laughed because Clips gave them a chance to Win & they Blew it! They’ll really Laugh when they get sent Home Early. 👋🏽

  • This show is a clown show. Its weird seeing stephen a sitting here quietly blinking his eyes. You know he's gonna spaz out at the end. Its so predictable. yawn

  • He is an angry little boi

  • Does he know how to set a screen?

  • How did this homeless Guy make it to the espn

  • Lillard ownes them anyway ...

  • Imagine if larry and magic played on the same team teams wouldnt know how to defend them

  • I might of listened to the BLM movement if they wouldnt of burned our country try to defund the cops made a mockery of our country and everything our founding fathers worked and died for. Martin Luther King protested but the difference is he did it peacefully in a way that people weren't scared but he got everyones attention and it worked yall should've done the same

  • Mad tiger 🐅 vibes

  • I love this style of play... having all the teams in one place high level games everynight

  • Mike Dickhead

  • Please God i want to see these guys talking when both calipers and lakers go out in first round that would be fun to watch

  • Kyrie Irving best clutch player in the nba

  • I am Nathan couch 🛋 attAck anyone who don’t like to drink and drive

  • Nathan couch 🛋 runs America now

  • Americans will not pay 💰 for ellen stripperpole entertainment on milatant college obama college students ready for war love oprah and Michelle

  • So what they didn't shake you'll hands the Celtics did it and Detroit didn't cry oh the didn't shake our hands

  • vs Nets LOL

  • Just class, grace and good times all around. Nice to see people having fun and being respectful. Love both Collin and Steph. Wonderful that they can share a "moment" over there shared LOVE for golf.

  • This dude said the refs are honest every game lol, who hires these people

  • 2:00 : Mule in distress

  • Jesus is the greatest of all time and would destroy MJ 1 on 1.

  • Amin looking like he is anti-barber and Rachel looking like shes tanning her way to a leather factory.

  • This is actually good

  • Sum of these Black TV personalities never Give White Athletes a Fair shake.

  • 1:27 exactly!! He's THE ONE who's going to win the ring. He's humble and quiet, and you chumps too loud. Bev, Lou, montrez, pg. Shut up and let your dad win you the ring babies

  • Ja Morant has proven he is a lot more than just a consolation prize

  • No surprise all the white ppl coming out and saying he’s a liar😂

  • This was my first “First Take” YT vid and it will be my last. How do folks get paid to speak so meaninglessly?

  • Why Capleton on TV talking about NBA games !!!???

  • BLM is anti-American.

  • Maybe this is the time for college athletes to demand their fair share from the ridiculous amount colleges make with sports . If they take the risk , they should get some of the rewards

  • Career high..congrats 👏... 39 he's a goat thow rotfl

  • Is he okay? Take care bro.

  • Current -top 15, all time -top 50

  • He was so careful and respectful, and she took it so bad, that’s is their problem as a league

  • The rematch is tonight boys!!!!

  • MLB has lost the plot.

  • Bringing people over????? Hahahahahaha. I'm already boycotting the NBA with the BLM propaganda. Let alone the WNBA, that was a good one by Rachel

  • He should of skipped the draft, it’s not just the front office it’s the whole of the organisation. The medical team is inadequate to deal with superstars, the coach is mediocre at best and the front office can’t see anything beyond a season which means no growth.

  • Zion has to realize, this ain’t college.. HE HAS TO BE IN BETTER SHAPE.. trim down to be more quicker .. can’t just rely on just talent

  • Fight Night rd 2.. we some head bussas

  • AD is All Done.

  • He probably talking about Lebron

  • Bron, KD, and Steph >>> Kawhi and it’s not close

  • Every time I look at Amin, I see him like The Beard James Harden lol

  • Football in the fall would be a guarantee if it weren’t for the media. I still think we’ll have football but the media and politics are definitely not helping anyone

  • No

  • Idk why pat bev acting like he would have made both free throws 😂😂

  • I like the game with no fans I get more personal and it get more competitive like old time days like how it shut be 🔥🔥🔥🆙😂😂😂

  • I've read on the NBA subreddit that Dallas were only looking at trading for Tim Haradaway JR. But Knicks added Porzingis for draft picks.. I think its Tim Sr. who said this.. Fcking incompetent Nix front office if true 😂😂😂

  • espn trolling. pelicans are out of the playoffs so why are you interviewing him? so it's his fault but he played only 25 minutes like usual??? asinine

  • Bruh why stephen A. Look like mr.potatoe head lol lookin like kermit lhh

  • she stays reminding us why women have no idea what they are saying about sports

  • PG is Trash. Dame Dolla all the way.

  • People are forgetting the word on the street was that he injured his shoulder riding a street bike and kept the accident a secret. That's why he sucked for awhile.

  • Smh I would of booed him too, if I lose and I shake your hand, when I win you better shake my hand! He’s telling the truth on that one but he lie about one thing! It was not him by himself, he had Denis Roadman on his team. So don’t sit up there and say it was you alone, no it was not!

  • So harden is a good defender now?

  • Kawhi been doing this for years now

  • The best way to explain the Steelers' QB-play last season was that they lost the Steelers some games. All they were asked to do was play complimentary football and at least not turn the football over constantly, and they couldn't even do that. It got to the point where Tomlin was simply asking his QBes to not kill them. Simply having average QB play for the Steelers already wins them AT LEAST 2-3 more games IMO, so 10-11 wins, but we're talking about Big Ben here, so they can realistically win 12+ games, but this is all if the defense can replicate what they did last season (it's hard to have a repeat performance of that caliber). I also wouldn't be worried too much about Ben's arm, as everything I've heard suggests that he hasn't felt as good throwing the ball as he currently does in 10 years; he actually lost a lot of weight too (he's healthier in general). Even Mike Tomlin is giving him more praise then ever.

  • Paul : Luka is the best player in the NBA right now coz Im not playing anymore

  • where's Stephen Smith at?

  • Still lost

  • He bounced a ball off of Jonathon Simmons and it went in the basket. 🤪

  • Thomas all these other WR ok Jones every guy thay talk about though in the clutch one last play ball goes to them if thay get popped there dropping that ball Hopkins dont drop catches even when he Is hit hard like I think these argument is stupied Because Hopkins makes that play 9/10 times these other receiver wont make that play even 6/10 trys .


  • Floyd and Conor both value money more than their mum's lives.

  • Those other ungrateful people who disrespect the anthem of the country that feeds them gourmet meals three times a day should be evicted from the team. _For every hundred fools choosing to kneel for the world, there's one choosing to stand up for God._ ~ Matthew 7:13 ~

  • I get this way when I look at my bank account

  • Paul Pierce your comments did not age well.

  • Lol they hate when a black man has power and true influence on communities.. aha love you LeBron Thank you