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Hi everyone! Im Olivia Jade and my channel is id-tv.org/username-oliviajadebeauty ! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally ill do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on youtube. Please subscribe if you haven't already and I hope you love my channel!


hi again
hi again8 hari yang lalu
GRWM for a date ...
GRWM for a date ...10 bulan yang lalu
im sorry
im sorryTahun Yang lalu
grwm FOR A DATE ...
grwm FOR A DATE ...Tahun Yang lalu
my transformation
my transformationTahun Yang lalu
sorry mom & dad...
sorry mom & dad...Tahun Yang lalu
sorry for this...
sorry for this...Tahun Yang lalu


  • Imagine being open about how much you don’t care about college but then spit in every hard working students face by faking into college because you were born with a silver spoon.

  • She should sing she sounds croaky like Garce vanderwall wow

  • At first I was enraged with this whole thing. And then I realized.. forgiving someone is harder than hating them. Forgiveness is a gift from God , and I remember there's a quote Dog the bounty hunter said in his show that he quoted from the bible , " where mercy is shown, mercy is given " And I reflected upon myself with that quote after days of being mad at this whole loughlin thing. If I want God to forgive me one day for all my sins. How can I sit her cursing off Olivia along with most of u? Let's change ourselves ladies and gentlemen. Let's show God were not hypocrites Let's forgive and forget Olivia jade and everyone in our lives that wronged us Sometimes the path of least resistance is the best path to take , sometimes it's not .

  • You should transfer to my school... they have great scholarship opportu..... oh nevermind

  • “Moral of the story is I missed you guys”. That’s just a way to say I missed having the attention and I don’t know who I am without people commenting or liking my videos.

  • I support u

  • If you’re legally not allowed to speak on this, what are you actually doing rn?

  • What exactly did her mother do wrong?

  • People are so fucking dumb. Her parents are in the middle of a legal battle to prove their innocence and you want her to come on here and apologize and be remorseful? That would be detrimental to their case. Of course she’s not going to do that. It’s clear she wants to move on and get some semblance of normalcy back in her life, and since she’d been on ID-tv long before the scandal, getting back on is a step in that direction. If you don’t like it, why are you watching?

  • I haven’t seen one positive comment lmao. Olivia, if you see this, I’m sure over all this time you have taken the time to think and reflect and all you are looking to do is move on. It won’t ever be the same, but like you said there are many people who have been waiting for the day you come back and some came to hate but others came to support and forgive. Nobody has heard from you so they are living where you left off. Don’t react to the hate. You are not obligated to talk about something that one is illegal to publicize and two that you are trying to move on from. I hope you find happiness in creating for your channel again and that you stay strong. You’re human. We all make mistakes. Some worse than others. But we learn.

  • If your kid doesn’t make it to college don’t bribe the college then you’ll have to except the consequences

  • Maybe you should try modeling instead.

  • The way everyone finds okay to speak to a human being in these comments is actually insane. How is this the way to fill the world world with good, love, and kindness? Lets leave the punishing in the hands of the people who’s job it actually is and focus on better things with our lives. I’m not saying that what happened is ok. But spreading negativity and hate is a waste of time and not ok.

  • Huh?

  • Did she really say “the moral of the story is I’ve missed you guys so much and excited to be filming and uploading again”?!?!? That’s not the moral of the story girl

  • Fake ass bitch #zerobraincells

  • can yall stop hating on her. shes been throw enough this past year and all of your horrible comments are making it worse for her. olivia genuinley loves youtube and i can tell from her past videos. and heres a question to ask yourself. how would you feel if your parents were sent to prison and lost their jobs? huh. Olivia, you are an amazing gal. dont let anyone tell you other wise!

  • everybody hates you, you silver spoon little brat who stole the college away from a kid that really deserves it and wanted to learn ! You self-centered narcissistic little witch why don't you just drop dead ! you should be in prison and if the FBI was really doing their job you should be arrested for fraud !

  • She doesnt seem like any real people I know. Is that why shes not facing real consequences for her crime either?

  • Love how shes blamed for being raised in a rich ass family and brainwashed into thinking her life is normal. Yes was happened was fuckin disgusting, but damn let a bitch fuckin try to attempt to grow and learn

  • Imagine being subbed to this girl's channel...hahahahah. @ID-tv stop those shitty recommendations. Thank you.

  • Yikes girl somebody should help write you public apology

  • go away lazy ass

  • guys just stop don’t give her a hard time she’s trying to improve and move on that’s all that matters we all can’t live in the past don’t say rude things be why be rude when you can be kind

  • Who is this, what is this video about and why was this recommended to me?

