‘It will never, ever, ever happen’ - Jay Williams slams Kyrie and LeBron reunion rumors | Get Up!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Mei 2019
Jay Williams dismisses the idea that Kyrie Irving would reunite with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers.
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  • luv how neurotic Greenberg is

  • LBJ, Kemba Walker, & AD.... Thats your championship Lakers team. Let Kyrie stay in the East and due him.

  • Kyrie is a b1tch

  • The MJ myth has really fucked the game up. Basketball is and always will be a team sport. Buying into the "alpha dog" bs is the reason Kobe only has 5 rings. KI & LBJ (and any other really talented player in the league) need to subordinate their egos and prioritize hardwood excellence, rings when possible, $ as necessary. The rest will take care of itself.

  • that narrative won’t follow him if he wins after lebron leaves.

  • Kyrie proved this year that he's pure cancer.

  • And it happens hahah these analytics are always so wrong

  • that anchor talks to f,,,ing much..let the experts talk....just anchor damn


  • rozier and LeBron 🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥 together

  • Nonsense. Lebrin went back to Cleveland ro win with Kyrie, Durant went to Golden State to win with Steph and company. Analyst can sometimes be stupid. Kyrie go to the Lakers if he thinks he can win with Lebron. Period. After what Dirant did, no ome cares anymore.

  • If that's the case, he won't be playing with KD or kawhi either. I think it makes even more sense teaming with lebron than playing with either of those guys. If he joins KD/kawhi on a new team, kyrie won't be the one whose praises everybody is singing. On the flip side, LeBron is older, and looking for someone to take some of the load. Think about it, what would it say if kyrie joined the Lakers and they were a top team in the west after they missed the playoffs with LeBron the year before. Kyrie will be credited with the difference. If kyrie joins KD/kawhi on the clippers/NY, besides the clips making the playoffs this year, he won't be the alpha, same with NY or any other team with those guys, it will be viewed as their team. Kyrie will always be the 2 star signed behind those guys. Kyrie IS the star for the Lakers this summer if they ended up signing him(not taking into account by some miricle they get AD or kawhi first)

  • That's a media generated narrative... US who buy tickets and watch games, WANT to see Bron/Kyrie Pt. 2

  • Rj said the same exact thing i was thinking come on man,,,Mario? Nowhere like kyrie, more like poor man lowry...

  • Boston beat Toronto and Milwaukee without Kyrie playing THIS SEASON. BOSTON: do not resign him to that franchise crippling contract... He's injured every year.

  • Plus Minus without LeBron (-49) Wow... You suck dude. Follow KD. WE HATE YOU IN BOSTON.

  • Mario charmers is a welfare recipients Kyrie Irving

  • Norris Cole is more of a poor mans Kyrie than chalmers lol

  • I'm just posting this comment as notification to come Back when Jason is wrong

  • born to be together ,,, wtf this motherf talking about got nothing to do.... get a real job

  • Let’s go Lakers!!

  • This is the same shit “ Listen to Kobe and Shaq” they wish they never broke up, it was their pride and his ego that got them only 3 Championships. They would have 6 or 7 Championships but no, Now they regret breaking up.

  • Mario Chalmer aint no poor man Kyrie, Chalmers is and was TRASH

  • Richard Jefferson is funny as hell. That comparison was stupid as hell.

  • Did u see the gums on RJ he's a poor man's Mr.Ed lol

  • Kyrie couldn't do it without Lebron and Lebron couldn't do it without Kyrie. Jordan and Pipen best duo ever, basketball is a team sport guys

    • Uhh didn’t Lebron have 2 rings before he joined Kyrie....

  • The narrative is true!! Pride will get Kyrie f’d up don’t let the public pressure stop you from doing what’s actually best for your career. Be bros with Lebron you work well together.

