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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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I'm losing control.
I'm losing control.2 bulan yang lalu
Game Theory: No More Games
Game Theory: No More Games10 bulan yang lalu


  • is the stream available to watch even though it streamed back in November?

  • 😐😯😮😵

  • 0:32 lel, exotic butts

  • To be fair how old is kirby

  • I don't know what to say, I'm really sorry about what happened.

  • Man you are bad, who didn't notice that Ghaster was trying to change the time line? In Ghasters made up timeline monsters won the war and that's all what Ghaster did, because he failed the determination experiments. Lol who can't notice that!?

  • The real unlucky number is 5



  • F all the people who disliked this vid

  • Stop

  • Just make another channel called Life Theory already

  • Actually, he doesn't have a shadow at the beginning, but he develops one by the end. They address that in the anime. He faces his shadow in the last episode while fighting Margaret. Over the course of the story, especially in the Mitsuo episodes, it's established that Yu develops a growing fear of losing his bonds and ending up alone. The reason he never has a fight against his shadow is because when he is confronted by it, he accepts it as his true self immediately, something his friends continually failed to do. Interesting theory, because Teddie is a massive enigma, but unfortunately, not quite accurate.

  • matpat should do another meta youtube theory about youtube's copyright system and partner with other youtubers that have had troubles with it like mumbo jumbo.

  • But what about Papyrus from Undertale?

  • But austin. Good job

  • Please don't let anyone take you down. Your Awsome

  • It sounds like he wants to cry

  • for the part about michael I think the most canon thing is the halloween dlc for fnaf vr on the dreadbear one where we LITERALLY BRING LIFE to dreadbear by putting a brain inside.

  • So, what I got from this theory is that Matpat is a Protomen fan.

  • Anyone else thinking how similar this is to Bendy? I mean sentient characters, trying to escape a studio with the characters who are from a cancelled children's TV show, trying to escape that studio, and eventually not escaping and just ending up in the beginning again

  • illagers, more like evillagers *badumz*

  • It been 7 minutes and now we getting to the thing

  • 23 shapes?

  • Hey mat patt can you talk about what is going on on chuck e cheese

  • I noticed you used Jacsepticeye's vid at the start lol, i literally just watched his vid so i remembered

  • 1 point for kid I do know this because when I played splatoon 2 they died in water and humans drown :>

  • Hey what’s phsycic freind fredbears number btw I can’t spell

  • The fact that the some of the haters apologized is really sweet like my heart just melted. Yes and I know this is 3 years late

  • Good heros: A star wars Boi Superman Megaman Undyne the undying Susie

  • U know's a MARIO GAME

  • Bro if nothing comes in or out of master chiefs suit, imagine if he got a boner bruh, the pain😭😭

  • i think that the bear trap was set by teh old man and not josh. i don't think josh ever went to the sanatorium to set traps, so it was probably a wendigo trap set by the old man.

  • This is the most innovative show I've seen in years.

  • I hope that the lady from the today show is watching

  • Do a Mario maker 2 video do you got it?!

  • I hate game theory for this Pokémon theory I like his fanfic ones but not Pokémon ones because of pikachu

  • And he didn’t even count in the messing-with-the-code-to-increase-the-stack-size part

  • 0:36 that actually kind scared me

  • Nah, the scariest diagnosis is Ebola. Theres no escaping that, there is no cure. If you get Ebola, you're doomed.

  • Hello

  • Hey it's not his speed thay use the ender perls to warp This is a sonic adventure 2 reference

  • Now that I think about it, Glitchtrap is beginning to remind me of Lord Voldemort, gathering followers that hide under a mask that follow his bidding anonymously... bUt hEy,

  • DOOM and Metroid crossover would be dope.

  • This is why I unsubscribe

  • 3:09 10 things that aged horribly

  • Good episode

  • Why would the G-Man want the other Nihilanth dead?!

  • master roshi... wait no thats just buff wiley

  • Matpat about to get cancelled foe making the german joke.

