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I'm Coming Out.
I'm Coming Out.4 bulan yang lalu
We need to talk about...
We need to talk about...7 bulan yang lalu


  • The whole time I was fixating on her eyebrows like "Sorry girl what were you saying?"

  • It's pretty hard to tell if it's worth it when you're using a camera and lighting setup that costs more than what i make in a year

  • Right now I am 12 and i think I might be omnisexual my family isn’t homophobic but isn’t the fondest of gays every time I see I big creator coming out even if I don’t watch them it makes me think that if I really am omnisexual that’s ok❤️

  • Ha zo veel engels

  • Stranger Things funko pop 💜💜💜

  • no one: me: *starts singing the into the woods soundtrack*

  • Me

  • nikkie really out here buying 450 dollars worth of foundation plus shipping costs and i consider buying one package of wet n wild a financial decision

  • u have all my support 💕❤

  • why do i prefer this version of skyward

  • jesica

  • Ive watched this video so many times

  • mis envy poro

  • O My Goshhhh she realized this video on my birthdayyy😍😍😍😍

  • The fact that he trust her that much to let her but her nails and pointy things close to his eyes , many guys could be so scared of it it’s sooo cute

  • My favorite part is highlighter

  • Haha this Video is awesome, good job Nikki Love You !!

  • Go Nikki your a true role model, your a superstar thank you for being a role model for others and live there life they feel is right love you nikki.

  • Kikkie I love you

  • You are a goddesses

  • Loved this!

  • I love you Nikki but we can tell you've been in quarantine cause that's not your shade of foundation rn 😭💙

  • Omg her boyfriend is so handsome 😍

  • Americans discover foreign languages exist

  • Who the fck are those Karens and Emilys? 😂

  • But I love that so much and I am so happy for her/him

  • I thought there was one beauty guru that is a girl

  • You look so much like a girl

  • Nikki:glitter fixes all your mistakes Me:dumps glitter all overmyself

  • Topzera da balada 🥰

  • I don't think anything is wrong with the palette. As you said even if there was no virus, the name would still be there, Mr Star is creative and people need to stop bringing up drama over nonsense. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT....💙💙

  • Girl he’ll naw I can’t even afford my bills as it is

  • am ulgh

  • hell yeah Nikkie i love you so much. im also transitioning and found your videos because my mom recommended you to me after i was looking for good makeup videos. your so amazing and i wish to be just as beautiful as you one day ^-^ Tans rights

  • Nikkie: Obito Me: Obituary Nikkie: Obitu....obitua Me: It's Obituary Nikkie: Obituary Me: oh my she couldn't hear me😞😞

  • Omg we will always be here for you

  • She can’t have children or a period or produce breast milk. So I guess she looks like a girl but on the inside she isn’t. Sorry.

  • that is sooooooo. bomb!!!!!!

  • You are an amazing human being ❤❤

  • You lied to him about your gender and now he’s gay. Wild.

  • Honey you’re lady Gaga. Period.


  • Aww her accent 🥺

  • Why did the song make me emotional 😭😭 her voice is soo beautiful !! 💕

  • It’s not just full coverage foundation she puts on it is irrefutable, maximum, plastered on foundation

  • Society's reaction to makeup: Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

  • I don't like the color yellow

  • 🌹

  • I can't stand Jeffrey Starr but I want the palette... Personal dilemma

  • that is 10 pounds of makeup lol

  • Nikki talking about her bother: 😢 Me: STOP! UR MAKING ME CRY 😭

  • I haven’t left my Kamer in 2 weeks 🤪

  • I love YOU both ! <3

  • Its not really "clickbait" because the controversy around the pallet is pretty "yikes" and she does mention the controversy in the video

  • Yes THEY are VILE! Why can’t people just be......... Give em it Nikkie I have not watched your channel for long but what I have is so inspirational!!!! All the best love!

  • Well at least he’s making lots of money

  • Nikki with red lipstick hits different

  • She yeeted that box😂😂😂

  • love you

  • Nikkie, Hulk would proud of this Makeup you did. Also of Hulk had a wife she would look this beautiful wearing green.💞

  • This makes me appreciate how nice her current makeup is lol

  • I wish she put more led colours bc she just used red

  • I'm watching a video in dutch, reading subtitles in english, but my language is spanish. My brain is so confused 😂

  • What is the name of the music that she used at the final reveal im dyinghghg to know it

  • "i didnt know there was so much variety of grey" me an intellectual: have you heard of 50 shade of grey-