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  • Fuckin dumb Puig is better than Alena

  • You will not like Joao Felix & Suarez combo, they will be the most cunning and dirtiest attackers with strong defence behind them.

  • Don’t worry comrades I will take one for the team and assassinate bartomeu

  • I think this bartomeou guy is just sent to destroy this club

  • another crazy news is Dembele swap with Douglas Costa , what an idiot board.

  • MSN hinting at that Bartomeu diss track 🔥 can’t wait

  • Guys remember, remember it is Suarez who chose to sign for a direct rival to us in La Liga and I still feel Puig should man up and go on loan or just go back to Barça B. I don't feel sorry for Suarez, if there was not pandemic many of you woukd not of been so super emotional about Suarez departure. We needed Suarez out since last season also Rakitic. Also Pique, Busquets, Alba and Roberto are suspect in our team because they give up easily in tough UCL games, they either need to do better or be benched and leave the club.

  • Happy to hear you today Jamie while yesterday you were taking a rest

  • Worst captain barca has ever had. Defending the amigos and claim there is no amigos culture. Smh yeah right

  • why tf is todibo not starting what else does he need to prove i don’t get ot

  • Well done messi u should leave now

  • Bring him here 🇿🇦 in South Africa Wil burn 🔥🔥 him while Wil b singing

  • Suárez is one of the best and I wish he could have raised his voice and said I don’t want to go but he is a legend like Messi. MSN Became MS than M. Poor Messi.

  • In my opinion neymar shouldnt say shit after he left us for money. I agree with dani alves but i couldnt careless about neymar

  • I am now 100% sure Messi will not stay no matter what

  • What's the progress on the vote of no confidence, anyone?

  • Worst board in the world. Give them everything you can possibly give and they'll spit right in your face

  • Worst board in the world. Give them everything you can possibly give and they'll spit right in your face

  • Unpopular opinion: I rate Todibo higher than Pique now

  • This transfer had to happen but not in that manner

  • When Messi leaves. I am no longer a fan. This board has put this club in the ground

  • I love the new intro

  • Suarez had to leave due to financial issues at barcelona, but the way he was forced o it is not acceptable. And I feel like if the board had negotiated for a wage reduction with Suarez he would have accepted it to stay at the club

  • We have todibo y do we need to Garcia again this board just want to destroy d Club

  • At this point it seems very likely that Messi is going to sign a pre-contract with another team during the January window. I just don't see him being interested in staying even with a new board and coach.

  • Bacelona will be a huge mess this season.Dont expect that you will challange for the title and UCL.Messi looks like he doesnt care anymore,defense isues arent fixed,the general play hasnt improved that much.To many problems that cant be fixed in short time.

  • Seeing Suarez in ATM’s jersey is soo weird and annoying..😩😩😩

  • id rather have pedri barca B and puig in first team..

  • At this point, I want nothing from the board. Don't buy players, don't sell players. Just keep everything as it is, seriously any step you take puts us back a million years.

  • So basically barcelona will be going into the first game of the season... with no right back....

  • I know the board is bad but Neymar has no fucking right to talk cos I know Barca didn’t do him dirty..he just wanted to leave..

  • Messi want to leave the club he can leave. the end of the season. Suarez most go. we are so tried with this team. we don't have choice now. need change

  • Bercelona does not deserve Messi anymore...

  • Bartomeu is trash but Messi and the players are not blameless either.

  • Imagine losing to Roma , Liverpool, and Bayern and still having this same old defense , this board is a joke 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • He's a legend of this club, 3rd top scorer in a team where competition is high, I'm not against him leaving, I'm against the way he was just casually thrown out

  • How much do you want to bet Bartomeu forced out Suarez to get back at Messi for trying to leave. Wouldn’t put it past that snake

  • I miss when pole would post in the comments when they talk about the highlights on the title so I don’t have to sit here listening to things I don’t really care about :(

  • This is BS!! Messi didn’t criticize Barcelona when Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol, Cesc Ronaldinho, Eto or Henri, Valdes, Bojan, Thiago were asked to leave the club !!! Messi & Suarez lost 8-2 to Bayern Messi & Suarez lost 4-0 to Liverpool Messi & Suarez lost 3-0 to Roma

  • Countinho was phenomenal in the no 14 I hope he recaptures that form!!

  • Messi is absolutely true!! I mean don’t get me wrong it was the right time for Suarez to leave but not in this way!! It was even worse than Cassilas!! It really really was!!

  • i can absolutely understand messi for being angry about how the board treated suarez but you have to say that it was more than time for suarez to leave! no player is bigger than the club and we have to make a overhaul! suarez is a club legend but the real legends like iniesta and xavi know when its time to leave and then they do it because they wanted the best for the club! suarez wanted the best for himself thats the difference!