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川菜之魂--豆瓣酱2 tahun yang lalu


  • 頑張れ!

  • Damn now I'm Hangry

  • I like u

  • 🤢😍

  • Thought I was watching an IP Man movie, your sexy...

  • 中國人混得風生水起哈哈

  • Her granny is taking rest now because she was once liziqi

  • Liziqi love you very strong and smart girl God bless you wish I can taste your tasty food beautiful girl

  • 她完全實現了什麼叫聲色味俱全,太讚了

  • Some boys be like what should I get for my girl and somehow ended up here. Lol 😹

  • Such a wonderful and peaceful life 😍😍 Liveing with nature

  • food made from fresh ingredients from the garden + cooked with love. hits different. Maybe it's just today's society but I feel like food is just about filling our stomachs nowadays. idk .

  • Perasaan di video ini TT nya keliatan lebih besar 😉😉

  • I wonder what happened to her finger. You can tell she's keeping it straight through the video until it finally gets bandaged at 6:27

  • You can call your videos whatever you like, we all love and appreciate them and you. You inspire me everytime I watch your videos. You are amazing!

  • 随便小龙虾🤣

  • 子柒真棒 子柒加油 看得微笑起来了

  • Hii liziqi whats going on in your hand

  • Liziqi will be the best housewife in the future. I SWEAR

  • 别负担 只是顺利进行吧

  • Background music is sooo soothing....!!

  • 她为什么啥都会做

  • 好喜欢她绣的那幅美女图😍😍😍

  • To my fellow Americans, appreciate this person for what she is, and not what you want her to be. I understand many would like to romanticize her by comparing her to a princess or queen or some Disney character. While these things are nice and well intended, it distracts from the beauty and simplicity that she is only herself and a human being. As a Chinese American and I am always critical upon many of my Chinese culture and background but in this case, this one of the most powerful and pure content that I have seen in awhile. Please appreciate it as it is. All be well and stay safe.

  • Awesome video superb personality very inspiring.Stay safe with your beloved grandma watching from Philippines thumbs up😎

  • I did Pamelas workout tonight and used this video as meditation before bed. So relaxing

  • I love your videos. Really great. 💜

  • Chị đừng lấy chồng nhé chị. Ở vậy chăm bà thôi. Ai mới xứng đáng làm chồng chị nhỉ 😊. Chúc bà chị luôn mạnh khoẻ nhé. 😘😘

  • She makes food. We work to but food. We do roundtrip towards what we reallt need... She just live...

  • *I love video, i from Vietnamese*

  • Pergedel 😅

  • 棉花好可愛

  • Biological

  • Dianxi and Liziqi both are amazing.

  • Take a good care of your hand😢 😍😍😍😍love your videos


  • مشاء الله تبارك الله اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد👍💝

  • What did she put on the potato before she planted them? Is it Ash?

  • I am really disappointed..... why the video is finished... plz upload more videos

  • Amazing video👍👍❤️

  • Hidup dan punya bini kek liziqi enak bnget dah keknya

  • I sit here wishing I could watch her videos forever.

  • she doesn't need ads coz she has everything. that's simple living.

  • She is one of the rarest girl that can do cook and all sort of stuff that mostly girls wont do. Take good care of your finger.

  • Wow! So much protein in that one dish! It would cost a fortune to buy this dish in America. I'm dying knowing I will never get to make or eat this!

  • Pasar en español por favor es muy bonito todo lo que hacen pero solo puedo ver y no en tiendo nada o en sub títulos para poder leer Gracias

  • You make me feel better 💜💜💜💜

  • Liziqi should go to masterchef

  • Always beautiful to watch. The scenery and tranquility. Your foods are like works of art. And your Grandmother is so cute. Hope your finger is ok

  • She's living life the simplest but definitely in an incredibly amazing way. ❤

  • When all these riots and looting ugly protests in the USA al li over the news, this brings peace of mind. Please do more videos. I'm sick of seeing looters.

  • Liziq Iam from India Iam 10 years old and I won't to no how to make spone of wood can you teach me

  • It is so beautiful

  • Looks like she hurt her finger somehow. Hoops she recovers quickly!

  • Dislikes come from incompetent people. Keep up the good work girl, don't bother with jobless haters 💜🔥

  • عيشتهم بتطول العمر هدول مابيعرفو الامراض بحياتن تمنيت لو اعيش متلهم

  • ເບີນລາວ

  • 爱你 子柒

  • that baked garlic is very delicious!

  • She is not afraid of snake as well..such a strong lady..❣️

  • Wanita idaman

  • The tea on the table at the last scene belong to whom? Is that for her grandpa?

