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5:22The Marvels | Behind the Powers of The Marvels
The Marvels | Behind the Powers of The MarvelsDitonton 62 rb14 hari yang lalu
1:36Ultimate X-Men #1 | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
0:31The Marvels | Streaming February 7 on Disney+
The Marvels | Streaming February 7 on Disney+Ditonton 138 rbBulan Yang lalu
1:11Madame Web | Who is Madame Web
Madame Web | Who is Madame WebDitonton 233 rbBulan Yang lalu
0:31Marvel Studios' Echo | Shatter | Disney+ & Hulu
0:31Marvel Studios' Echo | Family | Disney+ & Hulu
0:16Marvel Studios' Echo | Intense | Disney+ & Hulu
0:31Marvel Studios' Echo | Trust | Disney+ & Hulu
1:01Marvel Studios' Echo | Feedback | Disney+ & Hulu
0:31Marvel Studios' Echo | Ready | Disney+ & Hulu
Marvel Studios' Echo | Ready | Disney+ & HuluDitonton 275 rbBulan Yang lalu


  • "It is for disney" Dude knows what's up.

  • @mokka commentry

  • Was about to say Vampires? Where is our Daywalker at but he showed up last minute.

  • Larraz+Gracia art in motion <3

  • I wonder how much this terrible commercial cost

  • is this like Marvel Zombies?

  • It is amazing how this video explains such a dark and disturbing comic book in such a funny way, like seriously the Thanos Rising comic book is hella edgy. Everything about the MCU Thanos is completely different from the Comic Thanos and one of the differences they have is, the MCU Thanos is so calm while the Comic Thanos is always very angry and violent.

  • Why they give everybody mom and dad bods 😂. I loved this show as a kid

  • that doesn’t sound close to the og wolverine to me but i’ll give it a chance, if he give me a good enough rage yell then we good if not idk man

  • Looks insane 🤪

  • Is this fan made?

  • This gone be gewwd.

  • Marvel movies worst movies same storys repeats .same action.same graphics.but some scenes changes and takes movies.

  • Jubilee: goes into hiding

  • Did he just at glance at me

  • So... you guys are back do the 90s doing animations on Adobe Flash? Seriously?! Oh boy... 🤦‍♂

  • Meanwhile Jubilee just vibing.

  • If Disney screws this up, there will be riots in the streets.

  • Ms. Marvel: GUYS THERE'S A VAMPIRES ATTACKING NEW YORK AND THE REST OF WORLD! WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!! * Wolverine, Jubilee and Blade staring at each other * Jubilee: Didn't we done this before? Wolverine: We sure did; kiddo, you Blade? Blade: Yeah mate we did, i thought me, Captain Britain, Union Jack and MI13 took care of the invasion.

  • yeah, that rivalry hasn't been sorted yet

  • How the great have fallen

  • morbius: "its morbin time!!"

  • 2024 Hello❤

  • Why they are copying the beats from Captain Miller?

  • Didn't we have the zombie thing already?

  • Nice

  • This could be great MCU movie in Phase 8-10

  • Blade being one of the main heores of this issue, along side Miles and others. Oof, I will love this cross-event. Also the villains' designs are really good. They look like bad guys. Great trailer.

  • How would yall feel about a multiplayer mode being added to this game? I promise if i get 2 likes i will see if i can pull some promises💯‼️

  • A fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Will Rogue still be caked up?

  • Apparently there's 58 books to buy.....

  • I don't know why but gambit has always been my favorite

  • Marvel died along with tony starks..

  • This is gonna lead into Deadpool

  • They will probably kill spider-man for shock value again

  • Gamer or series or any upcoming projects 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Wanda: No More Vampires

  • Watching in 2024 again

  • So as players who are outside of the USA, we definitely should not buy these costumes.

  • Wow

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how hyprocrtical it is that they highligheted Egpytian representation while borderline erasing Moon Knight's Jewishness.

  • Is Pegging new for Disney ?

  • One of the few writing teams that will give the fans what they want.

  • Not on Disney plus

  • this looks great, but I don’t think you can get more bloody than Marvel Zombies

  • And marvel keep disappointing us

  • Berserk X-men Bizarre adventure

  • Oh great another classic re released for (modern audiences) I swear I'm quietly optimistic but as soon as I see a blm or antifa xmen supported event I'm out!!!!!

  • When the trailer is better written than the movie 💀