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What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email:


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  • Other people:how could a 40 yr old man look like a kid?. Me:he was a midget in disguise

  • when u dentist i hear dennis

  • My sisters TV broke so I know how you feel that was the old TV that we had in the house

  • R/andthentheyclapped

  • I got so confused when he said "like that smash button" and i didnt know why. It took me like 2 minutes to figure out he swapped the words

  • did you guys see a roblox character in something else mouth?

  • Food Porn, the answer to all of life's problems.

  • not gonna lie you kinda did some visco moves

  • Adam should hv more than 5 mil subs. His singing and animating is great

  • When he posts this hoping to get help but then people just say its a good song, Rip in peace adam

  • Adam: l think l pissed of the whole of Australia Me:oh you have no idea

  • 6:33 me and my friend trying to curse

  • He had PEMDAS on the school wall and I’m learning that in class right now and I LOVED this video and got all my friends into it

  • I'm 7 and I can't go to vidcon

  • be you somethingelseyt

  • Am I werid but I like math (me in the boringest grade...... 3rd grode)😁😭)

  • This is a love story the couple are Adam and his food that got separated then got back together

  • same!

  • hopefully, they went to jail... and a gym LOL!!!

  • You did so good man I can’t even beat that if I tried man your so good 😁

  • Honestly Adam looks like Robert Downey junior

  • one kid at my school sang this for the talent show wearing the common sense hoodie and hat. nobody clapped

  • I love your video's never stop

  • Looks at wire, *is that a pipe?*

  • I like her! I like her! I like her! I like her! *immediatly thereafter* **** you...

    • also, that's racist and that brother is probably got his butt kicked somewhere at some point... I think they should have let you said that his friend was the one painting and he didn't even come up with the idea plus she would have picked you SOOOO ITS YOUR FRIENDS FAULT

  • Try vedimite on a salt cracker it tastes better and still kinds very salty

  • I'm the 1 millionth view lmao

  • When you sneezed my mom said what the heck was that

  • Adam would probably really like the worth it series from tasty

  • I use to have the same DS

  • A loving kiss

  • Adam: mad a people Also Adam: frickin chickens Me: you hurt chicken little

  • I can't stop listening to this song it's probably the best song I've ever heard. 🙃

  • That demonitazation coin thicc

  • Is it peer pressure if I force my friend to watch anime and don’t want to so I hit them in the head with a pan? (Don’t worry it didn’t happen xD just a joke)

  • Same thing bro but I didn't have surgery

  • ***yas***

  • My question is how did u have a high voice when you have such a low voice?

  • wts

  • B o p p i n

  • Reeee

  • 1:01 Middle Schoolers: the f*ck is that gay crap?

  • 11:19 Why we still here just to suffer

  • Time stone reality stone uuuuuuuuuuuh soul Stone mind stone Power stone Space stone The power gem is from that thing called a orb

  • !!!!!BAGLE!!!!!

  • Just subbed

  • This song inspired me to do this ima become successful :D

  • Happy birthday 🎂🎊

  • Sorry i was distracted

  • 6:54 Bakugo's quirk right there BNHA fans... :) Edit: I realize the amount of anime references in this: My Hero Academia, Naruto, the list goes on...

  • Dangggg

  • My scariest dream was me drowning and i could not move and felt like i couldn't breath then i just wake up it last like 10 seconds

  • 0:50 👌

  • Now there is six adams

  • Is that easier because you made the doctor black

  • I’m uh pull down your underwear? Tsk, ok!


  • you sound like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

  • Hhhhaaaa

  • 4:20 You sound like a messed up Vegeta


  • *it’s just a video... it’s just a video...*

  • You death bomd the restroom

  • This is how many times he said chocolate milk ⬇

  • There is one word to sum up this video "damn"

  • If u stole seen from naruto they were not arrows they kunai knifes

  • I love this song!

  • Adam I used that trick and it worked non of my teachers thought to think 2

  • 4:59 Adams original line: what the hells in that plastic Vsco Adam: *ight lemme change dat*

  • I feel the same I always wanted more friends as I grew up and I’m annoying and loud too. So I have little friends.

  • "But you cant make me take my meds mom"-Theodd1sout

  • Absolute banger, but you could have done better with the vocals of the chorus. Everything else was lit though


  • Hey dude, your friends Jaiden and James agreed to make videos about this-->

  • God's cylinder. Well God's cylinder actual cylinder is pretty good already, if you know what I mean >_>

  • por lo que veo la vida tambien te a tratado asi.., te entiendo

  • No babe, don-BOOOM

  • We have the same birthday omfg

  • Rap song of the year.

  • I look stupid on purpose too.

  • My name is Caleb

  • Trust me I could only eat yogurt for one week because of hand foot mouth

  • I did a writing assignment in the 4th grade on rip offs I did not copy

  • Me: when I grow up I'm going to be the best Animator Adam coming in like a wave: ha look at me

  • 1:55 what happened to the hat?


  • 3:35 weenie hut gereral from SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Mr fucking BaBaBlah!😂 I dont know what's so funny about the name...

  • They eat Vegemite, not Marmite you heckin' idiot.

  • Who here knows Gordon Ramsey?

  • When he said "The thing that brings me eternal joy every couple hours" I think he had a typo, It should've said every couple minutes

  • underthanos : im a inevitable adam : and i..i.. i am adam snap fingers :all underthanos under ware goes down

  • What do you use to make your animations

  • Im from the future 4019 >:)

  • Eminem and others rapers:yo we are the best rappers . something else appears: hold my beer

  • What's one weird thing I did? Hmmmm.... Draw... Stuff <.< >.>

  • I laugh every time I watch this when he slam dunks the chicken

  • Who was the ID-tvr that was putting down Adam.

  • Why is your life is like me.

  • Megamind opening