‘I sacrificed my talent’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward - Terry Rozier | First Take

Dipublikasikan tanggal 14 Mei 2019
Terry Rozier says he was playing in the shadows of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward all season for the Boston Celtics and felt "thrown all the way in the back seat" when Kyrie announced that he would stay with the Celtics if welcomed back.
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  • If you were better than Kyrie no problem from beginning

  • ur not the star of the team.. what do you expect?

  • Shut up bum

  • DUH, YOU FUCK! He said "BOTH OF THEM". Clown tried ta make blk or wht... SMH...

  • I told terry to go on first take and be honest don’t worry about what anyone thinks -TK Kirkland

  • Screw Kyrie i'm with Rozier. These 2 'Allstars" have done jackshit in Boston except stall the progression of the young guys

  • What talent? 💀💀💀

  • Man put him on the lakers bro starting PG 💯

    • You think he'll have the ball MORE playing with Bron and AD? Hahahahaha

  • Top guard in the league?!? Ok buddy

  • I don’t complain that not me. (Continues to complain)

  • Terry Rozier, my black brother, you blingin' with the neck piece, even a little on the ear. My guy go and drop a lil bag on that grill. Priorities.

  • wow the Celtics are f’d

  • you can tell he gotta bunch of yes men around him

  • Rozier is a top PG in this league, but Divas in this league shadows these players.

    • @Jonjo Jr same with you man. Go Celtics!!

    • @crevice pounder Good talk man, better than 95% of the people here who go straight for insults. Good discussion. I hope for the best. I am a Celtics fan too, and just want a decent product on the floor. Too much talent being wasted in that 3 and 4 position without good backcourt play.

    • @Jonjo Jr Sure he has some value. Any player with good coaching and in the right scheme can be very productive. Just look at IT4. However, when a player isn't a good teammate and openly defies GM and coach and badmouths his teammates, then he shouldn't be given a chance. I mean he openly shit talked Gordon, how are you gonna fix that? I think the time and effort that would be needed to be put into him to make him good enough is too much for his personality. I will honestly be very disappointed in Ainge if he resigns him.

    • @crevice pounder We shall see what Boston does because if they sign him back with a decent extension (2-3 year deal) then that means they feel he has value. Unless they are buying time to develop the two Gs they just drafted in the second round last night. He is a better player than most give him credit for and he is gonna have his time to shine on his term if they resign him. He is gonna be the starting PG for Celtics.

    • @Jonjo Jr Rozier's stats point to him being not a good player. He is not an excellent 3pt shooter at all. I don't know where you are getting this. He bricked 10 3pt shots in game 7 of ECF last year. Literally 0% from 3pt in the biggest game of his life at home. He is also not a pure PG so his style is gonna clash with everyone. He is a worse defender than Smart and a worse scorer/ passer than Kyrie. He isn't even better than someone like Rubio. So I don't get how he is a top PG in this league. I am gonna be very disappointed if we sign him back after being a terrible teammate and one of the main reasons the C's underachieved this year. Yes Kyrie isn't a good teammate either but at least he is significantly better than Rozier.

  • "I don't like to complain" Bitches and moans for 7 minutes on national TV

  • Lmaoo, I sacrificed my talent.

  • terry should stay and start next year fuck kyrie

  • In this new society where everyone is fake and doesn't speak their mind I'm taking Rozier side. He was just speaking exactly how he feels, real people can relate......It's a breath of fresh air to hear people speak the truth every once in a while honestly tired of all the fake gayness in the world

  • All these comments are like omg rozier says he doesn’t complain and here he is complaining!! Lol your taking what he’s saying too literally...he broke down what he thought the problem was not bein a pussy sayin exactly what he thought and I agree w him. He’s underrated, has so much explosion when driving to the hoop, and can hit shots.....kyrie is hard to play with too he’s a ball hog honestly. I’m from Boston and idgaf I’d love to have him on the team next year he’s a fuckin problem he should get more minutes.

  • He ain’t lying though

  • He's not going to be in the league long publicly throwing his teammates under the bus 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Hes a dumbass

  • Hes never going to succeed after boston omfg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hes like a jealous chick or younger brother

  • Hes not good he played on a stacked team

  • Go stink at some other place,cancer.

