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One-Eyed Monster!
One-Eyed Monster!5 tahun yang lalu
Epic or Fail LIVE!
Epic or Fail LIVE!6 tahun yang lalu
Sia Performs 'Chandelier'
Sia Performs 'Chandelier'8 tahun yang lalu
Damn, Daniel
Damn, Daniel6 tahun yang lalu


  • Just imagine your mother beating you Infront of them🤔

  • Keep rocking 🎸🎶🎶🎸🎶🎶

  • Ellen, you were right about Paxil in 2002.

  • The whole world with you Johnny ❣️

  • Love Kate. Love Ellen.

  • Love your show. Enjoy watching

  • they grew omg!!!!

  • OMG what!???????

  • Can't wait to see you on your next adventure Ellen! I wish you the best!

  • The thought that some in this society think the kids 14 should have boyfriends is asinine lol. Sure they can be interested but they have no need to date until they're ready to have a long-term relationship I.e marriage

  • Before I click this video, I watched the one when Johnny have Ellen a paint of an elephant... And as I have observed, it takes few years before it happens.

  • Rebel is The Rebel ;-).

  • Reckon she invited them all to Epsteins island or nah?

  • I remember I used to watch there movie all the time

  • Ellen will announce she will be signing a contract with Disney+ (or any other streaming platforms) just like The Kardashians did.

  • hhhhhhhhhh

  • Hallelujah

  • Adorable human ❤️

  • 😂🤗 help change my life finally for the best


  • Kardashian always wearing white on this show

  • My kids won't be on social media either way but doing this seems more fair than just saying "no social media". I believe it's damaging especially for kids

  • no autotune n makes them sound normal!!

  • Heartwarming!

  • Fine asf

  • The way he copied his grandkids had me wheezing

  • remember honestly ellen!!

  • Damage control agenda is killing me now

  • ellen acts like a goodie goodie!!

  • its ellens way to lie n try to embarrass ppl!!