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I'm a bell pepper who teaches how to play videogames good.

I stream challenges live on Twitch!



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  • Just saying...if heaven is a viable option, why isn't hell?

  • all right now I know how to get married just stab said woman I admire in the neck and embrace her tightly.

  • Hey you cheated you were supposed to have disabled military


  • Lmfao Vatican City


  • Idk if it's because my periods are coming but I legit start tearing up when you talked about team alphabet

  • NovelAI to chat: Saul Goodman legally acquires you two states and heaven itself! NovelAI to Doug: Saul Goodman DESCENDS DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS AND DECIMATES YOUR ARMIES

  • Turns out we do need gravity


  • i lovve diablio the cheater

  • 27:04 best run 100%

  • These runs are insane

  • Op

  • Me is it that plague corona

  • We need youtube chat in the doug doug lore.

  • it’s like if twitch chat played animal crossing in real life

  • The fact that this started with war crimes in North Dakota and ends with Saul Goodman instigating the second coming of Christ and then killing him proves the existence of entropy.

  • I tried this on novel A.I and it ended up with Ezio and Edward fighting.

  • Doug Vs. Chat Space Race?

  • Alternate video title: Doug gaslights his friend about pop culture for four minutes

  • wtf i just witness?

  • Like hurricane ian

  • You know, i dont think doug knows you can filter out certain gmails account from your inbox

  • How does the “dorm room” videos work? They don’t seem like they could have been scripted especially based on how much chat affects the plot.

  • Tết coi mấy này cũng vui

  • We’re not stupid Doug, we’re just really really uncoordinated, and there’s a reason monarchies become democracies

  • I can't tell if this is legit or not