  • I respect your comments Terry

  • Celtics known for doing shortcuts to get championships. This time it backfired a lot. They turn from title contender to a just another playoff team. No patience for celtics. They have a lot of talented young cores to build with. LMAO! who the fuck would want to play (superstars) for celtics anyway after what they did to IT?

  • Even doe this was a bad idea, nothing Terry said really put him in a bad position.. he spoke very tastefully and tactically 💯 in this interview

  • Not a smart move, your not an allstar talent yet. Shouldve kept this in the locker room bruh

  • Terry your watching to much Paul Pierce videos

  • Stephen A Smith is st8 bull crap.. before the season started he clearly said Terry Rozier leave Boston get out of there. Go get your money go start somewhere.. You're ready

  • Homeboiiii in his feelings. 😂

  • Yeah it’s called team basketball. No one remembers marubury in the playoffs

  • What talent ?

  • N please!

  • top point guard my ass terry

  • Teddy be happy you a back up to a champion like kyrie. If you dont shine its because you not gridding hard enough

  • Dam Terry your supposed to shoot the ball not your foot off on national television🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Hahahah

  • All I hear is me me and me

  • He wants out of Boston

  • I feel bad for Terry. Would you like this guy on your team now the way he talks about his teammates, coach, and organization? When I interview people if someone talks bad about their previous work place that raises a red flag because if they talk bad about them they’ll most likely talk bad about me.

  • What Talent?

  • Last years Cleveland season........

  • yup you have a talent but you cant be a superstar

  • Makes me like Kawhi even more now

  • can't wait for the celtics to be dogshit again with kyrie leaving 😂

  • Peanut butter Butt hurt ass trash bastard! Booooooo, stay in your lane dude and sing background vocals.

  • Terry you fucking suck just stop

  • This was very scary.

  • You know what if terry can start at shooting gaurd then let's go otherwise sthu n put your fking seat belt on

  • How u had to sacrifice rozier when YALL had that hot streak with him last year n gave YALL the confidence to go far in the playoffs

  • Why do we have to stick to the norm? Man speak your mind be honest I'm tired of all this politically correct bs ...I'm glad he was honest stop sugar coating EVERYTHING

    • When your on a team thier is certain things you keep from the media. They only make things worse

  • Legend has it that Rozier once played in the NBA

  • How to destroy your teams chemistry in 6 minutes

    • season is already over. he's saying they never figured it out about who to play. He said they were behaving differently to Gordon and Kyrie. I think there was no justice with minutes.

  • Terry Rozier wants to play Terry Rozier in Terry Rozier-sketball. Terry Rozier was either in the Terry Rozier or on the Terry Rozier. I have to adjust to Kyterry Rozirving and Gorterry Hayzier...Terry Rozier.

  • He does not have Celtic tradition or blood in his makeup. Addios!

  • Difference between this year and last year was all their bad shots didn't go in

  • I think rozier need to know that the roster is built for Kyrie ,not for him, BTW he need to be ready for having a funeral for his career

    • Marcus Yap well we saw what kyrie did and we saw what terry did last year, terry took C's to the final

  • They can't guard or shoot and he is no help with the team anyway

    • The most I could see him getting is a 10 million dollar contact 🗑🗣

  • don't let this interview make everyone forget that TR still makes hella more $$$$$$$$ than everyone in the comments section

  • So he basically said, if kyrie there he gone leave, if he not he staying, t-ro cool, he shows stints of greatness, or at least nba starter, but when he get that opportunity I hope he plays up to the shit he talkin, cuz now he has too n if he don’t? The league gone throw him around til he out

  • Terry got gang banged

  • Like i said in my quote i dont complain, continues complaining

  • One of the few players who keep it real....by the way he's actually a damn good player

    • @Jahod Davis I can see him coming off the bench for secondary on any team putting up points and assist with no worries, or maybe starting with a team who will give up players for cap space and start him in the line up. I'm pretty sure he'll take a pay cut to start, prove a point and show his talent.

