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  • *I'm just reporting that the majority of these comments are either robots, or the movie companies. Also I would like to state that new scenes have been added To the Marvel TV Series She-Hulk, they have been altered to not irritate nor distress the fans.*


  • That villain looks goofy. Marvel still has a weak villain problem.

  • Series sucked, sorry marvel but your goldmine is running low

  • What a crap show, I could not finish it, waste of my time.

  • Please fix hulk

  • Mid. Also disrespectful as all hell to use a dead mans socials to promote this

  • Dear Lord...🤮

  • Hollywood and whites in general have always found creative ways to rub it in in India’s face no matter how much Indians have tried to help y’all out through the ages

  • I didn know about this Marvel also makes such types of things 😧😧 please make more like this we want

  • RIP Chadwick Boseman 🕊✊🏽🖤

  • After seeing this trailer it time to leave planet

  • I've watched this trailer so many times and everytime I get chills.

  • If hulk can throw a boulder like that out of nowhere now, he could have just thrown thanos into space.

  • Avatar Navi sighted at 1:36 (wtf?)

  • Yes finally

  • Can't believe there are actual people watching this...

  • Commenting on the 20th time watching this and it’s chills EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • it was more then just the rock and just look at new female hero's they have no flaws so to talk like fans have no right to think that is a "woke" thing to say

  • IN THANOS VOICE : This Trailer Does Put A Smile On My Face

  • Life changing trailer

  • What a bullshit

  • Tahany from good place

  • man im sad the movie felt mediocre i only liked the wanda parts and even some parts of these felt off

  • I’m 7 years late

  • Waiting for hulks return 🥺🥺🥺

  • For one of the most beloved characters in the mcu, it amazes me he gets only 5 shorts on Disney plus.

  • That name better not "stick" Daredevil ref

  • if warmonger woulda chose to live at the end of black panther he coulda came back as the good guy now that boseman passed away.

  • Honestly IW still makes me cry after watching 💔