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  • Hi bbbgbth, .mgnnn()

  • Nobody: garret:ill ask them to put oil on me me:GARRET~ wtffff

  • hey shane ik your probably not seeing this but i miss you. I wish you the best and i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope your okay keep being you and I love you!!!!

  • Garrett and his demon baby

  • ahh..I miss the Gucci gang and Sister squad :(

  • Who else is here in 2020?🥺

  • I miss you Shane please come back

  • me to I miss when he was happy but now he is down

  • I love how Garret wanted to do to Universal so bad

  • I miss this so much

  • Andrew’s laugh makes these videos 100% better

  • I thought I was the only one who didnt really like the beauty community... he should have never have gotten involved with it and I know he will problably never come back but we'll still miss him and the gang

  • I only started watching this channel a few month ago, and I watched the older videos first. But when I stated to watch the newer ones, he was so different. I feel like he shouldn’t have gotten into the beauty community, it really changed him as a person.

  • 2020 anyone? no, Ok :( also ive watched this video like 1084726 times and everything is still funny to me like if you miss shane :(

  • I really miss this Shane...the house, Drew, Garret, no beauty community, Morgan.. you know just he good times.

  • Me: I miss the old shane! Also me: Well I gusse ill watch this series from 2 years ago.

  • Nobody: Literally no one: Me: watching this for the 20th time is year

  • this really sucks. this is my comfort video i always go to when im panicking or stressed and i cant feel guilty coming back knowing what he did. why why why

    • friskgender xx yeah I despise this man but at least he isn’t making money off of these videos any more

    • friskgender xx yeah I despise this man but at least he isn’t making money off of these videos any more

  • Not me MISSING Shane and Andrew

  • has anyone ever thought about their poor uber driver on their way to the airport hahaha

  • "i like grocery stores and picking up my kids" 😭 -big mom

  • I love how United is posted everywhere and the only reason I realized there on a United flight was because of the safety video😂

  • I miss this Shane..

  • I'm living for shane on xanax and with a slight buzz 😂✌

  • Yes we do sis

  • The cancel community.. literally when he said that it was so long ago and I'm black and he's apologizing. I honestly forgive him because of how long ago he's said it

  • I could here Coachella from my back yard

  • Im 12 and shane has less wrinkles than me lmao

  • Rewatching this months after all the drama. SHANE come back your real fans who’ve been here since the beginning still love you.

  • 18:01 still laughing at that part

  • Omg this is when we all fell in love with Andrew right....RIGHT....

  • 21:57 wtf

  • legend says we're still waiting for "big mom" to make a comeback

  • whenever i'm having a bad dah i come watch this series but i've always thought how did they not know where they were going when it probably was mentioned on the plane


  • When I finally found Shane's videos again, I cried

  • I dont want him to be cancelled

  • Ryland being dramatic "I'm scared of flying to can I take one"

  • Imagine if he was never problematic. Content like this would still be coming:/

  • I just realized he called Gucci Slides conferrable those bitches are not conferrable AT ALL after using them for a while they will make your feet hurt!!

  • even tho shane is cancelled, this is still one of my comfort videos

  • what did we learn today: i dont lIkE To leAvE Mah HOuse

  • anyone watching during lockdown

  • when garret says diagon alley i think of when harry says "diaganlly"

  • Lol My Man Got Canceled. RIP He Was A Real One

  • The beauty community is the cause of Shane Dawson's downfall

  • Garret ‘ rub oil on me’

  • One day I hope to meet u🥰😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • we miss the old you🥺

  • people make mistakes, instead of cancelling them we should educate them 💛 make them a better version of theirselves. i feel that shane really did change, you definitely can see who it disgusting to the core and he really isn’t.

  • Ryland is such a buzz kill morgan and Garrett talking about snacks then Ryland being like is there a pod

  • I love Shane so much lmao

  • I don’t think people know how genuine ryland was when he said “reviewing the pod”💀💀💀 u cud hear it in his tone

  • I love this anyway

  • I literally have the same hat as garrett

  • my friend: whacha doin me: watching this video Friend: not again me: what I miss it Them(tired of my bs): GET OVER IT ALREADY

  • shane doesn’t deserve all this hate :(

  • I miss all this

  • I need more of videos like these of shane i mean everyone does mistakes but why attack him and never forgive him? He APOLOGIZED and is sorry and WILL change into a better person i know it deep down he already is a good person the internet is literally so dramatic about everything WE LEARN FROM MISTAKES GET IT

  • i miss these types of videos so much. These videos got me through one of the worst depressions i have ever had and i always come back to watch them.

  • Shane:Freaking out Also Shane:I’m still having a panic attack

  • Shane: "some of us...don't know where we are right now..." Me if I was with the squad: *pulls out google maps*

  • 4:07 Andrews cute laugh 🥺

  • Idgaf what’s happening I don’t even know what’s going on cause I fucking love shane

  • I miss the squad 😞

  • Omg yes

  • 2020 sucks🥺

  • This is my favorite video of his....and he changed😭

  • Yes Garrett Diagon alley!

  • Garret: my ass is wet idk y Me: garret the pink g?

  • # 2020

  • I don't know if your still looking at comments know but your the best youtuber I've ever watched and I absolutely love you and I know that you've been through a lot, I just wanted you to know that.

  • when shane left his old house the good content stayed behind lol

  • oh sh*t i forgot to unsubscribe.

  • 28:50 is that Mr. Beast?

  • This just proves how toxic the Beauty community is... THESE where the days...

  • Shane shouldn't get into the toxic world of the beauty community and just do his thing in his vlogs. #TOXICBEAUTY

  • I really miss the crew I would binge watch videos whenever I feel sick or down it's so entertaining

  • at 22:59 imagine Shane shouting out on the plane IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD what would happen

  • Shane: Either High or Having a Panic Attack Morgan: Playing With The Baby Ryland: Inspiring the world Garret: Watching 101 Dalmatians Andrew: Vloging the Squad 21:00 I’m starting to believe you’re not fine!??!!! 😂😂😂

  • 17:01 My favorite part

  • Cats like WTF what are they doing

  • I miss Shane´s squad videos so much!

  • I've watched this series so many times it's disturbing. Lol Miss you so much Shane. Hope you're doing well!

  • Garret’s butt was wet from when he slid across the pink Jeep 💀😂

  • Nooooo you cannot mix Xanax with alcohol. It can kill you and it only needs to happen once... obviously. :(

  • I figured out the slogan it’s, everything’s bigger in Texas

  • I miss this

  • anyone else noticed that they showed that mans car plate 😭😭 12:20

  • I feel bad for Jake he got arrested like the others :(

  • ok i cant be the only one how misses the old shane and the squad.

  • who fed the animals while they were gone

  • I’m not a fan nor do I support what he has done but he was really one of the people who made me happier when I was sad and he was reallyyyy funny so una just keep watching his old vlogs

  • I miss this.

  • I’m still stuck on the fact he kissed his trash can.

  • Here im in 2020 re - watching all of shanes videos to just try to get away from all the drama on youtube

  • 19:47 ANDREW’S HANDS!!!!!

  • i still don’t like that he’s done the things that he has done but i need this series to live

  • I miss watching shane’s videos everytime he uploaded :/

  • Yes, we’re all here for the memories.