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  • Oh wow. Other celebrities has been thru this camp? Most importantly, 8 years old girls???!!!

  • 👀👀👀 *Sorry Paris... but that hug by your mother with the NO response of crying or running to you when you fully divulged more information was b-e-y-o-n-d heinous* Get out of that race girl....pull your money, buy an enormous n' safe piece of land, or island and stock it full of critters and pets that will love you unconditionally. Time to live your true life, you've worked enough and many want better for you. Even those that don't know you. Get your eggs outta storage should you decide. You know you need to focus on a better reality now that you've brought all to light. Those superhumans in your group could very much need help and a soft place to land and maybe you have already stepped forward with having the beyond means o do so. Be kind to yourself.

  • “He loves me so much that he is going this crazy” - hit home. I feel so sorry.

  • this is so touching, you deserve real people Paris

  • Whatever backlash and criticism Paris' mom is receiving after this documentary is totally deserved. That women is a classic narcissistic mother.

  • Her mum and dad really f*cked her life up. Who does that to their kid...

  • This poor girl. :-( I wish she would sue and ruin these schools and camps, her parents and those lousy ex-boyfriends.

  • Paris your not alone💕❤️ this pushes me to keep striving for my dream to become a therapist i am in my masters degree my goal is to some day help young children with trauma because it all begins since we are all really young... stay strong❤️


  • So lovely & heart broken story of yours ..

  • สวยมากครับ

  • She's very intellectual and has her Ph.D. in both narcissism and over inflated sense of self importance.

  • She is pure class....

  • My respect for Paris went up so much, she’s so strong inside and out we love you 💖

  • To learn stick in a min? That’s fool proof computer stick

  • lol parents who think what they did was what was best but in reality it just made things worse. #relatable

  • She's damn sweet

  • You are amazing and a truly beautiful human don't let anyone tell you otherwise! ❤️ This video not only told your story but highlighted the fact that nobody's life is perfect.

  • This documentary seriously Paris I love u now will support u no matter what

  • These celebrities can enjoy life if they want to. Correct me if I'm wrong. They can change their looks, cover up go to different countries, maybe African countries with no paparazzis ,some private beach somewhere ....cover up and just breathe. Africa is beautiful and clean.

  • She looks so young 😍😍

  • Now I hate her parents

  • I .yi9oywj.0ivbosmh

  • I grew up in Los Angeles and knew many people who were sent to this and similar schools. I had forgotten that I'd heard about being kidnapped in the middle of the night to be taken away. Back then, wealthy parents thought you dealt with getting in trouble by sending kids to boarding schools; kids were more like things that could break, rather than other people. I remember one person telling me about going to this school and how they took him in the middle of the night and continually abused him, just like in the movie. They put a fierce streak of violence in him that haunted him throughout his life and taught him that it was normal to hurt people. (Ironically, his parents made this decision even though his father had been a Nazi prisoner.) I had forgotten living with fear at night that I too, or other friends could be kidnapped. This movie reminded me of this all of these years later and I see it with new eyes. Many times I wished I could do something about it, but couldn't think of what to do. At least I can add my voice and greatly thank Paris for making this film. Now, where are the people who will prosecute these torturers and shut these schools down?

  • Lil B - "Paris Hilton" should of been the intro song 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Your past does not define who you Are! If we are always looking in the rear view mirror Were going to crash!! Look out the front window and see all the dreams that await you!! You need to forgive the people who have hurt you! Its very freeing to you mind body and soul. You never have to deal with it again!! Keep your head up and move on !!

  • I wish I met more women that cooked 😭

  • Kris Jenner telling Kim Kardashian to be Paris friend was a billion dollar move

  • Big hugs to you! Can’t recommend ayahuasca enough! 🙏🏻

  • The best that I saw in my life 😄🎉😂 love you París !!!!!!!

  • Any new sex tapes "leaked"? That would be hot XD

  • Nikki is a hater dude 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • So well made!!! Great documentary and new found respect for Paris.

  • Her beauty is supernatural...

  • ❤️🌺☀️🤙🍻😘

    • I want to meet you Bella

    • Maybe i'm perfect for you 😘👌🍻☀️🌺 this song when i was teenager 😘 Big bisous from Polynesia French Paris Come here relax trip nd njoy your life like you want 😘😘😘😘

  • Paris, I am so sorry you went through this. What a horrible experience. Despite what your parents did to you, your light shines through every day. Who can stop the sun from shining? You are a beautiful soul my dear. Sail on Paris and fly high. You are so strong and brave for talking about the child abuse you endured in Provo. The more you talk about what was taken away from you, the closer you be to healing these wounds. Thank you for sharing your story. I want to reach out and hug you.

  • I have a whole new kind of respect for this woman.

  • They're all boys and their mother pimped them like Disney star kids

  • I am SO glad she's not with that boyfriend anymore. His attitude and treatment of her was abhorrent.

  • Omg watching now 😭 I’m literally cried out. Kathy Hilton has so much to answer for. No wonder her family are friends with dr Phil she was sent to the “ranch”

  • I just want to give Paris a hug.

  • Do your favourite dishes. This awesome. I want more videos.

