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  • Am I the only one who started thinking about the movie "13 Going on 30" when the song "Vienna" came on? lol

  • People getting mad because this isn’t a jcole song but I’m mad because the vid only has 2 and a half million views

  • Can't even see the ring!

  • Damn Cole

  • Back when people when actually bought cd’s

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-fAaNN-NT6k4.html

  • After 5mins. Me: ah, i get it. I see what you did there Mr. Cole, or should I say PUMA. Well done.

  • my dream is to become a successful youtuber

  • ❤️❤️

  • Don’t grow up youngin

  • Beat drops " Imagine all the people ...

  • *wtf legend got 4million sub mumbel baby ill shit got millions sub* 🤔

  • Hello me in the future

  • 1:18 when they said “hold ball, hold ball..” I felt that growing up.

  • Even if you never rap another verse again, on the culture, don’t ever stop creating...✌🏽

  • J.cole, this was absolutely amazing. Heart felt. It takes alot to enjoy this video the way i did. Most people are blind these days.

  • A commercial?

  • Is this a song or a Ripoff Nike/Jordan commercial

  • Sample is “my song” and/or “I wonder” by Kanye

  • I watch this like a music always playing

  • This from superbowl

  • 🖤🖤

  • Africa ......we love J cole♥️♥️best ever 🙏💪

  • Did anybody else cry while watching this😂

  • mans made a 5 min video of him trynna redeem himself

  • J Cole born sinner album changed my life ..for the better. Spoke life into me. I was walking dead..never gonna be happy with my infinity..that all changed after born sinner. Thanks for putting your heart into Cole 💪😎 coleWorld

  • I clicked so fast

  • Vienna is my favourite Billy Joel Song

  • hey there just going public with my sounds check em out feel free to drop a comment much love Peace soundcloud.com/moses-916650/blubass

  • Broken dreams :(

  • Hey this has my teachers son in this video I’m Harlow

  • That good old Billy Joel

  • You gotta have a dream

  • Crazy how J.Cole would talk shit about Kanye, yet uses his music 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • THE BEST of this generation! COLE THE #1

  • at first i thought they would transistion into i wonder by kanye

  • Took me till the end to realize this was an ad.

  • Went through the comments to realize this is a Pumas ad, I’ll see you all later

  • m.id-tv.org/tv/video-Swe62-HEvK4.html

  • That was tight.

  • I got so excited when Vienna played I thought cole was abouta rap on a billy Joel song😞🥶

  • And then I had a young flashback of the old Kanye when the vocals came in😱😱

  • Legendary

  • Like If this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ❤️

  • I love you❤️

  • I love you❤️

  • Honestly before seeing this video I had no will to continue.. Everything was becoming dark, I did not see a future for myself. I thank Jermaine Cole for everything he has done to impact my life and continues to do, without him I would be a spec of dirt in this endless universe.

  • Real

  • Goddamn Billy Joel had a great voice.

  • amazing

  • The fact that he could of gone to the NBA but chose music is crazy bruh💯 He would have been a goat in any path he chose🐐

  • “i hope you know money won’t erase the pain” i felt that..

  • Everything he does is amazing! 💕 true artist!

  • And I wonder

  • Just so everyone knows, it’s not a song, it’s a PUMA ad.

  • I love you all 💙💙💙💙💙💙🤙 TMC....

  • 2:42

  • When I saw the ball at the beginning I was waiting for the footage at 4:30... That day was epic .. if he had made that dunk it would have been something else.

  • Kanye West - I wonder

  • This wasn’t even a song and jermaine put me in my feelings 🤔

  • Man.

  • my heart 🥺

  • Turn The World Too Your Court !! open.spotify.com/track/45QjKBUyw8AHYaUsjQRiyF

  • Spotify?

  • Who else was excited for a new song by j cole but then see it’s not a song

  • So hard to find real music these days #coleworld

  • Rip Kobe

  • i didn't get it cuz i got it.

  • My childhood all in one video

  • I thought Kanye was finna start rappin

  • Continue to chase our dreams and we will eventually be able to achieve it.

  • lindo...

  • Ok he will start rapping now okkk ok hold on he will start now ... WTH

  • I remember when i was a kid i used to do the same thing that kid is doing in this video. Thats pretty cool man.

  • Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿

  • What I take from this commercial... Cole missed a dunk on purpose just to make a commercial and a statement....Genius

  • The song is called my song and this was also sampled by Kanye West in his song I Wonder in the graduation go give it a listen it slaps

  • Love it

  • I will act like I didn't see the "puma" logo at the end.

  • Must be nice to title your videos just with one word

  • Why do these so called activist always need to show the community playing balls with a piano beat in the background

  • I just started listening to that billy joël song, i just connected to u on a different level cole <3

  • I was excited for a min

  • first heard about this in Kanye West - I wonder. love this sample forever ever ever

  • Dope asf but one of the longest commercials I ever seen

  • Bruh Kanye West is one of the most amazing producers in hip hop history, I remember he sampled this song.. "My Song"

  • This would be a fukin ad

  • Lowkey I thought this was a video for Kobe but i guess you can dream...

  • I felt some Toy Story vibes with the second song.

  • Thanks man you do a lot for me

  • I'll come back and show my boy this him (probably after 15-25 years)

  • Got dammit I thought this was a new cut. 😡

  • Fé 🤟🏽💎🍀🔥

  • yo so the dreamville x puma shoes come out when? i need to cop a pair

  • He may have missed the hoop a couple of times, but he stays winning the music game. Rap God forever!

  • the moment i heard that first piano chord i knew thta it wasd Labi Siffre. Same guy who Kanye Sampled for I wonder. Nice .

  • Amazing Video That Made Me Smile and Cry At The Same Time. Congrats, It's a Hit 😍😍😍 P.S. I Can Relate 💪🏽

  • Wonder if they faked the dunk at the end or he actually hit it 🤔

  • where are your parents