  • My new ringtone

  • Mah dry bread is pretty big

  • is any one else cringing that hes calling william afton purple man -0-

  • What if William actually killed Henry since people would let there friends in and he made it look like a suicide by wearing gloves leaving no fingerprints

  • Matpat is the PRO

  • My man Mercer is infection himself

  • Hey sorry I’ve been watching you on a signed out so just aubbed

  • what happens when you use ALL of the puppets?!

  • I think Kelsey was the bite victim (crying child) and Cassidy was already in the suit with styled hair.

  • 9656 KILOMETERS?? thats not even possible lol airblanes go up to (i think) 11 kilometers.... thats waaaaayyy to far

  • We need a god of war theory!

  • Is Scott subed to matpat and comments to his fnaf theory vids?

  • I seem to fit the requirements: I'm below 40, I have 0% facial hair, I have average hygiene, and I spend most of my time in my room on the computer and don't often go out of the house.

  • Austin should make a video about the wall of flesh. 👍👍👍

  • 0:00 - 0:11 I love how he tried to make a meme like memenade

  • how about you dont get all the tapes, will you get a good ending?

  • Fready Fazbear pizza where *Fantisy* and fun come to *life*

  • ID-tv is abandoning ID-tv

  • Flapjack

  • arthur and david have different hair colors, i know he could have dyed it, but it looks pretty natural

  • Dang i never fully appreciated how hype this intro song is

  • he said it was a mini theory but it was longer than one of his normal theories

  • e=McD e: macdondalds

  • The hammer might be you guys aren't 6'3" and 210

  • I like how you said the mansion are a rare even I find one in almost everyone of saves 😂

  • You should do a deep sleep game theory

  • I’m a female and I play lucario the Pokémon dose he have a gender?

  • Wait, Gordon is a PhD? I thought he was just a lab-assistant.

  • The Vindicator model used looks like he is yelling ‘HI’ to someone across the street

  • Asirel (I think a spelled that right) is flowey DUMMY

  • Why isn't there a playlist of this series alone ;-;

  • What if the company made a couple more lonely freddies but never used them so the lonely freddies got withered so much they became the freddles from fnaf 4

  • *cough fnaf security breach cough*

  • Well, MatPat, you are the one who uncovers most of the lore in the FNaF franchise. I wouldn't be surprised if Blumhouse turned to you for plot points to put in the film.

  • Love revisiting this one, love you matpat!

  • Imagine Steve Holding a 37 Shulker Boxes full of Enchanted Golden Apples.

  • Ff

  • *spit spit spit u really think it’s ok to harras my favorite super mario character but seriously rosalina is my favorite xd

  • 2:47 - 2:53 *You look like Notch*

  • 0:06 Can we take a moment to appreciate this joke? XD

  • I don’t know why, but giraffe baby kinda seems like the creepiest character of the series

  • I'm a genwoner and I'm 8

  • No-one A shin Megami Tensi and Persona fan who learns alot about the games: No that is wrong. We know that information you have put is incorrect. Watch the anime and play P.1 grand Prix game series ( the second one). See for yourself Yu's shadow. Try to remember, as well in P4 golden Marie Can go into the velvet room.

  • I know this is ganna sound stupid what if the three people sitting down watching the television is golden freddy/casidy, mrs.afton and elizabeth afton looking down at william afton burnning/suffering

    • The reason i say this is because what if cassidy actualy listened to old man consequences and moved on with his afterlife

  • I feel like the the thumbnail and title are slightly exaggerated

  • Okay, but he also cuts an entire log into planks... in his pockets?

  • I’ve seen some other vids! But doesn’t it sound suspicious that golden Freddy says “it’s me” and it’s presumed that golden Freddy talks to mike in the logbook? Could golden Freddy be trying to tell mike that golden Freddy is that spirit talking to him through the logbook? Just a question and a topic to think about! It just popped into my head..While rewatching the series!

  • Could you do a theory on the heist with markiplier

  • This is retarded