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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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The $1.7 Million Lie
The $1.7 Million Lie9 bulan yang lalu
They stole $1.7 million
They stole $1.7 million10 bulan yang lalu


  • Omg, I never considered that the Funtime animatronics were made for taking children. That makes so much sense!! That totally explains the whole “daddy, why won’t you let me play with her?” And why circus baby killed her. Everything makes sense now @_@

  • Star wars Battlefront 2 count Dooku has a form of force slow as well.

  • Is that a MTN Dew bottle wedged in between the cushions?

  • Wait this theory is invalidated by the Mario timeline video

  • Matpat: We're William Afton!! The whole Afton family (especially Michael): -_-

  • The gaming representative never played games. Genius...

  • I was waiting to debunk your theory about moving to fast ( as you often do). But it did not happen. It cannot be explained with moving to fast if only certain objects or living creatures are effected. If it were the case of being super fast, everything arround cal should be slowed.

  • Haven’t finished the video yet but Silent Hill was pretty dope.

  • The flash is just an Olympic runner using "Force Slow"

  • Mitochondria... I never heared of these things before... until I watched videos about Parasite Eve...

  • 3:51 skip ad

  • I call coppa the order 66 of youtube COPPA:execute order 66

  • "Has a Face, a Voice, a Motive, and we even know their name." Like the OTHER killer didn't have all that

  • Flapjack

  • Susan Trying to avoid this Interview *41 on trending*

  • Tbh I am a 12 year old but I understand everything about everything here. Like I actually understand the humor and the science of this channel and other channels. Sarcasm, Racism, Crisises, Vsause you name it. So am I just supposed to watch the super boring and super not for me ID-tv kids?

  • Sorry, MatPat... "Force Slow" appeared First in Jedi Academy, under a different name: "Force Speed". This is the same ability, with the same mechanic; when activated, everything in the surrounding environment appears "slow" in comparison to your character's actions. Whilst named differently, the mechanics are the same. Keep up the great work. Cheers. q;)

  • #not sponcred

  • That bit at the end had me lmao, just matpat like; "well if billie eilish came onto the platform you're telling me she wouldn't get a check mark until [x amount] of subscribers" Susan was so caught off guard by that

  • Amazing interview! I really enjoyed the questions and how Pat conducted himself.


  • Susan kinda sounds like alphys from undertale

  • dude deltarune is the original sans world, and undertale is original papyrus home. the game name is actually same: deltarune: lower case words sans: all lower case words UNDERTALE: all upper case words papyrus: all of his word is upper cased

  • I knew Pikachu was a electric rabbit

  • Maybe I’m missing something. Did she actually answer any of the questions?

  • My brain during exam: 9:40

  • Looking like a real Millenial there Pat

  • 3:50 Me binge-watching fnaf game theories in 2019: Oh boi, does he have it ALL WRONG Also 5:33 Me: THE PUPPET IS A GIRLLLLLL. HER NAME IS MARIONETTEEEEEEEE

  • Flam go Did u see the in

  • Ff

  • There was also a force power in "Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" that you could use to speed yourself up, think it was literally called "Force Speed" and honestly it worked based on pretty much that entire principle - speeding the player up and making puzzle elements in the world, enemies, etc. appear to move a lot more slowly - and while I don't know how canon that game is, it is another example of this argument and I'm here for it. 👌

  • So force speed from single player jedi acaemy or jedi outcast. But if i understand the force slow for Fallen order (didnt play it), it affect just one tagret, so its different but Mat Pat did a terrible job desribing it and this theory is wrong.

  • I am a Muslim and I live in Pakistan karachi

  • Is anyone else is a Muslim

  • How completely uninformative. Thanks for nothing, Susan.

  • Cant you just age restrict?

  • What is the fnaf game called?

  • Matpat: [insert question here] Susan: yes but yes but no maybe um

  • There aren’t enough episodes with Austin

  • YT kids exists ;-;

  • 6:26 can anyone please tell me what the separate events are?

  • I'm using my mom's account with her permission cause she was the one who made it for me and her, Not just me. And I mostly watch ROBLOX or any Animated Story Channel that isn't NOT For Kids. I Have some slip ups here and then but not alot. The FTC and COPPA is technically Thanos but it's Two People, dang. *Edit: cries in poor cause I can't buy the merch to support.*

  • love the cactus table

  • love the cactus table

  • This is amazing tech

  • PIZZA 🍕!

  • Why is nobody talking about the start?

  • 2019's biggest villain: Thanos 2020's biggest villain: COPPA

  • I really like how this in the end promoted a healthy lifestyle.

  • Will it be available for mobile in the future because I'm a basic bich that can't afford a computer and console

  • My eardrums

  • I hope storybooth lives

  • I'll be dieing soon (and leaving this fucked up world) I really do.

  • More slight problems. The Midichlorians don`t work like a supersoldier boosts, you aren`t just faster and stronger because you have more midichlorians. To access force based physical augmentation, you have to actively concentrate and draw on the energy field around you (the force), it`s not a general thing, it`s momentarily increasing your physical output. Jedi without drawing on the force are still pretty much baseline beings (with the only general trait being that people with a high midichlorian count generally have an above average IQ, hightened senses and a danger sense). Jedi practice accessing force based physical augmentation a lot which is why it appears seamless, but it does require an active drawing on the force, you aren`t just constantly superpowered. A Jedi isn`t Captain America. He is a normal being that can boost it`s output beyond normal limits because THE FORCE grants them those powers and the power they get is limited by their ability to draw on the force (Midichlorian count), their skill with the ability of force based physical augmentation and their ability to concentrate on the connection between themselves and the force. That`s why Jedi can still be defeated by normal soldiers etc. because they have to actively draw on the force and if they can`t for some reason, they are just like anybody else. There`s actually been examples in Legends where Jedi, when cut off from the force, actually struggled to even perform on normal being levels because they are so used to and so dependent on their force abilities that without them, they are basically handicapped.

