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Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"



31:11Leon Edwards vs Nate Diaz | FREE FIGHT | UFC 296
31:40Power Slap: Road to the Title - Season 2 | Episode 3
31:40Power Slap: Road to the Title - Season 2 | Episode 2
32:25Power Slap: Road to the Title - Season 2 | Episode 1
1:53How HSS Saved Matt Serra's Martial Arts Career
3:09Arman Tsarukyan Octagon Interview | UFC Austin
1:49Jalin Turner Octagon Interview | UFC Austin
1:47Sean Brady Octagon Interview | UFC Austin
Sean Brady Octagon Interview | UFC AustinDitonton 34 rbHari Yang lalu
2:02Joaquim Silva Octagon Interview | UFC Austin
1:55Dustin Stoltzfus Octagon Interview | UFC Austin
2:09Miesha Tate Octagon Interview | UFC Austin
Miesha Tate Octagon Interview | UFC AustinDitonton 77 rbHari Yang lalu
2:14Cody Brundage Octagon Interview | UFC Austin


  • Fuck, he prefer lose the match to do the clown, this guy is my idol.

  • commentary is so biased. Covington was in control the entire time

  • this is just a suggestion, you should add the part when they go to their corners

  • I like tuk tuk patrol😂

  • Alex is so dangerous on the feet....such a big guy... Will cheer him on every time he fights..

  • How did I not know they fought again

  • Shavkat is good and has a tough chin

  • Colby will be in big big trouble 🔥

  • one of the very good fights of 2023

  • Decision after decision after decision

  • Holy Shit! What a fight 👊

  • Will Yadong survive the calf kicks?

  • Close your eyes and Gutierrez sounds just like Justin Gaethje 😅

  • diaz won

  • Nate should have finished him instead of pointing the finger at him after he wobbled him.

  • Oh shit Dana owns nitro cross 😂

  • Leon's physique. Wow.

  • im so glad im not short

  • Izzy's brother is ruthless

  • Let me see that dooooonnnggg. Ya dong da dong dong dong

  • Song over looking Chris it seems.

  • Shavkat will finish Wonderboy

  • ✨🍂⚜️🍁🍂💫✨

  • diaz🤡

  • “Thank you for giving the kid who was born with nothing the opportunity to be something” Jesus man

  • Was slept on for years but brought it home 🐐 🇯🇲🇬🇧

  • Song's fluent in English already

  • Do they still come with that smashable bullet proof glass? I liked that selling point. I mean otherwise without those fun things its just a giant Duracell battery with wheels. There used battery resale market isn't exactly on fire with people wanting to buy...

  • I can't believe Neil didn't KO this guy.. He hit him with plenty of shots that would KO a lot of people. Wild..

  • What’s all the circles on his back

  • 01 Reasons Leon Edwards Controls the Welterweight 𝐇𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐬𝐡...and Dana wants to milk the British market

  • He fights one sometimes twice a year. He doesn't control anything.

  • I love how Leon reps Jamaica and the UK

  • I was thinking a tie....

  • For me.. this fight easy 🇨🇳💥 EASY MONEY

  • I was at this fight and thought Geoff was winning up until he got finished, and then I rewatched it at home and it looked like a completely different fight. Shavkat won pretty handily

  • I want to believe this is true.. but with the whole face swapping and AI voice mimicking nowadays.. the only reason im gripping onto is the fact that those veiny Promoter strength arms are DEFINITELT Danas.. try faking THAT society..

  • Andstill Lets Go Rocky!!!!!!

  • This main event is for the hardcores… let’s go!

  • I LOVE how UFC included belal crying on national tv, thats a must because belal been talking bout leon like he didnt get his ass beat before the eye poke. Dont get me started on the eye poke either 😂

  • Love how bisping is supporting his friend and fellow countryman like that.

  • Egad....KO power and slick with both hands /feet with the ground game of an Anaconda..Pure fighter if I ever saw one!

  • Wow! Warriors! Both Men were beasts!

  • Gutierrez by KO!

    • The day he fights Ben Askren

  • WW had one of the most active champs ever in Kamaru Usman. Divison is still exciting but Leon needs to be more active, he's holding the division up.

  • Красавчик ✊

  • lets see what will be a champion to this fight.

  • One of the boringest fights ever

  • How do the fighters not break their hand every time they throw a power punch, even if they are landing cleanly there isn’t enough padding to cover their hands