  • ‘Should we move to the moon? What should we do?’ Um-how about being a parent?

  • Her mom seems so disingenuous

  • 36:37 , looks like Nicky Hilton was playing Far Cry 3 haha.

  • Paris Hilton is a beautiful person outside of course But more importantly. She has such a beautiful Spirit??

  • You are a cool, kind, & strong woman, Paris xx Hoping life will be a lot easier & happier in the future for you, for all of us who have been through difficulties / hard times in life 🙏🏻❤️

  • She invented the word ‘Famous’

  • I like the real Paris a lot :)

  • Everything that a person goes thru as a child to an adult it all has to do with parents

  • Her mom is oblivious and defensive. In trying to “save” her daughter they subjected her to abuse. She know has PTSD (hence the reoccurring nightmares) because of it. I hope hope hope she stays in therapy. Childhood trauma impacts your whole life.

  • ,,hard life”

  • MK Ultra is real

  • Woww let's not try to blame her family. Im sure any parents would not send her kids to that kind of place of they KNEW their own children gonne be treated like that, why ppl always try to blame 'someone' just to make things better(?). I think her mom cannot show emotions because of botox or something. Anyway, Paris is so coool! Being treated like that she had a choice to breakdown and not forgiving her family, but she respond well, and look she is stronger now and able to exposed all the abuse by provo. Provo NEEDS take responsiblity for abusing so many children and lying to their parents! That kind of place shouldn't exist!

  • i would really love to give this woman a big hug and tell her how great she is on the inside🥺🤍 love you paris

  • what school comes into your home at night when you sleeping and drags you out of bed, i mean how could her parents have not known that is just disgusting how could they have allowed that to happen, how could they just stand there and watch there child screaming so fearful and they stand back say nothing and do nothing, its like they sacrificed there child. its disgusting.


  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭 so triggering

  • 1:11:39 I feel way more content with myself after seeing that. I'm a child in a 30 year old woman's body.

  • *sigh* that really hurt my brain i lasted 7 minutes 😨

  • You and dad would have been there in a second ??? You had your own daughter kidnapped out of her bed in the middle of the night ....... vile disgusting unforgivable

  • I actually really like this girl

  • Her beauty is supernatural


  • Paris u don't have to prove anything to anyone. We become better, we think better as we age.

  • I had to stop watching this bc of her annoying voice...she sounds like a motor

  • Yeah they should never look into your computer or personal info or yell at you im sorry you deal with shitty men sometimes i wish i could date a celebrity like you so i can show them what true unconditional love is really like

  • This is everything. #Sliving 💕✨

  • her mom dont even know her own child smh

  • Hilton 2024 first female President

  • I never thought I'd say this in a million years, but I'm so proud of Paris Hilton for speaking up and out. There has been an immense amount of damage to women, not only by mistreatment and abuse, but also by the high expectation to always look like you have the best life and are the best and prettiest... it's only divided women from building each other and kept them from living healthy fulfilling and respectful lives. The damages are tremendous... But the more women speak out, the more we will have our strength and dignity and childhoods and safety back! As well as a new sisterhood of women movement that will have each others backs! And the more twisted people won't get away with abuse anymore! I think Paris should donate all the stuff she said she never used to children/youth coming out of these places! And when Paris said she couldn't divorce the brand, GIRL, REINVENT YOUR BRAND TO REFLECT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO STAND UP FOR! EVERY WOMAN ON THE PLANET WOULD BE ABLE TO GET BEHIND A BRAND THAT EXPRESSES AWARENESS, STRENGTH, SMARTS, FEMININITY , INDEPENDENCE, AND A GIRL WHO'S NOT AFRAID TO STAND HER GROUND AND SAY NO WHEN PEOPLE ARE OUT OF BOUNDS! HIDING THESE WOUNDS LADIES, ONLY MAKES THEM FESTER AND APPEAR LIKE A BIGGER GIANT! WE MUST STAND UP TO THE BULLIES! AND WE MUST FORGIVE. ONLY THEN WILL WE TAKE BACK OUR POWER OF WHO WE ARE! Sorry/ not sorry for the caps. 😌

  • Who sang the Girls just wanna fun version here????

  • I’ve always loved and respected Paris because she’s so incredibly hard working and kind but this just made my respect and love for this woman increase so much, I idolize her ♥️

  • Boyfriend next him.

  • So bad to know there some places allowed to treat childs that way... This Docu is beyond that Paris, and thanks to her we all know it now. Paris as a brand is now more genuine. You're a boss woman and you deserve to be completely happy.

  • It’s really strange watching this after a breakup

  • H

  • Always loved you paris. So happy you are on a healthy healing journey. Thanks for sharing and helping others. Big hugs for you and every hurt human and animal in this world!!!

  • Same with me I always been told no so that’s why I act the way i act and do what I want now lol

  • This broke my heart. I watched the entire thing. Her moms reaction when she showed her the Campaign disappointed me. Her facial expression screamed, “Here we go again with the stories ...”. I don’t think her family has been taking her seriously. What research did they do before putting her in a place like that🙄. Hope I never destroy my little girls like that.