  • You should follow your parents to prison

  • who ever in these comments that had not sinned before, cast the first stone. WELCOME BACK OLIVIA!!! Im ready to see your awesome BLOGS again!! WE real women of God forgive, just like Jesus Forgave you also sis <3

    • 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎶🎻🎻🎻🎻!!!

  • Dude go away !

  • How many job applications have you filled out in your life?

  • she said a whole lot and so little at the same time wtf did i watch


  • This girl is the definition of privilege. Turning on a camera your parents bought you and filming your spoiled lifestyle doesn't make you creative.. You don't create anything.

  • are you gonna make merch

  • Booooooo don’t come back I’m sorry you miss not making assloads of money

  • Isn’t this the girl who bought her way into college?

  • I got some prison advice for yer moms,


  • You need a reality check.

  • U Still Cheated

  • I wasted 2:01 minutes of my life..

  • AS TOLD BY KENYA describes olivia and this whole situation SO WELL. Yall should see her video. Calls out this bs so perfectly 🙌

  • I still have yet to see her be sorry for all she's done. Like not even a fake apology, she cant even pretend to be sorry. To me this makes me think she believes shes done nothinh wrong, wich is kind of scary tbh

  • Spoiled, & entitled flake.

  • If you ever feel like your life is Messed up? Just remind yourself Olivia Jades parents are going to jail for being scammers and you’ll feel better. Olivia you’re being thirsty as hell focus on your drama at home and leave ID-tv, for ones do something responsible. This girl wants to get paid for being an Idiot.

  • Did she know her parents helped her get in? Or was she blindsided as well?

  • No one missed you.

  • I hope she reads these messages and loses her mind. Watch everyone on this feed get TRIGGERED.

  • Ok, so i expected like a ten min video about like how she ‘missed us’ or how she ‘loves us’ but no. It’s two minutes long. And someone how she still makes this all about herself

  • Is it about your mom

  • I want to say something asinine, but I know I'll regret it llol

  • Go away.

    • @Troy I will click whatever the fuck I please.

    • Don't click.

  • There’s so many people who have lost sleep missed meals and had sleepless nights to try to get into a good school while this chick got in because of her parents money 🙄 I CANNOT support someone like this nope.

    • Don't pretend to care for anyone else.

  • What’s up with your voice lmfaooo

  • YES I’ve been waiting for so long so glad you’re back you’re the best ❤️ can’t wait to see new videos

  • i absolutely cannot be the only one who actually likes Olivia?? yall are so mean chill tf out jesus christ

    • She’s amazing, people are bitter

    • I like Olivia i always will ❤️

    • She has her supporter and then there are the trollers.

  • Thank god she didn’t disable the comments. I want to witness the dragging.

  • Everybody is talking about her having to apologize, she can’t she’d be admitting guilt hence putting her parents behind bars. Not that it really matters cause they will be going there anyway they should’ve admitted guilt take the short prison sentence and repent for what they did. You Olivia, on the other hand should take a hard look at yourself and your life and contemplate your life choices. School isn’t for everyone but stop selling this luxury lifestyle being a “brat” because your image has been damaged already. Maybe some volunteering, living the real life without social media and without filming. As someone said before, you’ve got some growing up to do especially without your parents around.

  • Regardless keep doing you girl there always people who will support u no matter what 💕💕💕💕


  • Your mother's going to jail, princess!

  • No one waited 9 months for you to post something again girl. I think we have had enough of spoiled and greedy people...

  • why are people liking this

    • Because we want too.

  • 135k dislikes, nobody likes you confirmed, go back into hiding forever. Byes

  • Do you even Juul bro?

  • I'm Happy that you're baaack😍💓 . No matter what happend just ignore the haters ... they don't know anything about you... and do what you want... the point is i missed you and you're videos here on ID-tv ❤Greetings💓

  • Seriously, your yesterdays news. I had to pay for my daughters tuition and I'm still paying for it. Stop your crap and those of you who are on board with her- go to work and make your own name and career. Millenials!

  • I’m really proud of you and you’re my favorite ID-tvr 10000000%

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-uHn94aJPSeo.html

  • I love how she flipped off all the news channels that called her out ... a classic basic rich kid “i felt cute, might delete later” moment. Welcome back, Olivia hope you find some manners, morals, and get educated while you’re at it.

