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We Got A Monkey
We Got A Monkey13 hari yang lalu
The Day I Almost Died
The Day I Almost Died26 hari yang lalu
I Got Beat Up
I Got Beat UpBulan Yang lalu
I DM'd My TikTok Crush
I DM'd My TikTok CrushBulan Yang lalu
SHE IS PREGNANT!!2 bulan yang lalu
I Gained 100 Pounds
I Gained 100 Pounds3 bulan yang lalu
EXTREME DARES IN PUBLIC3 bulan yang lalu
Is FaZe Jarvis A Virgin?
Is FaZe Jarvis A Virgin?3 bulan yang lalu
Mocking FaZe Adapt
Mocking FaZe Adapt4 bulan yang lalu
I Went Bald
I Went Bald4 bulan yang lalu
Tipping My Driver $1,000
Tipping My Driver $1,0005 bulan yang lalu
BANANA vs. GIRLFRIEND6 bulan yang lalu
MEET MY NEW GIRLFRIEND...7 bulan yang lalu
The Future of FaZe Jarvis
The Future of FaZe Jarvis10 bulan yang lalu


  • Teawap is the best editor no 🧢

  • New video coming out faze highsky helps Jarvis gets a girl 😂

  • Dead body

  • He love the wink emoji lol

  • why am i the most like comment

  • No1 LIKES U

  • ¨Age is just a number¨ jail is just a building

  • Nice

  • For every 1000 humans on earth 1 of them will grow up to be famous (definition, have a Wikipedia page) so technically their is 336,000 people liking this so 336 from this video will grow up to be famous.

  • mmm....... H1ghSky1 you are ugly

  • pp

  • What does highsky say at 9 13 I just got?

  • that girl is overreacting

  • Why isent loserfruit there?

  • "age is just a number" 😂😂😂😂💀

  • You know the vibs another day another ting lol

  • Lol

  • Pov: you got this in your recommended and wanted to see jarvis play

  • 1 kid said it was troll stream u got played jarvis

  • Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

  • Literally the 1% people who’s reading... May your parents Live More Than 100 years with good health 🙏

  • 5:49 the bois got you

  • This is just a cover up for him playing fortnite


  • Lol

  • You are tripping

  • Jarvis: *waffle waffle waffle* fortnite I’m sorry let me play your game again Fortnite: *read*...

  • Jarvis shouldn’t have hacked

  • 5:24 actually if u know how your gonna die you can probably stop it

  • She likes me more than all of you I defended her from 9 twitter trolls. She noticed me. Taken from the simp book.

  • Who’s here when he is still banned

  • lol

  • Do belledapne

  • Eeeeeeee

  • Jarvis is deffently a bad boyyyyyyyyyyy:oh well

  • I agree with you best video ever

  • Just make a new epic games account

  • i like how he knows all of his fans are children in 1st to 6th grade

  • Walmart Jarvis be like:

  • Lol This is so rediclous :jarvis i have facked fortnite Me:how did you

  • Why does anyone care the kids a goat, and was shit anyway

  • Yo who noticed on the second day Jarvis is wearing sommor ray t-shirt

  • 7:00 dead body ash ,bruh!

  • Summer ray t-shirt?😏

  • fortnite is bad.

  • According to highsky you cook watermelons

  • So hard

  • Did you guys see jarvis’s shirt lol

  • Free jarvis

  • Highsky is not human is he can pull all these girls bruv

  • Plot twist: he was actually playing but he just gave the other guys a random remote

  • Nice video faze Jarvis

  • lol

  • yo javis we all know you want to kiss somer ray

  • 10:43 is when h1ghsky went crazy

  • Let's have the whole community not play until they unban jarvis

  • Sommers not scared javis he stayed in a snake tank for 24 hours

  • He totally missed his shoots

  • Can u get in the ring with luvanthony

  • Plot Twist: Jarvis didn't get banned he got hacked lmao

  • Wait what jarvis playing fortnite


  • Noboady: Jarvis: Another day another ting

  • Matthew

  • A circle has more pickup lines than highsky 😂😂⚫⚫

  • Jarvis made the video bad

  • yoooooooo high sky im super big fan why dont you vlog and go find a gf after no simp september and clean lines

  • fortinaitfortinaitfortinait

  • stfu

  • Oh I banged my head Cuz I was dying at high skys pickup lines 😡😡

  • Still have that aimbot bro

  • Noelle del ray is overreacting by 10000000000000

  • this cringe me

  • Jarvis is just fuckin stupid.Who in their right mind posts vid of himself hacking.He ownly got himself to blame

  • well hysky you are ugly

  • Lizzo watching this: pshhhh gimme 10 seconds

  • Highsky - ‘age is just number’ *New location unlock - prison*

  • Yep I’m in 2020