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The Final Goodbye.
The Final Goodbye.4 hari yang lalu
This is the end.
This is the end.Bulan Yang lalu


  • The title should be....Rich Boy Flexing For 25min straight

  • You got two satanic worshippers painted in your house nice

  • Do hide and seek with the whole faze house

  • I literally knew it was mamba before you showed

  • When he said this isn’t even the main closet my jaw dropped the SiDe ClOsEt is bigger than my room😭😂😂😂

  • love the house rug ! Please let Kalyen stay with you bruh

  • Idea take down office put an arcade

  • I already subscribe rug you the best

  • I love being a rug rat

  • I knew it was Kobe bc you said he inspired you and I said Kobe and it was him👍🏽

  • Most humble youtuber

  • Easy heist

  • He said it's finally here he order his house in Amazon damn and it was the last one in stock 😭

  • Great house but you’ll miss having a second floor haha

  • A basketball hoop


  • paint ball in the back of da house

  • Im so mad but its only because im poor so this is way too far from a dream not even hope or anything soo yeah. Proud of you brian/faze rug 😊😊😢😢

  • One day you will accomplish your dreams just like Brian did. He was just a kid with a dream and now he's living that dream❤️god bless you all!!

  • You driping boi

  • Is that a hotel

  • Next vid I became richer than mr.beast


  • Lije so rug can see hide n seek for what ever really

  • Imagine your mom saying you need to clean the house

  • bruh how the fuck fo these people live with like 10 foot paintings of people, if I was the last one to turn off the lights, I'd think the painting is haunted, I'm pretty sure I'm no the only one who feels this way.

  • Damn bro you snap on the new house keep up the good work

  • Who is here after his new home vedio

  • When is Lola and Kaylen and Noah moving in with you

  • Turn Waiting Room Into Studio and use that other room as a booth

  • Ur such a flexer

  • Is amazing

  • House is amazing

  • Is this lil tay or faze rug??

  • Imagine your mom saying you need to clean the house

  • Hi

  • Ok I gotta say this house I mean mansion is better then the ace family house

  • wow wow wow wooooooooooow you deserve it

  • Hope everyone is doing well

  • This is something I wanted for a long time😐

  • Congratulations! It’s a beautiful home. Hope you make many great memories there.

  • My feedback is That the mansion is AMAZING I love ot

  • Kobeeee

  • its our house- ok omw

  • I knew it would be kobe

  • New House is 🔥🔥🇱🇨

  • The scene in the office 🤣

  • Who’s here after his new house

  • Im not even half way done, just wanted to say im so proud of you 🥰

  • Rugs main closest is as big as my house holy shit

  • Ho,my God... it's a veryyyyyyy big house..Is the whole money u invested in this came from u r videos...Anyway Keep moving ...Love u lots...Love from India, Kerala

  • take down the garden & put a basketball court 👀

  • The best house that I ever seen in my life

  • His closest is bigger then my room

  • Like this for Hide & Seek

  • nice vids FaZe Rug

  • Wow great choice. That house is dope. Congrats bro you deserve it