$1 Street Food Around The World

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Sep 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • This wasn’t street food but I once had cow brain at a restaurant when I went to Mexico. It was yummy

  • Those pork buns from China looks so good! 😭😭😍😍😍

  • Korean street food and Japanese please

  • Mexican looks good

  • I think the last one looked good

  • Greek koulouri?

  • My country even cheaper than those.

  • Italy??

  • PH

  • I wouldnt trust that $1.00 hot dog I New York city lmfao u might be eating a rat dog

  • Where is baguette ?

  • Hondas

  • In London, you can buy the napkin to wipe your mouth with after you finish eating for $1... -_-

  • Denmark

  • Iraq sreet food

  • Philippines street foods $1=52 pesos(or up/low) You can have fishball Squidball Kikiam Kwek kwek Barbeque Balon balonan Anything in street foods Some of them is only 2 or 4 pesos in one piece or 2 piece in 3 pesos

  • No Arabian?, no Malaysian?, screw you

  • In Australia we don’t even have street stalls and every hotdog I have ever bought has been $4(Australian dollars) or over

  • India street food

  • You can get 5 rakijas with 1 dolar in te balkans

  • Nepal's food called momo in $1

  • Can you do Australia?

  • Hold up. I just realized something. For the US one, like the girl who bought the hot dog...if I'm not mistaken...then that should be Inga Lam

  • Here in the philippines you can buy the most popular beer in the country which costs less than a dollar

  • Pho bowl in Vietnam for $1

  • The last one looks yummi

  • From nepal we dont call indian rupees ,rupees we call it bharu 100 bharu

  • My parents told me in Guatemala gum cost 15 cents....

  • Wasnt that a churro ? And they are from Mexico

  • Every time they go to eat it I feel like their going to throw it

  • I was hoping to see some food from franch and/or Germany but this is good food

  • Those Chinese pork buns got me drooling 🤤

  • Plz plz plz plz plz do Romania

  • 2:35 you can tell it had alot of soup

  • Some people in India struggles daily to earn 1 dollar and 3 meals, while some pays it as a tip to waiter , to maintain high class image (fake rich compared to billionaire in USA, China , etc) among the poverty people.

  • U can tell the person in the first clip is Inga

  • In Ukraine you can buy shaurma for 1 dollar

  • In Russia shaurma and Vodka

  • Plis Go to Brazil im am Brazilian the food is so good

  • That China round-pork food looks so good my god

  • BRASIL!!!

  • 💕Who's from germany?💕

  • There isn’t italian food

  • Now im hungry

  • Porro jajaja q Kbrones, ni q estuvieramos fumados los españoles, y aparte que en mi pueblo un churro/porra cuesta 25 centimos, la porra esa la habrán comprado en el centro de Madrid porque si no yo no me explico ese precio

  • In spain there isnt a porro is a churro jajaja a porro is a drug

  • In Italy, with one euro, you can buy a "calzone" (a fried pizza with some things in there)

  • Do it on the Philippines pls like

  • Ждал Россию, какой нибудь там теремок.

  • come to indonesian please

  • Delicacy of Britain: Greg's sausage roll £1.85= $2.42

  • India

  • Here in sweden you can buy a gum for one crown (0.108305 U.S. dollars) in some places.

  • Indonesia 🌏

  • My name is Yen!!


  • 100 rupees aren't a dollar though. 69 rupees are a dollar.

  • In Africa you can buy Africa for 1$

  • Pakistan next :D

  • wow, this video made me wanna go travel around the world...

  • Russian Street food?

  • "Porro" means "Joint" in spanish... That food is a "Porra" 😅

  • Im craving a churro so bad, but i live in england

  • Bagel from Krakow in Poland 🇵🇱

  • Part 2 now

  • Where indonesia?

  • 100 indian money is equal ro 1 dollor really?

  • "Around the world" excluding Africa of course

  • Omg esa dorta se mira bien buena

  • 1$= 1 hotdog ? In America?

  • In Brazil you Can buy with $1,00: Nothing BRASILZAO

  • A hot dog in NyC for just 1$ ? Here in Berlin the cheapest I saw was €1.35 ...

    • +Rebecca Yin but that's not a street food

    • In Canada, in Costco, the hot dogs are CAD $1.50, which is about €0.86 if I'm not mistaken

  • In Indonesia 1dollar is Rp.13.800 u can get nasi Padang Thats Very delicious and cheap go check eat nasi Padang on yt

  • Porro nooo 🤣🤣🤣, it's porra

  • what about panama

  • Philippines?

  • Churros cost 5$ in Sweden

  • Please do Prague, the Czech Republic!🙏🏻

  • In Ireland you can buy half a chocolate bar for 1 euro

  • Person: Hi can i buy one hot dog Vender: YEEH

  • Dang t-series makes good food

  • 4:47 how can you eat this???the way of making is not good he did'nt wear anything

  • Hot dog for 1$ what is this for a meat not healthy

  • In Italy with 1€ you can buy: A cannolo Little pizza Calzone A kind of Hot dog (we call it Rollò) A cup of Ice cream And so many other things

  • I love China buns with meat My good nibbas

  • Cómo no españa

  • 03:38 pasa el porro :v (0,30€)

  • you can like six poro in one dollar in iraq😏

  • in iraq you can buy in one dollar a full meal. Like two sandwich and a cup of tea and bottle of water😀

  • 0:11 you don't know where they wash their hands


  • In pakistan for 1 dollar you can buy almost 2 anda wala burger or 14 samosa or 42 gol gappa

  • 3:26 Is not "Porro", is called "Porra". "Porro" in spanish means "Joint" 😅😅

    • well we call that churro from where im from.

    • Then y’know what she was trying to buy😉

  • "Fish cake but ain't no fish inside" -sincerely Namjoon

  • In israel with 1$ you can buy... Stuff.

  • In South India 1$ ll get you full unlimited meals. That's the power of rupee. Has lot of value within the country but not in forex market

  • Brazil

  • Si si claro Tipical Spanish porro 😂😂😂

  • In the dutch

  • Hhmmm it's been a long time I haven't eaten a porro I loved them😣