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NCT DREAM The 2nd Album Repackage 〖Beatbox〗

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NCT 2020 YearParty
NCT 2020 YearPartyTahun Yang lalu


  • Watching this again bcoz i miss my 90s love unit sm and the time where they were all whipped for Haechan 😭

  • That "Eh?..Eh?" during the rematch between Jaemin and Shotaro..Someone should edit it with that "Eh?...Eh?...Ehhhh?" I hope you guys get my explanation😅😅😅

  • Monangis anaaakkuuuu

  • 1:16 That's why renjun is nicknamed the golden hand✨

  • woah

  • hello! calling calling jaemin and jisung, can we get 2022 version?

  • Please make a cover of an Indonesian song 🥺✨

  • Besides her beautiful face, her voice is also beautiful 🥺❤️

  • Ten, Yuta and Chenle is a must if they make another episode XD

  • อยากเห็นยูนิต000จังคือโบ๊ะบ๊ะมาก555😂💚

  • Still can't believe one of them was spending his trainee time playing games while lying on SM couch for months 😂

  • jungwoo singing one of my fav songs makes me happy <3

  • NCT is the craziest group ever.😂♥️

  • Ternyata jisung udah spoiler beatbox sejak konten ini, kitanya aja yang ga peka :)

  • Kembarrr

  • 잼민씨티

  • 런쥔얼굴무슨일이야얼굴만봐도재밌다


  • He has unlimited children 😂. What a kind man 💚

  • the thing that surprised me was the drone cameraman who was the same age as me he was 04 liner, but he's so cool that he can work with NCT!!!

  • 친할수없어써...?

  • 마! 쇼타로 잘생겻다아이가!

  • How could the cutest members ends up in white team? Everything they do was just so cute. While blue team was just a mess they hella funny

  • 5:41 yy singing i'm gonna love you 9:38 wayv spoiled yy 16:24 talking to the moon

  • The bestt

  • This is a very fun song! Every time I listen to it I enjoy it as much as the first time listening to it, really loved the part of Jungwoo, Ten, and Yuta!!! <3333 ALSO MANIFESTING THEM PERFORMING THIS WITH JISUNG SOON!!!

  • Renjunn

  • 우리 엔시티들이 진짜 잘 생겼어요. 이 노래도 듣기 좋다.

  • ㄴㄱㅂ

  • nice to see sumgchan