  • Please make English sub...:)

  • italy: we use a lot of oil ziqi: i’m about to end this man’s whole career

  • Pauvre 🐈 chat il miaule il a faim

  • ❤️

  • I always love how various is the chinese kitchen. I got really hungry!

  • More translations please. Sending you and your family good wishes

  • She looks like Twice's minaaaa. She kinda sounds like her tooooooo

  • چه خبره همه کار انجام مده ازین ترس دارم فردا ویدیویی از این خانم در حال ساختن شاتل فضایی ببینم!!!

  • 更喜欢从前的子柒 真实淳朴 不匠气 现在的子柒也很美 可总觉得少了点啥

  • Ini tentang apasih ga ngerti?

  • Tranquility at its finest

  • 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚👌👌🌾

  • I really want to learn how to cook like her. Like straight from the earth mostly because you don’t know what these people are putting into our foods. Her videos are definitely making me think about moving to the country side and being in my own environment. Where it is just me and nature.

  • Wow... I wanna live with a fairy like her... Or should i use Goddess instead? Or should I wish to live like her?

  • Whts tht insect?😨

  • She has the natural beauty

  • 沒有字幕 為什麼不放字幕呢 有些食材也沒有字幕出來😓😓

  • If Studio Ghibli made a cooking show.

  • Great cooking 👍👍👍😄

  • i can't stop to watching your videos,,

  • wow

  • when I listen this music I feel so sad

  • Silent in beuaty

  • what was she covering the potatoes with at the beginning? was it ash? I’m just curious to know why

    • It's ash. To prevent water loss from the cut and provide minerals.

  • I love you

  • I enjoy watching and rewatching your videos !!! But I have to say that my favourites are your arts and crafts videos and food preservation ones!

  • Everything she eats look delicious

  • Sis english subtitle bi dala kro

  • 動画会話の日本語訳にチャレンジしてみました。笑わず見て下さいね。 (話し手は李子柒さん) 1:40s おばあちゃん、(ジャスミンの花)咲いたのはこれぐらいしかなかったんです 1:52s (ジャスミンの花)おばあちゃん見て、二日前に干したのはすでに乾いたよ 2:45s おばあちゃん、(じゃがいも)鍬で形崩れの物もあるので、選別してから料理にしましょう 3:53 おばあちゃん、(锅中のじゃがいも)弱火でじっくり蒸し焼きしましょう 6:16s わぁ~おいちい 6:44s おばあちゃん、近所のばあちゃん、じいちゃんに手作り料理を送りに行くので、火加減の面倒をお願いね 7:05s 手作りです。桃もどうぞ 7:20s スモモを見つけました、少し頂きますね 7:30s 作りたてです。桃もどうぞ。帰りますね 7:42s 自分のおばあちゃんの為に、(枇杷)少し取って帰りますね 7:55s ただいま、おばあちゃん、ほら見て、ちびザリガニまで頂いた、スモモも、また枇杷も食べてね 10:13s おばあちゃん,薪炭を出しますね 11:38s おばあちゃん、今どこ?雨ですので、外へ出ないでね。(おばあちゃんの返事:はーい、じっとテレビを見るわ) 14:24s おばあちゃん、ごはん、ごはんですよ 15:30s 先にちびザリガニ、うん、いいね 15:40s おばあちゃん、餃子はどう?中の餡を見よう 16:21s おばあちゃん、(ジャスミン等の花)お茶どうぞ、おいしい? 16:25s じゃがいもせんべい、一枚頂き 16:45s おばあちゃん、千切りのジャガイモ塩味炒めはいかが? 16:50s (おばあちゃんの言葉です):柒ちゃん、千切りのジャガイモ塩味炒めは、昔あなたの父の大好物でした。 17:00s (カメラマン、アシスタントの二人に向けて)ここに来て、一緒に食べましょう。お腹が空いたでしょう 17:10s いよいよ夏本番ですね。皆さん、楽しい夏になるよう、乾杯! 中国四川の方言ですので結構難しい、私は10%しか聞き取れませんでした。分からない会話は省いたので、笑顔でお許し下さい(笑)。ご不明なところありましたら、お気軽に聞いて下さいね。 @Big QuickClaire 要特别感谢@Big QuickClaire美眉,你的中文会话记录为我提供了极大的帮助,谢谢您!

    • 頑張ってますねー👍加油( ◠‿◠ )

    • OMG big fan

  • You have a band aid? Are you hurt?

  • Pls be careful not to hurt your finger again sister. Your videos are so calm!

  • Would you like to adopt me? 😅

  • She has such a beautiful home and she has such a special bond with her grandma these videos are so amazing I love them!

  • Hi

  • I watch ur video everyday ....u are so industrious & preety😍 A simple but beautiful life