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Goodbye FaZe Rug...
Goodbye FaZe Rug...25 hari yang lalu
I got her pregnant...
I got her pregnant...3 bulan yang lalu
I BOUGHT A PRIVATE JET!!4 bulan yang lalu


  • I hope you get 29 mil subs

  • I feel bad for u guys

  • You the best

  • Not a hate comment btw

  • I snuck mines in my purse

  • I go there

  • U should do more scary videos plzzz

  • I like corn

  • This was filmed and posted on my birthday

  • Not teleportation editing

  • When it says oj and Brian says orange juice I was like bruh

  • I rate it 10/10

  • Put god into your life 👍

  • At 2.16 that was the Quadrant p.s love you Rebecca and faZe and Matt , videos

  • You copied jake Webber

  • I can't unsee it now!

  • 1/10 it’s a 10

  • Haiii I came to watch this again Bc ur fun and ur vids are great! No this is not an edit 😂

  • Ok even tho ur not muslim but ur arab, do u eat pig and do u drink alcohol

  • U guys should go somewhere else I mean another room because 10:00 p.m. and that's room ten and they said that that was the creepy time because everyone left and the workers so u should go to another room

  • I’m more of a soccer guy ⚽️

  • Ummmmmm how about lola or milisa or cristen

  • Trading a paperclip for an IPhone 11 It worked Later in the video: We got an IPhone 8

  • Buy it

  • Loyo: SHE is tired and very weak

  • Yes!!!!! I love your videos!!!!!!!!! Why do you look like so much fun!!???!?!?!

  • Noah do have drip doe

  • My dog is a goldendoddle also

  • do you man we are behind you 100%

  • *when the guest house is bigger than your own house* Okay

  • How to sneak candy into a movie theater:mums purse

  • Listen i love softball and baseball and for my birthday i had a softball game and i hit 10 homer runs

  • Do nfl football

  • I don’t like infinite because he stole morgz girlfriend

  • Follow me on snap @Brandon07_bls

  • I don’t have fears of anything only.. Being afraid..

  • Everybody like the vid


  • 6:29 he is dead now 2020

  • Brooooo i love how wild crazy he is to do these videos like i love them but im always scared for me🥺

  • 10

  • Kenapqlah malaysia x de mcm ni huhuhuhu

  • I snuck it through my moms purse😂

  • Or other people

  • Rosalie avila

  • 2 0 2 0 😎🍇

  • Please read this faze rug search rosalie Aviva on ID-tv pls read this

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  • I knew that Antony will win

  • I only believe in the holy ghost

  • But it

  • Coping the sidemen

  • They never even notice that the balloon floated away! 😂🤣

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  • 98k more likes rug buys the house

  • Hi

  • wow 5 Acres its not like i have 60 Acres

  • I would not do that if I were you

  • I used my pockets that’s it

  • The astros have no issue playing baseball and using a camera lol @anthony

  • Brian: ew, it really smells bad, like onions and garlic me: i wonder why brian, it not u made them eat onions or garlic

  • Very nice bro, well done and keep up the good work!!!

  • Summer is with my boy Jarvis

  • My favorite horror character is my mom bc she smacks meh with the chancla ( flip flop )

  • Do soccer

  • side men could copy right thumb nail

  • i enjoy the vids its entertaining when im bored now im not

  • Soccer one of 5hese next..?😏

  • Balloon an cone all the way

  • Who else Watching this video in 2020

  • Is this realllllllllll????

    • U guys should made a u know baby 😊

  • you just had to the idea and make it better smh make up your own content

  • Do a cricket challenge

  • Dude in india we have a house wort 1 bn

  • “I want a little rug”😂😂😂then buy one

  • Who else saw brawadis vid where they showed behind the scenes of this

  • i think you will win

  • oMG iS AnyOnE WaTChing In 2020????!!!!!?

  • I liked and subscribed and hit that bell I love your vids

  • Make a paintball video

  • Me

  • Rug says 5 acres u don’t understand how big that is . ME WITH 220 ACRES

  • I thing the Lakers room is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Notice Brian dragging his feet on the wood floor

  • I play base ball

  • The noise at the beginning was a Snapchat notification lol

  • hey rug im biggest fan!!!!

  • The kid that u saw outside at like 13:53 is like one of my best friends I know his name I just don’t wanna say it in public without his permission

  • 10 YEARS LATER Donald:dad I found my phone

  • This is how many times brian said "like" ⬇️

  • no girls i guess its 2020 😐

  • Get the house 🏠

  • I thought you died 😠😠 I LUB U YAYYYYY

  • i feel like i just wanna be a rug faze rug rug with faze logo

  • Bro there's no ID-tvr that makes better vids then you your the best keep up the fantastic work

  • lol there was no computer in the box

  • 👑

  • This is how many times he said “so” | | v

  • The way he cut the lobster 🤮🤮🤢🤢

  • Get her she's so cute