    • Deveron Brown he ain’t a good player he gonna be disappointed when it comes to free agency 🗣🗑

  • He ok but no where near as good as kyrie

  • Hayward: 25mpg, 11.5ppg 4.5rpg 3.4apg 46%fg 33%3pt Rozier: 23mpg 9ppg 3.9rpg 2.9apg 38%fg 35%3pt Both players comes off the bench. STFU Terry. Hayward is not even in his all-star form and he is playing way better than you bum.

  • Molly is a dumb bitch

  • Had a point buuuut, he's getting boo'd at every Celtic game from here on out.

  • This is to me, the equivalent of Eric Bledsoe saying he can't play right because of Chris Paul, if Bledsoe would have ever said that. My point is that they, Eric and Terry are good points but not kyrie and Chris elite and legendary. But good even solid starters.

  • This dude is just dumb!!! His antics are getting paid, getting paid, getting paid 😂 maybe he should go to NY, he is very talented, but then it’s all said

  • He gonna play in China if he doesn’t deliver next year IN ANOTHER TEAM

  • Max is correct because the 18 Celtics made it almost to the finals with out either This year they had gorden and still didn't make meaning that Gorden made no difference BUT KYRIE wasn't there last year and this year and he was fine and playing fine and they lost big time / worse ?? Kyrie was an eating cancer ??? Max wins the argument ?? It has NOTHING to do with Gorden as Gorden didn't show up for 2 years ?? but / BUT the results were quite different ??? Gorden didnt effect either year ? The Celtics played better with out both especially KYRIE ??

  • This idiot goes on TV and when they ask about his quote he acts like he dont no what they talking bout!!!lol...young man....

  • He said he dont complain while he's complaining lol

  • when u speak of urslef in the 3rd person and think ur better than a kyrie I....dumb ass!

  • He didn’t expose anybody he just said his touches went down, playing with these players y’all trippin

    • Yeah his touches went down from 10 shots to 8.4 shots lol BIG FUCKING DEAL.

  • dude throwing names out


  • Team full of selfish guys. Can’t even call them a “team” lmaooo

  • Celtics have TOO many good players. I mean Rozier cpuld be a staryer on most teams but they have bad camaraderie and leadership.

    • No the fuck he couldn't be a starter on most teams 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Terry, fix your fucken teeth if you want me to take you seriously

  • All that money and you don’t get your teeth fixed? Come on man

  • I guess he'll be taking his talent somewhere else probably the G league

  • These guys really baiting rozier. Pro reporting job.

  • sorry man's dame lillard talkin all that trash as if lebron never sonned him bad while he was in kyrie's spot. one decent playoff run turned this guy's heart and soul into cinderella.

  • Celtics 1st options. Kyrie Celtics team captain. Kyrie Celtics main guy. Kyrie Celtics superstar. Kyrie So who's that dude they're interviewing..?..i really don't know him & never heard of him. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • I mean y’all can’t get mad he did prove his self 2018 playoffs that he can maintain top spot 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Two much talent not always good. Golden State the same way with KD three superstars and role players all you need

  • Go to New Orleans with a fresh young team

  • hmmm. there has been p 'll entry . of whining on the celtics

  • Jaylen brown sacrificed the most - going to the bench for the benefit of the team especially when he started off slow. To JBs credit he played his way back into the starting lineup towards the end of the season. He didnt go on no talk show and bury his former teammates for his lack of productivity.

  • Bye bye Terry

  • returned. I am a Boston fan, and I still appreciate Scary Terry.

  • Have fun being mediocre on a different team next year

  • This guy is a super talent. He is young and will be very special indeed. He very well could have started over Kyrie just because of his ball IQ on defense and offense. He is also not selfish, super athletic, and fearless. All this supersedes ball handling skills, in which he has as well. Probably not one on one ball handling expertise, but indeed championship pedigree.. Will be ALL NBA defense 1st team some day. If Celtics don't like what he said trade him.. Buy I think Kyrie will leave first. Because Brad knows THAT this interview is what he also wanted to say personally.

  • Half these dudes wanna be the man, just because.

  • This asshat can't speak a cogent sentence, however, because he can play basketball he makes millions; Unreal in its idiocy.

  • Dude just likes making excuses.

  • Gordon Hayward should've been riding that bench because obviously he wasn't the same player he use to be