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Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"


UFC Vancouver: Weigh-in
UFC Vancouver: Weigh-in11 hari yang lalu
UFC 242: Fight Motion
UFC 242: Fight Motion12 hari yang lalu
UFC 242: Weigh-in Recap
UFC 242: Weigh-in Recap16 hari yang lalu
UFC 242: Weigh-in
UFC 242: Weigh-in19 hari yang lalu
UFC Shenzhen: Weigh-in
UFC Shenzhen: Weigh-in26 hari yang lalu
UFC 241: Fight Motion
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UFC 241: Weigh-in
UFC 241: Weigh-inBulan Yang lalu
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UFC 241: Decision TimeBulan Yang lalu


  • Screw Jeremy Stephens for chickening out. You call that a poke? Stipe got eye poked badly but didnt chicken out once. Took it like a man and didnt complain once, even after losing he didnt blame the poke. Every fighter knows, when the doc is in the ring you lie.

  • Lol what a crappy response, he was doubting if Jeremy could still see or not, bro you poked his eye, own your mistakes and thats it, nobody cares how hard you worked, thats not an excuse

  • Well, Who would have thought that one of the baddest men on earth but now are just another a dry humping masks men.

  • I would love their new lists after Khabib having such beautiful wins against Chicken and Dustin 😅

  • Will they upload the fight highlights ?

  • Шульц красава

  • Such a drama queen

  • 19:20 and we see Anderson eating a 3 pieces with a soda and it doesn't hurt.

  • Vergonzosa la reacción tanto del público como de Yair. El pelador mexicano lesiona ilegalmente a Sthepens y todos dicen que el américano dejo la pelea apropósito 🤯🤯🤯 ridículo.

  • Where Dafuq is Cain? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fucking cry baby 😂

  • 234 243?!?!

  • Khabib?? Maybe not back then but he DOMINATES

  • First and foremost connor is a bitch!!! Take him out the ufc and jail him!!!!!!! Khabib time baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would have sworn Dc would have gone to WWE first not Cain.

  • All I got from this fight is Anderson Silva would make easy first-round quick work of this kid if he was 10 years yonger. Not even in the same league comparatively. Both fighters are warriors and made it entertaining.

  • Sea Level Cain Is 👑.


  • They shouldn't come back to Mexico, there's a reason they're all trying to come here. Place is shit

  • Wow anderson went to pure shit he cant move anymore and needs to stop making an ass if himself or dont allow him to fight


  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to poke himself in both eyes and continue without a break.

  • El 🐂 Loco

  • Gracie were not a respectfull Guy, he had been educated by saku n many other

  • Yair rodriguez is bad, trash, yair shit.

  • Говнобой какой то...как Договорняк

  • Why he bein a bitch 😂

  • No one cares.

  • Couldn't cut it in the UFC so now he fake wrestles, LOL!!!

  • He overreacted just wanted to make issue in front of michael bisping

  • Anderson is fighting his younger self. Past vs Future.

  • yair rodriguez is trash in Spanish Yair rodriguez es mierda...


  • Yair is a little bitch. Send him to Abu Dhabi to get some manners

  • Dan Hardy definitely called him "Forrest Whittaker."

  • I wasn't sure you could shit out 30 minutes of pure cringe so effortlessly, but miracles can happen, I guess.

  • No puedo creer..la vi anoche.. 21 de sep del 2019 ... y el pantera..no le pincho ningun ojo... jeremy lo cojio miedo... solo 3 patadas le dio jair .. el pantera..y al parecer ..jeremy se asusto...jajajaja saludos desde PANAMÁ

  • Ufc is a fucking Joke little eye poke cries like a bitch while Tyson Fury faught with a huge cut😂😂😂😂

  • Yair must be training with D.C.........

  • Mexico scum, cannot fight fair he did that poke on purpose the keep him off him

  • “Iam ready to do this again”

  • 14:33 when you accidentally unplug your Controller

  • First time I’ve ever seen robbie with hair lmfao

  • La lucha es un entretenimiento; la UFC más que un entretenimiento es un deporte donde demostráis de qué madera estás hecho, pero ya a Caín le cae mejor la lucha libre, pues ya no está a nivel para la UFC. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why he mad, he poked Jeremy's eye... 🙄

  • Заебись👍чётко🤜

  • Adesanya skills don’t match his ego. Why is he so cocky? A decision win against a way out of his prime Silva is not a bragging achievement. Whittaker is going to maul that skeleton with limbs.

