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  • Good job boys

  • I was at that game because I live in Charlotte, It was amazing!! Go Arsenal!

  • I noticed that some say jerba and some say sherba.

  • Let's be honest.. We don't have enough money for partey *and* auaor... It's likely to be one of them. I don't know.. I might be wrong but I feel like we can't get both in this window. But I am fine with that. We know or should get to know that we won't be able to get all the players we desire in one window so.. Let's be realistic guys. I think I'd rather Auaor than Partey as he's much younger and then could be a re-sale value.

  • He was the hero of this game...and the flesh legs did well....COYG

  • aubamayang lmao

  • Such a classy guy, you will be remember and cheered at Arsenal. Once a Gunner always a Gunner, now go get me FPL points at Villa!

  • Man we have some strong future players 😍

  • The new man : Good Ebening

  • Again we not marking tight outside the box, is it hard to see that if you chock the supply in the box or disturb the crosses you reduce the risk of been scored.......a win is good, but season in and out we lose points not because our opponents are any better than us but it's because we can't get our defensive tactics and discipline right. Thanks for the win but Arteta should work on marking, players are just moving back into there half and not challenging the guy on the ball.

  • The moment we get Aouar and partey, it is going to be an HOUR(Aouar) to PARTY(Partey)😉😉.. up gunners

  • The moment we get Aouar and partey, it is going to be an HOUR(Aouar) to PARTY(Partey)😉😉.. up gunners

  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja

  • Great

  • Absolutely love this man ❤️❤️

  • guys pls comment about the camera work here... don't you think it's poor

  • Eddie Nketiah Fantastic

  • Arsenal = African team

  • Permainan yg sangat baik...

  • Arsenal has a never say die attitude. Arteta is building a powerful team. Arteta was not happy early on in the match because Arsenal weren't keeping possession of the ball. Second half Arsenal started play possession football. Arsenal will be challenging for the EPL title this season.

  • Gotta love Arteta, but if you want to create more chances it’s simple. Bring in Ozil!!!!! Take out Ceballos and you will get your more chances from Ozil.

  • He has a great smile

  • Last goal was offside

  • Могли же когда то... Надеюсь скоро игра наладится!

  • Same goal pattern for Arsenal. Nice one Arteta

  • Selling Martinez was the worst decision

  • Thanks Boss Arteta...!!!!

  • Nice

  • the future of arsenal right here

  • Yes we do! Get rid of xhaka and bellerin! neither want to move forward

  • Oh I love Lacazette and Aubameyang

  • Coyg let's beat liVARpool

  • woa 😯

  • Great work Eddie

  • Dankie Gunners keep winning ur games. You can still improve


  • We need a few midfielders tbf

  • Win the first game, away game, also clean sheet! Not Arsenal that Ive ever known before 🔥 COYG

  • Btw what shoe he wore? He is New Henry in my heart!

  • He’s got a great attitude, down to earth.

  • isnt that offside

  • Arsenal should not of won west ham dominated

  • Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie!!! Let's gooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Did Arteta just hit us with "playing with the handbrake?" My Manager

  • the game was a good and bad but I'm happy for the win. Thank you Arteta

  • We need Elneny, he is good in close situations, can run past defenders, hold the ball and pass through, and doesn't give away the ball cheaply, unlike Xhaka.

  • Yesterday game, i am not really happy, we have to improve many things, we have to hard work.

  • Come on sirr...give chance to Ozil too❤️

  • Chúc mừng arsnal hay giữ Tình Hóa đó mà tiền len

  • All arsenal goals are offside,,, stolen and cheated win

  • "It's time for everyone to respect our club" Legacy man! Legacy!!!

  • Arsenal Towards the Champions League