  • What happened with her mom it’s so confusing

  • You are UGLY inside and outside

  • January 17, 2020 is The day


  • 60 years in prison waiting your mum and pop

  • at this point, I dont know whether to blame her or her parents but whatever.

  • "hey SCAMMER BITCH stop making youtube videos your MOM is going to jail"

  • YOU PAY 500,000 Dollars for College ADMISSION you mothfuckers

  • Yes we know you miss it ( the 💰) which is why ur back. Ur following is no longer there boo. We know you’ve been busy rowing and training for the row team... oh wait.. r you even still in school?!?! You missed US?!?! Is US code for 💰? May as well shit this channel down. U and ur momma.

  • Her mom did all this not her

  • You Came Back BITCH, Your parents are such fucking hepocrites You SCAMED every one

  • “Should I come back to ID-tv?” Lemme stop you there. Remember that pic you posted flipping off the camera? Yeah, that’s how we feel about you coming back. And now suddenly you care about the “legalities” of things. That’s actually laughable.

  • idk about you guys but i like olivia jade showing off her luxury life lol it's fucking lit and i'm working hard to live like that one day

  • Ew, do not come back. You only miss the luxury of how low amount of work it takes to make your videos in exchange for a real working job. It's all garbage with no creativity to them, just constant bragging about materialistic things that mom and dad bought you. I just wish celebrity culture in the US would actually burn out those who actually do wrong, sadly this girl will probably bounce back because most girls defending her don't understand the complexity of her situation and how it seriously highlights a problem with the corruption with the elite vs people who work their ass off to make a difference in our world. The western world loves bratty culture, for some reason, and views this more as entertainment than an actual issue; it's disgusting.

  • Y’all...your mistakes aren’t public...let her have her comeback. Everyone gets some type of privilege...hers just happen to be publicly scrutinized

  • Why are so many people here to leave these hate comments. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her videos 💁🏼‍♀️ no one in this world deserves so much hate. So please just stopp with those comments..

    • Ched is a closet homosexual that's still in the closet.

    • Marie Hbe because her pussy smells like dead fish🍆

  • Lowers her voice and acts innocent, sorry Olivia my dear but I don’t buy it and no one stuck around for 9 months

    • Ched is a closet homosexual that's still in the closet.

    • Chuck Norris she had LiL Wayne’s Baby !

  • If you want to talk, get a therapist. Or try volunteering in a homeless shelter and addressing your privilege instead of pretending nothing happened and going straight back to shopping videos or makeup tutorials. Stop feeling entitled and do something sincere for people who don’t have the same privilege you do.

  • No longer interested in you and your spoiled lifestyle anymore.

  • Laura Branigan once said: Olivia, If everybody wants you, why isn't anybody calling, Olivia.

    • " Feel your innocence slipping away, don't believe it's comin' back soon "

  • Now I have never seen one of your videos nor do I think you will ever see this comment, but I’m here for the sole purpose to support you in having the courage to come back to ID-tv. Takes a lot of to do so and I believe many unspoken fans truly appreciate it.

  • I love your mom and I wish you all well, so many memories and hoping for better future for all

  • Lmao, all talking bad about her but 1.5 million are still subscribed. Hope nobody on here ever makes a mistake during their life and get to hear about it foreeeeeever. Not excusing or dismissing her mistakes. If you don’t like her then get off her channel, why bother

  • She literally was hanging out with Kylie jenners bff stassie the other day. This girl gives no fucks about the wrongful actions her and her family made. Like another comment said, she’s never going to apologize because apologizing would mean admitting guilt and her scum parents pleaded not guilty. These people could care less.

    • youdidntflush Perhaps one of LiL Wayne will get her Pregnant 🍆

  • I actually feel quite bad for her she grew up in a bubble at fault of her parents. We don’t know the behind the scenes and maybe she disagreed with her parents but had no say

    • 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎶🎻🎻🎻🎻!!!

  • I cant stand this brat. She is going to pretend she didn't know she was rowing her damn boat when she never rowed before. You knew what you WERE DOING. YOU LIED!

  • be nice :)) she is a human and has feelings too. u are loved

    • 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎵🎻🎻🎻🎻🎶🎻🎻🎻🎻!!!

    • makinley andrews she wanted attention, she got it . Her parents can’t work . They’re spending everything on attorney fees . If they don’t sell their mansion , someone will eventually sieze it .

  • Go away.

  • She's a on the dumb end of the dumb useless LA rich kids spectrum, isn't she?

  • Just admit you severely fucked up...you're so fucking entitled.

  • Shut the fuck up.