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  • Aah she is so much like lisa ♥️

  • Lisa♥️

  • Ahyeon and Chiquita reminded me of Jennie and Lisa haha!!!

  • They all sounded great, but let's give it to Ahyeon for nailing that hard part in the chorus! I was watching lives of Rose singing Gone and other covers of Gone, and no one attempted to do that hard part. They just did the more simpler version.

  • no man eso no se hace, hacer un cover de gone de rose nooo funemen si quiere AJHSDJHADJSHGAD

  • ahyeon so shine in my eyes

  • Chuẩn đàn em của nhà trẻ Tre Dừa luôn á mấy đứa. Nhớ làp hải debut cùng nhau nha

  • น้องน่ารักมากลูก สู้ๆนะคะ❤❤

  • rukaaa🥲

  • Actually I'm expecting whole 7 members This could be a prank with us 🧐🤨

  • let them all debutttttttt

  • Their voice is beautiful ❤❤

  • Vocal100%♥️

  • 122k

  • Wahhh pharita di thumbnail kaya Tinkerbell

  • Stan talent stan babymonster

  • our new Queens of vocal 💖

  • Let's go 10m

  • YG let me wait for their debut for too long. I already feel bored and back to focus on bp performance.

  • Gone-Rosé so beautiful🥺

  • So cute 🥺

  • Rita kinda looks and even sounds similar to rose

  • Is she the very first Japanese person to be debutted on yg?

  • Ruka rapeaste muy bien 🌟🌟🌟🌟🎉🎉

  • Literally 4th gen lisa

  • We love you ruka

  • Minha bias nunca erra nos vocais, dá vontade de chorar só de ouvir. Ouvir!

  • เอาจริงค่ายใหญ่ขนาดนี้ควรมีเครื่องซักไว้ให้ซักก็ดีนะ😂

  • Very beautiful family, I like it very much😘💖

  • Aku melihat anakku sama pharita ada dalam cahaya Dia ganteng

  • Aku melihat kita ada di dalam cahaya Dia ganteng Aku kasi nama pharita tapi itu namamu Aku kasi Sugiantoro tapi itu namaku Lalu lahirlah anak kita namanya catet tanggal lahirnya kamis 23/03/2023

  • Ahyeonand ruka

  • No les sale como a rose

    • Stop being annoying

  • Nadie supera rose

  • i don’t think ruka is coming through

  • Ruka the dancer and rapper

  • 아현 치키타 2명은 확실히 좋다


  • for everyone, help reporting the channel taejiu, a problematic channel who tried to make this vid into something prvrted. he made a post in this channel trying to hate on yg because of the camera in the bathroom, while there is no issue there, since in sk reality shows its always known to use so many cameras everywhere to show their daily lifes, but always either took out the cameras while the celebrities had to shower, or they could cover it themselves with special covers that every profesionall cameras have. there are no records of them showering obviously.

  • She has Dahyun of Twice vibes

  • Её голос это просто нечто😍😍

  • yg에 안어울려

  • Asa ❤️‍🔥


  • anyone please the song when chitquittta dance the last

  • Debut this girl already! 🥹

  • 7.9M

  • am i the only one who didn't understand how Last evolution works 😂?? Can someone explain it to me!?

    • Seems like they filmed it in 2022 as their last evaluation to pick the 7 members and they want to show us that process even if the members were defined already.

  • chiquita look like a little lisa.

  • Aku melihat anak kita ganteng... Rambutnya jeng