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SIAPA DJ DESA ???4 bulan yang lalu
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  • Bass nya mantappppp

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  • w gk jadi dengerin njirr,..mlh nntn iklan Vtuber , awowkw

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  • Buat lagu dj ui na na yg viral itu

  • asli denger reff nya badan auto goyang bngsd gak tau kenapa WKWKWKW

  • Bang. Ijin save lagu nya ya, aku edit di avee player terus aku upload di channel yt aku SYIFASA OFFICIAL

  • Mantap brother Gorontalo span👍👍👍

  • NORA musiknya kocokamya ga jauh dari ini. nadanya ANTa

  • Beutiful bro😁🤗

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  • Kesini gara" tiktok VunnyMungiL

  • เหมือน DJ ดีดละไม่มีไรทำเลยมาทำคลิปไรเล่นๆอะ555

  • bantu view gan jungle dutch vs breakbeat

  • bang oake lagu abang buat back sound boleh ga? dan kena klaim hak cipta ga? mohon beritahu🙏

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  • Anda terlalu bersemangat nak🤣

  • Req remix bukan cinta biasa dong mix music bali

  • Musik yg paling aku suka

  • Among uss

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  • Dj Shincan dong,atau Dj Kartun2 lama,s

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  • *Harmony of Mankind* Oh, man! Read the following verses carefully, then think, meditate and reflect among entire mankind to form and maintain the harmony of mankind as well as to annihilate mischievous activities. Remember that 1000 communities of Lord’s creatures are praying and glorifying Him by their soul. Therefore, it is the inevitable duty of mankind bestowed with intelligence to act to keep the earth and universe in its equilibrium utilizing Adhikr-the Balance and Trust from the Impartial Lord. Since there is no group of believers anywhere in the world, it is advised to form a harmony of mankind. 49: 13: *Oh, mankind, certainly We created you from a single pair of male and female, and made you into different nations and tribes so that you may recognize one another; certainly, the most honored of you in the sight of Lord Allah is heedful, Allah is Well Aware, Well-Acquainted.* No one has the choice to select his nation, caste or family. Messengers and believers didn’t break the covenant made with the Lord as explained in verses 7: 172-173. 4: 1: *Oh mankind, heed your Lord Who has created you from a single soul and created its mate from it, and from both scattered so many men and women; and heed Lord Allah about Whom you will be asked, and heed the wombs; certainly, Allah is ever watching over you.* The soul of everyone is from the Lord itself. None has the right to select their parents or children. So, there is no chance for partiality among mankind. The ‘aim of life’ should be to identify the Lord, confirm oneself as a believer and to prepare Paradise in the 4th phase to inherit it in the 7th phase utilizing Adhikr-the Insight. 23: 51-53: *Oh, Messengers! Eat wholesome things and do righteous deeds, surely, I am Knower of anything you do. And indeed, this community of yours is a single community and I am your Lord, so you heed Me. But they cut off that agreement dividing into groups, and every group is rejoicing in what they have with them.* After the departure of each Messenger, people gradually started to deviate from the Truth-Adhikr- as explained in verses 11: 14-15. Like that after 30 years of the last Messenger Muhammed’s departure Muslims have deviated from the Straightpath-Adhikr. Whoever doesn’t holdfast Adhikr-the Unbreakable Rope from the Paradise-will not become a believer; instead, he is a Mushrik. Adhikr (the Reminder) reminds the entire mankind that there is only ONE COMMUNITY, ONE WAY OF LIFE and ONE LORD as told in verses 21: 92-93 and 23: 51-53. 53: 45-46: *He is the One Who creates in pairs male and female when the semen drop is emitted.* No one has the right to select his/her sex (gender). Lord is the owner of the body as well as the soul. So, there shouldn’t be any discrimination between males and females. 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All others who received the Book are disbelievers. 3: 79-80: *It is not suitable for a man to whom Lord Allah has given the Book, the Wisdom, and the Prophet-hood to the contrary, he should say: “Be proud representatives of your Lord (Rabbaniyyeen) by the teachings of the Book and as you are teaching others. He doesn’t order you to adopt Angels and Prophets as Lords; would he order you to disbelieve after you have become those who submitted wholly to the Lord.* Messengers like Moses, Jesus and Muhammed couldn’t become ‘Rabbani’. 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Allah has guided those who believe from the matters they have disagreed about the Truth with His Permission Adhikr, and Allah guides anyone He Wishes to the Straightpath.* Today, since Adhikr is codified as the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book through the Three-Time-Knower mentioned in verse 25: 59, whoever holdfasts It, he did holdfast Lord and is guided into the Straightpath as explained in verse 2: 256; 3: 101; 4: 174-175 and 5: 48. 5: 32: *On account of that, We prescribed the children of Israel that anyone who kills a person except as a punishment for murder or for causing mischief in the land, it is as if he had killed the whole mankind; and if anyone saves life, he acts as if he had granted life to the whole mankind. Our Messengers had brought them Explanations, then afterward many of them committed excesses on Earth.* Since Rooh (Spirit= Life + soul) is from the Lord of the worlds; if anyone kills a creature it is as if he is killing the Lord. 25: 68: *The beloved servants of Allah don’t appeal to any other deities besides Allah, nor kill any soul whom Allah has forbidden except for Truth, and will not fornicate; if anyone does so, he has fallen in crimes.* The believer who considers Lord as impartial shouldn’t kill any soul (living thing). Believer shall not undergo or wish to undergo sexual intercourse with others than his/her spouse. *From Adhikr -the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book.*

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  • Ttap setia di DJ Desa...Habis keluyuran ke DJ lain,,tapi terasa sombong kupingku dengerin hasil dj lain ,,1 lagu aja langsung gulung headset 😁

  • Boleh di ajak Main DJ di laut ini.? 😁🤭

  • asik asikk

  • Gue suka goyanganmu bang

  • Min req Lagu Silhoutte Ost naruto

  • Love 🇹🇭

  • Auto subskripsi hehhe ,suka bet ama goyanganmu bang ,apalagi musik nya ,asiq bet heheh

  • Tiba tiba muncul diberanda

  • California king bed California king bed buat yg Keren sob

  • Aku suka negara jepang Tapi emang iya ini lagu jepang Kata orang lain mah ini Lagu jp?

  • Mantul cuk


  • Requet sincan😅



  • Top markottoopp Lanjutkan broo

  • TheFatRat - Rise Up

  • Wkwkwk fokus terus sama yang joget🤣🤣🤣

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  • Ayo goyang mumpung ada dj pro nih

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  • Heather bang

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  • Request fly me to the moon

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  • Bikin dj, One Piece judulnya memories bang. Plisss bang🤗

  • Tapi takdir kematian naruto di tangan kawaki 😢😢😢😢😢

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