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Please check out our Website and Merchandise Shop under provides beatboxing video clips from artists from all over the world. We film artists with our own equipment or we send out requests to beatboxers to hand in material from themselves. We film at beatboxing events (conventions, jams, competitions etc.) and we also film dedicated promotional videos from solo beatboxers or beatbox teams.
Filming is one activity we try to follow. But only filming artists, is not our main objective. Swissbeatbox stands for quality of beatboxing. Our slogan means ‘WE LOVE BEATBOX’ and we want to continue to push beatboxing forward, hold it as a trend and make an active scene bigger and more transparent


Austrian BBX Champs 2019
Austrian BBX Champs 201912 hari yang lalu
Florida Beatbox Battle
Florida Beatbox BattleBulan Yang lalu
Florida Beatbox Battle
Florida Beatbox BattleBulan Yang lalu
Multiverse final
Multiverse finalBulan Yang lalu
YENZ | Is He Human?
YENZ | Is He Human?Bulan Yang lalu
SBX Camp 2019 😳😳
SBX Camp 2019 😳😳Bulan Yang lalu
RAFLY | The Champion
RAFLY | The ChampionBulan Yang lalu
NEIL | Make You Dance
NEIL | Make You DanceBulan Yang lalu
KARLOZ | I'm A Killer
KARLOZ | I'm A Killer2 bulan yang lalu
MR.ANDROIDE | Rave2 bulan yang lalu