$1 Street Food Around The World

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Sep 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • Pls do it at malaysia or indonesia This a malay ringgit RM.1.00 $1.00 is RM3.00

  • ROMANIA,even do we dont have a specific street food

  • Maybe Saudi street food or Egyptian street food

  • In my country, "porra" is something so perverted 😂

  • I'm from Spain and yet I have never heard of "porras". Actually the Spanish food is called churro. For me porra means a mace or another dish (which has nothing to do with what was shown) (And porro means a big cigarette)

  • És a Magyaroktól mit kostoltak volna? kolbászt

  • Sweden's pretty expensive compared to these, norway is more pricey though. My local hot dog guy in sweden sells 1 for 2 dollars.

  • Honduraaaas please

  • Esto se 3:26 no es broma soy de españa puede que en Madrid se llame asi

  • Soy tu fan

  • In srilanka you can get a good kottu for dollar

  • In Romania cu un leu poți sa cumperi supă la plic sau un sfert de mic

  • Indian one looked really unsanitary (no offence)

  • Nepal please

  • Go to the Philippines Street food

  • In Malaysia you can get normal burger ramly. It's very good

  • That video is so awkward xD sry

  • VietNamese food please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Pav Bhaji is not ❌ buttery

  • They are so friendly!!!

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  • Bosnia?

  • In most coffe shop from Spain you can eat a lot of "porras" with only 1€.

  • Indonesia.. plz im begging you.

  • The only thing I can get for $1 is a frozen coke from McDonalds....

  • Nepal?

  • Here in my country,you can buy 5 popsicles or 2 Ice cream cones for one dollar

  • And i didn't see Bánh Mì

  • *Where is Russia? I want to see some shaurma)*

  • philippines

  • nepallllllllllllllllll

  • I'm from India and i can get a belly load of snack even for just rs50.....jfyi😅

  • Bangladesh street food plz

  • Cairo,Egypt Ta3mya A salad that is deep fryed Cost 2-3 egp

  • Cyprus and Nottingham, England

  • Pls do Philipines next

  • I hope kwek kwek

  • Didn't you realize the China one was 6 yuans and he asks for 6 porks

  • 0:34 you can buy that in PH 1$ 2pcs

  • Yay, Shanghai is in here, now I can understand the language.

  • Who else for India was like... *wtf is this guy making* It Looked Good Tho

  • Malaysia???

  • €1 can get you a burger at FEBO in Amsterdam

  • I though only spanish people ate churros😂

  • Canada please

  • Germany

  • Porro are soooo delicious :)

  • Nicaragua because nobody knows what Nicaragua is. My dad is from that country I’m half Nicaraguan half white.

  • Here In Norway you can not get anything with a dollar

  • Mexico is the peak of the best food for $1

  • you can come to iran😂

  • In Iran you can get like 3 felafel sandwiches! Or a good cheeseburger! Or a taco! U get the idea!

  • Israeli!

  • Here in my country with 70-80 eurocent I can buy a relatively big burger, 1 euro a Bigger one. Also a pizza for 1 euro lol

  • In Indonesia you can get nasi padang

  • In philippines for 1$ you can get a BIG PRETTY MEAL OFC

  • Its churros Not porro

  • In Pakistan you could buy 2 bun kebab with egg in just a dollar .

  • Pierogies

  • Yay!! India is in the video!!🤩🤩

  • Thenethelands

  • Wie is hier nls like als je nls bent tataaaq

  • I really want a hot dog now :(

  • South Africa 🌸🌸


  • Liza Koshy: A DOLLA?!

  • The new York city guy is respectful

  • pav bhaji is the best and the quantity is more than other countries

  • Italyy

  • Pav Bhaji in any part of India is actually a lot lesser than 100 rupees. Great video otherwise!

  • *Can even afford any*

  • 0:37 dats what she said

  • yo who disggust at last meal ? touching bread hands -> Received Money -> Clean Table All with same hands no wonder they food full of "germs"

  • In serbia you get pljeskavica its like a hamburger

  • indonesia = indomie

  • Streetfood from Norway 🇳🇴

  • In Russia, the food eats you

  • How about Philippines??

  • At 1 dollars you can have satisfying dinner in india

  • I’m Russia you can buy a kilogram of potato for one dollar.. In Australian money.


  • Indian food is best

  • In Singapore $1 gives you a bottle of water

  • India is pav Bhagi pani puri wada pav All those things and more

  • Please indonesia. Its called *Jajanan* :vv

  • India ♥

  • At bangladesh you can get a plate of variety in 1 dollar

  • I am from India

  • For about 1$ you can get like a whole bowl of noodles with meatballs

  • actually good content, I never thought buzzfeed would have actual content

  • With 100 rupees in india you can eat full day with three times tea also😅😅😅

  • 5:19

  • This must be heaven for the bucket family

  • The pork buns looks soooo freaking good!!!!

  • American street food 🔫

  • 1 dollar in Vietnam can buy you a lot.

  • You can buy a lot for 1 dollar in turkey

  • Don’t try to buy street food for 1€ in France 😂😂 try with at least 3 or 4€

  • I think we can agree that the Netherlands is the king in good street food

  • Hate the american food, let's see others :)