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  • MVP !

  • MOM❀

  • Really Toronto? I realize they are trying to win for the playoffs, but this was history and not 1 player even gave 1 measly clap. That plus Vlad Jr yelling "MY HOUSE" in the Yankees direction after his walkoff yesterday just rubs me the wrong way. No sportsmanship.

  • Los mellizos deben retener la defensa dΓ© Urshela para 23 es un gran defensor.

  • Gerrit Cole also tied the record for having the most strikeouts in a single season for the Yankees last night. "Before the outfielder crushed his 61st home run of the year, pulling even with Roger Maris for the American League and Yankees single-season records, Gerrit Cole made some history of his own. The right-hander notched his 248th strikeout of the year, tying the franchise's single-season record set by Ron Guidry in 1978"

  • its the yankees, who cares....Overated, overpaid team. Too bad he plays for that team.

  • I'm not that aware of baseball rules, but shouldn't this be an Out just by the third basemen catching it in the air ? Why throw the ball

  • 2022 World Series champs LA Dodgers 🍷🍷🍷

  • This was the moment when MLB said β€œOk, this steroid use is getting WAY!!!! Outta hand” humans should not be able to do that lol

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  • Finally my boy Arron Judge hits his 61st how sweet it is. I wish it would've been done at Yankees stadium but hey I'll take it. History is being done we A.Judge & Albert.P it doesn't get better then that. I'm happy to be alive thru this era & seeing baseballs being smashed out. LET'S GO YANKEES BABY...

  • so humble and level headed, what a player and what a man

  • Damn mate a wild match it was

  • Bonds Mcguire Sosa better

  • No need for the goggles lol

  • They're not testing enough. He already has his excuse ready.. Just hope its not the lame 'supplement' one

  • He will probably get 4-5 more. 61 is out of the way, pressure is gone now.

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  • He's third .what a loser

  • Hader has been pitching better

  • roids

  • I'm glad both were ejected. I hope they lost money as a result

  • This is the most I've seen Judge celebrate a home run lol. I can't imagine how relieved he must feel finally getting the monkey off his back.

  • Great !