  • I fell asleep in round 2. what a boring fight.

  • PAY THE MAN UFC=====$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$==NATE DAIZ

  • So cheesey

  • Adesanya easy win

  • I feel so embarrassed how Mexico acted toward Jeremy . Yair shouldn’t acted like that, very disrespectful. Behalf of the Mexicans people . I apologize for this act. I know we are spicy people but man need to respect other people .

  • 12:10 "Nice Jordans bro"

  • Brunson fighting in high heels

  • A bit too much respect if you ask me ...

  • Thats the canelo alvares of the ufc A hole scare of this fight again. you should have said, of course we will do it again, before thinking about any other fighter, you came sport sin huevos no one measure distance like that shame of Mexican fighter

  • Wow that translator didnt even try, tf??

  • Tony is just that type of guy


  • yArwrd-(plEs hav som1 trNsl8, thNQ).. it jst gOz 2 shO.. that nO mater hoO tuf U R & hoO hRd 2 trAn, if U trI 2 hRd U will Ithr slip on a bNNa PLl & accidNtlE injUr or kil UrsLf on wA 1 octagon.. Oooorr, IF U’r rL8tivlE lukE, accidNtLE pOk som1 in thE I Nd DfEt Ur On sLf in 1 of the shOrtSt DfEt tImz in UFC historE✋️☹️.. is it rNdM bad luk? - or did U trI 2 dRn much?

  • Yair is trash!

  • from the baddest man to pro wrestler ......

  • run it back at 243 or 244 plz guys

  • Derick “I Gas Myself Out In Round 1 Brunson

  • what a supple guy, legendary fighter!

  • Muahahahahahah fucking. Hahaha hahahaha

  • “No Contesto”

  • Anybody know what Yair said when Michael put his hand on his shoulder 20 seconds in?

  • WTF

  • Rem

  • 0:02 2 drug lords meeting for business, 1:04 2 detectives, 1 being an undercover Narc , both run into each other during a sting operation and start arguing

  • Why does Yair look like he didn't rehydrate after cutting weight?

  • Anderson officially passed the torch to Israel with this fight.

  • Bisping like don't get fuked up buddeh

  • UFC 243 isn’t being promoted enough.

  • абсолютно одинаковый стиль при огромной разнице в возрасте

  • OG vs Young Gun

  • No pues valio verga this was a good card and main event

  • 노콘테스트라서 화난건가.. 게임끝날땐 환호하더니

  • When tf is Ortega coming back

  • That move was dirty as hell and this prick knows it wasn't a fuckin accident. Anyone watching the slowmo can see exactly what he did. Fuck him and fuck those "fans" too.

  • I like how the translator left out the part where yair said Jeremy had no fault, he can't see I don't blame him. Lazy ass

  • Хуйня 👎

  • That Mobb Deep record was placed perfectly!

  • Yair took a page out of Jon Jones’s book 👉👁

  • Yair wack ass hell..

  • Garbage fight !!

  • Rodriguez is gay

  • Yair isn't a very likable guy I'm starting to realize, he's a garbage person.

  • Remember, this man faked a knee injury so he could deny being knocked out.

  • Mexico is just shit, people are shit too

  • This is low-key Cain training lucha libre in Mexico so he can get better stamina and more acrobatic

  • Why didn’t the ufc show the replay in slow mo?? A KO like that and they don’t show the replay..🤓


  • Hes acting like a Spoiled little brat. Then he goes on to question the legitimacy of Jeremy's injury..... dude your the one who poked him in the eye you should of been DQ'd

  • Thumbnail looks like nazi propaganda

  • Pinche cara de nopal pero ni hablar español

  • Yair "eye poker" Rodriguez

  • No cabe duda Caín lise cómo todo un profesional Mis respetos Muchas suerte en su nuevo capítulo cómo luchador México está contigo

  • Anderson Silva should take some actual real wing chun lessons and stop acting like he knows wing chun. Hes embarrassing himself with all the wrong theory and principles of it definitely lose training with segal as well lol