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HI SISTERS! I'm James Charles, a 20 year old kid with a few blending brushes. Subscribe to my channel and join the sisterhood for all things makeup, entertainment, music, and more!
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  • I love you guys ❤️❤️😘😘

  • Idk why, but cooking videos are so fun :)

  • good job at lest you cooked better than me beciase when i cooked it my house burned and some of my family members died 😇💖💝💘💓💞💕💗

  • Please never cook with grease again I almost had a panic attack everytime u dropped that chicken!!! Lol!!!

  • I legit thought he was making candy canes from scratch....

  • I ment it's Corona time!!

  • Personally james charles is the coolest at doing make up ever in my opinion and charli is the best tik tok dancer in my opinion

  • She looks so good!

  • Haha they use garlic butter for the toast until it’s golden brown.

  • how you looked back then doesn't look like you now!!! It feels like the old you is a different person and could even be your brother... if you know what I mean...

  • I love how his parents are so supportive!!

  • This was so funny... i think it would be cool to see more cooking videos and see you improve as a cook haha

  • The 1K dislikes is bc he said he didn't love cane's sauce....

  • You are such an inspiration! <3

  • You are so talented at makeup I love you so much and I watch your videos everyday!! Keep up the great work!!

  • when he bit at that pencil i died 😭😭😂

  • Your chicken burnt because you left the oil for too long heating up . Once it gets hot you can put the chicken in sis

  • I didn’t see he used lemon juice I’m Sorry 😅

  • I think all the hate comments are very rude be a nice sister!

  • James we need to talk ASAP please reply!

  • Make more cooking videos! Literally though, wet hand, dry hand has changed my cooking irritations 🤣

  • Awwww, sorry that people are saying that stuff

  • hi

  • When the porcipine comes out James be like “ SISTER SHOOK!”

  • Cane's does not support this.

  • 10:22 James trying the french fry: *HUMHUM.. fine.. fReNcH fRy wHaTeVer..* Also James trying the penis french fry: {first takes a look inside} *HUMHUM.. and IIIIIII oop..... SKSKSKSKSK>_<*

  • I just realized that james intro and makeup pallet says James chares 😂😂💀

  • Try to do tiktok life hacks

  • James:”adds the whole bottle of olive oil” me: 2 ShOtS Of vOdkA

  • I lowkey had an anxiety moment thinking he lost a nail in the mixture.

  • It's Corina time!!


  • Hellthy JunkFood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James: I feel like it should...? Captions: *i feel like a shed*

  • Chari is a amazing dancer but when she says "hey sisters" it's so soft but James be like "HEY SISTERSSSSSSSS"

  • i really hope youre safe right now because heating olive oil with high heat is not good for you

  • OK but like there relationship is amazing

  • ~BUT YOU DI DENT HAVE TO CUT IT OFF~ like this if i made a spelling error LOL love you sisters💖

  • James, for you rnext video can you do a full face of Kat Von D products and reveiw them, PLEASE!!

  • I really want a sister's sweatshirt

  • Omg who is watching in March 2020

  • Anyone notice the phone change?

  • 0:00 hi sisters

  • this literally feels like yesterday

  • Um I think you were supposed to use the strawberry acai refresher sorry

  • Next up chick-fila

  • More of this content please, Sis! ❤

  • I don't like make up because i dont want to change my look or personality but i like watching make up illusion s

  • cane sauce is literally fry sauce... where all my Utah people at!?

  • I for sure want to try this now!! Thanks James now I’m craving canes lol and we finally got one in our area ❤️❤️


  • It made me laugh so much when Ethan said tea bag at 2:40

  • Of course he or she plays gaybox

  • Did you’s hear Hannah Montana also or is it the corona

  • wait... now I can color on my face

  • This video is iconic

  • chicken ❤️BREASTS❤️

  • “Just like me” hahaha

  • Okay can we just take a moment and appreciate jeff looking at James's lips as they talk

  • Keep posting cooking vids!!!

  • When james threw in all the oil I got scared*


  • Never thought I would be watching James Charles

  • i feel like emma should have won

  • Saco de wuea busque al cantante no al maraco

  • Is you a girl

  • Are you wearing contacts or are the contacts the brown ones? I'm confused

  • Wow sister hails is a lucky sister,even Kylie said she loved them

  • Y did Ethan have have his shirt off at the end ooooooo

  • He's literally so gorgeous like i could never😭😭😭😭 like I need a sister makeover

  • I really like how james is really happy in the end when he finished cooking and ate it because it was good😢💕

  • This video is funny cuz you kind of barely know Spanish and I know Spanish and kind of hard to understand are you in this video XD

  • jk love ur make up

  • Get Rosana Pansino plzzzzz


  • try to cook adobo from Philippines 🇵🇭.

  • huge respect for Spanish people!! ❤️🧡💛 love and support from italy 🇮🇹🇪🇸

  • Rosa:dude come here put some more don't be shy

  • If anyone has a recipe for raising canes that’s close to the real thing please drop them links because I absolutely love eating there it’s my favorite thing but it gets expensive eating out all the time and The closest one is pretty far away so please help a sister out!!

  • Great vid love you sister james

  • Charcoal fried chickennn

  • You should Totally Come to Minnesota and Do my makeup for competition JK

  • Is no one going to talk about the memes, please don’t do this again....actually do because it goes viral I make mercy and money so ya!

  • Video en español :b perfecto

  • I'm a new sister

  • Lo hiciste muy bien !!! Hermana

  • My grandma wants to buy me one of your hoodies can you restock on some of the colors because the all of my favourite colors are out in my size (medium pink or blue) thanks james also just got your palate and I love it thanks james love you💗 -xoxo,elli

  • I work at canes and this hurt yo watch😂

  • she's said "uh... ogey" 6:13

  • Do not put it in the eggs twice

  • "I'm speesless" lol 😂

  • Like si no le entendiste casi nada

  • Go sister james cook that chicken😝

  • I like how no one is talking about how he didn't even season the chicken I-

  • We stand the fact that James has stickers of his face on his laptop😂

  • You should do Miranda sings makeup next plz btw love you

  • Flamboyant 😆

  • That intro though 😍 Love how no matter what you do you make it entertaining! Ps. I need that sweater! 💜

  • Olive oil shouldn’t be used in high heat! It has a low smoke point and burns easily!!

  • James,McKenzie is is literly in radge mode rn, bc your giving Maddie all the atention