  • Im a poor mans poor man

  • What is wrong with Jay Williams? He keeps pushing this narrative that Kyrie needs HIS OWN TEAM and he has to be THE MAN on that team. Someone build that roster for me. Have Kyrie be the best player on the team. How far does that team go? Do they even make the PLAYOFFS?!?! Because I HIGHLY FUCKING DOUBT THAT HAPPENS! It does not make any sense. Kyrie is NOT the number one option. Right? He himself even said it. He cannot be BATMAN. So why does Jay Williams keep FORCING this narrative?! If Kyrie and Durant go to the Knicks, is that Kyrie's team? No! It's Durant's team...........................................then maybe Durant retires in 3 years and it becomes Kyrie's team and that team.. never makes the playoffs? None of this makes any sense when you force Kyrie as the number 1 option on any team in the league.

  • JaY will don't know shit. Look at KD.

  • funny J Williams says "i wouldnt want that to follow me throughout my career", dude had no NBA career. am i right?

  • Dude got jokes

  • Kyrie would be fool to join LeToxic again. Too many players to play with.

  • Richard Jefferson had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣

  • I thought LB was plug and play, what happened? Also Jay Williams, what career are you talking about?

  • Mario chalmers 😂😂

  • we already know that kyrie is a clown... going to play with lebron won't make him anymore of a clown than he already is.

  • Let the players be man old players just hating cause they never got the chance to do that

  • Stay OFF the Jelly Donuts !!!

  • This nigga doesn't now shit Especially riding motorcycles that's how this guy forked up his career

  • Greeny really nailed it! Kyrie and Bron are great together!!!

  • Some body has to be Scottie on any team and there ain’t too many Jordan’s sitting around. If Westbrook had payed Scottie kinda like he’s doing now he would have a chip or two. Curry is playing Scottie to KD like Westbrook should have done and look Curry is Still Curry at the end of the day. Don’t be afraid to check ur ego because if the narrative is having never won w/o LB or winning two or three more with him to total 4 or 5 chips I think the choice is obvious.

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chalmers is a poor man's Kyrie? Windhorst, just hold out a tin cup when you beg Rich Paul and LeBron to feed you this crap, at least it'd be more honest

  • Greenie is begging for Kyrie join Lebron.

  • STFU Jay Williams who are you to say you would not want that to follow you in your career Not everyone must be a leader You just being jealous

  • Ohh boy 2 zero defense player's again ahhh noooo

  • Richard Jefferson is such a classless hack

  • What’s so bad about the narrative? Kyrie reunites with Lebron to compete for a chip? Y’all are prisoners of your own ego. Kyrie will still be active in the league when lebron is retired and gone.

  • It doesn't make any sense to me, Kyrie Irving forced the Cavaliers to trade him away because he didn't want to play with LeBron anymore. Why would he all of a sudden sign with the Lakers and play with LeBron again just two years later. ???!!! Makes zero sense, the media are the biggest idiots !!! Zero brains!!!!!

  • Just go to the Knicks with KD and AD

  • Anyone else notice Richard Jefferson has a perfect bald head, no dents, nicks, or bumps. Impressive

    • Philip Holwerda Yeah. And perfectly round too. I’ve been jealous for a while. Lmao.

  • Being in Cleveland with lebron and love is different than being in Boston with alotta young players who don't know how to win

  • Windhorst is a fool, just sniffs Lebron boxers and doesn’t know much about basketball. He should stick to following Lebron around he’s a fat fanboy

  • How y’all think kyrie would look in Phoenix!

  • Kyrie can’t lead a team to the finals

  • Mario Chalmers was a good defender. He's nothing like kyrie.

  • Tomorrow they’ll say “it will absolutely happen”

  • Brian WIND has been literally eating off LeBron for life.