  • Can someone make some kind of timestamps for questions?

  • _Hey commenters_ You know an even better number than 23? ......... 25! *Spongebob and Patrick burst out laughing*

  • Flapjack

  • Holy crap Susan is bloody good at this... she’s put on the spot in front of over 100 questioning gamers so if she says something wrong there’s gonna be lash back, asked difficult questions doubling this “stress of the audience” factor, yet she still somehow clears stuff up calmly and reasonably... with this is mind I have come to the conclusion that she was 3rd speaker in her school debating team and that her last name is pronounced WO-JIT-SKI and not WOJ-CICKI.

  • He didn’t talk about the sponge room though......

  • Too bad shes a coward and only cares about money

  • Mat Pat: *asks a question Susaan: well yes but actually no

  • Who still play and watches this in 2019?

  • Bruhhhhh

  • This assuming that all characters have human durability which they don’t

  • 10:23 *_King Gilgamesh_*_ has entered the chat_

  • Hair??

  • Wwwwwwwwaat

  • 6:16 drop a cow it drops cow meats

  • Thanks for asking the "brutal" questions. Tbh, most gamers I watch are on dlive, twitch, or mixer. If it wasn't for Restream, not sure how many people would actually stream live on this platform. The gaming videos are great; especially for determining which ones to invest in, because of the creators game play. Just wish there was more viewer incentive (reward?) with streaming live.

  • If You Tube's gonna erase the videos then I'm going to screen record all the old videos I used to watch and keep them so I can remember the old times when everyone was alright

  • Freddy does not come off stage often because he is afk

  • Goodbye my favorite youtuber

  • hey that was russian badger? was it some youtube event?

  • In magic arena you can build a 60 card deck with only two different cards

  • My social media apps are my new youtube if my channel dies

  • We want the part 3!!!!!!!!

  • Well I love you mat but I’m 12 so I guess I’ll stop watching:,(

  • Next Mario theory: Waluigi, the SEXUAL PREDATOR

  • Uhh... What destroying heaven made by angels. Usually those are good things. Me: Laughs in Monster Girl Quest

  • I Am Filipino or a person who lives in the Philippines

  • A lot of parents don't give two shits about what their child does on youtube, getting parents to monitor what they watch isn't gonna work, parents have more important things to do than that.. Maybe we need to bring back Bob and tell him all the news about coppa.

  • MatPat : "I see you looking at the clock hoping that this ticks out faster" Boi, that was kinda spicy.

  • Game journos don't play games for a living... They spend all their time looking for other jobs so they can start making a living! :) Why play the game at all? No one reads game reviews that aren't on their steam page.. They may as well just guess, then get back to job hunting.. ;) Steam reviews are from ppl who like and play the genre of game you are looking at..

  • Does anyone know where I can buy that glove??? Im totally fascinated..

  • Better than NBC,CBS, and ABC biased interviews. Good job matpat. Respect. 🍻

  • Was that one cut.

  • Cool episode but it's only half of the story. Check out the anthropogenic principal by PBS Spacetime for the rest.

  • looks like cancer still exists you people genuinely insincerely didn't care because you're fake and then you put up a thumbnail with a bunch of smiles because you people are so f****** brain-dead the worst thing is your followers that literally ride your nuts. You people are trashy man .

  • looks like cancer still exists you people genuinely insincerely didn't care because you're fake and then you put up a thumbnail with a bunch of smiles because you people are so f****** brain-dead the worst thing is your followers that literally ride your nuts.

  • Technicallly if you download content you still get ads sometimes.... weird huh

  • you son of a i You actually scared me with that freddy jumpscare. haha

  • Wait a minute! It said paragraph 4! Like in the source code for Scott’s website in the last video (I think). Mat said that it was paragraph 4 in his script, and it could have been, but it’s also paragraph 4 in the game! Correct me if I’m wrong but I think there was something more in Mats paragraph that just Purple guys first murder. And I know this comment is super, super late but I thought it was cool, so here it is.

  • Scott : watches tv and stretch Matpat : i want all available cameras to fully monitor this man 24 hours NOW !

  • How about thunder punch

  • Oh no no

  • Me be like so is coppa only for America orrrr I mean you could just move out of America technically right? Pls answer me I am confused

  • “yes or no.” *”WELL WE FEEL-“*

  • And yet you completely overlook the idea that the force slow could be casting out a small field in which it acts similarly to a force push, but putting pressure or momentum against everything to make it take longer to move. This is supported by the fact that it doesnt slow down everything, only certain objects or areas

  • another peace of proof for them being squids is how they cant talk like humans can. i watched some documentary about how neanderthals went extinct and one of the reasons is because they werent in big groups. one of the reasons why they werent in big groups is because they didnt have the bone structure in there mouth to make noises for speach like some vowels, and other things. the only reason why some parrots can speak like people is because they can make a lot of different noises which they can put together to make words, but there arent any brains there for them to remember those words. squids clearly dont have skeletons so them only being able to say a few things also points into the direction of squid