  • Jay Williams and three white guys

  • kyrie should go to lebron because they do good together forget what everyone thinks

  • Well which narrative would you want for him Jay Will? We knew Kyrie couldn’t get it done or Kyrie never got it done after leaving LeBron. His narrative is already trashed Boston played better and went further without him. unless he’s paired with another Bron he’s gonna make another team look the same way

  • Lebron won’t be here for long Kyrie go back and get a ring. Then when the old man retires Lakers become your team kid😎

  • Lmfao did he say Chalmers was a poor mans Kyrie lmaoooo yo. Fire this man. N no Klay Thompson was tailored made for LeBrons game.

  • The basketball player commentators don't understand language. It is funny. A poor mans Kyrie means they do one thing he does. To be upset by this comparison shows the level of their ego and the lack of understanding of language.

  • Poor man Kyrie just saying they gud but not a Kyrie good.... #YaDig 👀

  • Did anyone interviewed Walton yet?

  • Kyrie and LBJ and AD and 2 players that's 6,7 or bigger that is shooters and D guy's it's over they 3 peat then kyrie prove he can do it his self like kobe had to do

  • They Can Win Two Chip Is he Go Back

  • Mo Williams is a poor man Kyrie chalmers isn’t he should have just said wade was the guy



  • Just tell him to stop texting Kobe and text some O.G pg's like Stockton,Rip,Zeke..

  • Mario chalmers ‼️‼️‼️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Knock it off


  • Mario Chalmers is a poor man’s Kyrie Irving??? Who the FUCK was that!?!?

  • kyrie stats: 22.2./3.6/5.7 mario stats: 8.9/2.5/3.7 even if we take points, where the discrepency is highest, the ratio is 2.5:1. bill gates is currently worth $100B; anybody here know where rj is hiding $39.95B? gates:rj = 2000:1...mario is a tad closer.

  • Just one year and this stupid host concludes Kyrie is not a primary player of championship team? Kyrie should try staying in Boston and whoever wants to leave can leave whatever. Leaving Boston will be a weak move, regardless who he will pair up with. It’s tough for Kyrie but man no choice but to man it up. Once you get championship people shut their mouth.

  • Windhorst tryna save Lebron's career lmaooooooo

  • Kyrie son'd himself when he called LeBron begging for help. He will always be known as LeBron's son.

  • At moments. At moments. Nah, Kyrie was feeling all the fuckery in that Cavs locker room.

  • Kyrie won't be judged the way KD did if he goes to LA

  • Stupid lebron carried it but kyrie won it hit the shot 40 point playoff game they did it together

  • KD and Kyrie have not said one thing about going too NY or LA

  • He going to sign with Boston or new York he'll get more money to sign with Boston and he'll get more years if he signs with new York the lakers won't sign him for more than 3 years

  • Kyrie got the best handles since Allen Iverson.

  • If Kyrie and KD go to the Clippers its all over for GSW

  • Mo William shot lights out at with Cleveland and was a borderline all star... Richard Jefferson just a hater. lol

  • whats worst? kyrie being prodigal son to LBJ and win a chip in LA or kyrie having his own team and never win any chip again?

  • If you ever wonder "would Kyrie do this?" just ask yourself "would Kobe do this?" and you'll have your answer.

  • None of them can do it alone so what the hell are you talking about idiots

  • Kyrie need to think about his primary goal which is to WIN a championship He's in his own way. Let LeBron have the SPOTLIGHT, go for that ring(s),money & that wonderful L.A. living ☀️. F**k the fans cause if you have a few bad games or injury the fans will turn against him like a mob Boss that found out he was skimming from the top. 🏀

  • "Kyrie is an unstoppable scorer" except in the playoffs without LeBron.

  • who cares..... klay and Steph still a problem for everyone

  • The perfect person to ask this question is Kobe by asking Kobe himself now looking back at ur career would you have preferred to work things out or would you still have wanted your own team

  • Mo Williams is not Mario Chalmers

  • Jay will wtf have yu won stfu.they need each other

  • Greeny a troll

  • Sign and trade Ben Simmons for Kyrie straight across.

  • Poor man Bill gates