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Let's have fun!
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  • *【Timestamps】* ーーーーーーーー *|「 Pembukaan/Opening」|* 00:00 Trailer 02:45 Start Hello Everyone Back with Us Moona and Ollie 03:39 Calling Our Participants 03:50 Garuda Team |-04:52 Why do they Seems scared? |-05:06 Go into the arena └05:36 This is The garuda team with risu as their leader and Reine as camera 06:00 Harimau Team 06:40 Its already night, how about we sleep? 07:20 Everyone has their own Bed 08:10 our Plants 08:37 Introduction From Garuda Team |-08:57 Helloooo garuda team |-09:10 Ready!!! |-09:28 Risu Senpai |-09:52 Reine |-10:02 Zeta This chicken is zeta |-10:13 Mio |-10:28 Miko Senpai |-10:38 Ina Senpai |-10:46 Lui └11:20 Zeta Doko? zeta with the fish together 12:10 Harimau Team Introduction |-12:10 Kaela |-12:25 Anya |-12:35 Iofi |-12:47 Kobo |-12:57 Botan |-13:05 Ame |-13:14 Watame |-13:25 Irys 13:32 The First Competition will be Fish catching *|「 Lomba Menangkap Ikan」|* 15:22 We gonna start the Fish Team 15:42 zeta dokoo?? 15:54 Penjelasan Tentang Lomba menangkap Ikan |-16:37 Poin Yang di dapat Dari Jenis ikan yang berbeda |-16:49 Ollie Explaining about the game in JP └18:53 Mio Voice is soo louddd aaaa 19:33 Fish Catching Start : Mio (Garuda) Vs Botan (Harimau) 22:15 Botan : Jama People 22:42 Times Up!!! 23:01 Counting score 23:26 we already Know Who's the Winner 23:40 TEAM GARUDA WIN!! *|「 Lomba Makan Cepat」|* 24:48 Speed eating contest 25:13 Menjelaskan Tentang Lomba Makan cepat └25:40 Ollie Explaining about the Game In EN/JP 26:10 Calling The participant 26:38 Kaela : Give me some mercy , Risu : No mercy 27:31 Speed Eating Contest Start : Risu (Garuda) Vs Kaela (Harimau) 28:26 Kaela Ded 29:03 Risu win!!! 29:39 Komentar Moona dan Ollie tentang Pertandingan Makan cepat *|「Lomba Lompat Kelinci」|* 30:28 Menjelaskan Tentang Lomba Lompat Kelinci └30:50 Ollie Explaining About the game in EN/JP 32:36 33:04 Bunny Jumping Start!!! 37:36 Bunny Jumping winner : Harimau Team *|「 Lomba Tarik Tambang」|* 38:28 Bedtime!! 39:18 Moona Menjelaskan Tentang Lomba Tarik Tambang 41:14 Ora Ora Ora 41:20 Introducing the participants 42:20 Ollie fall and ded 42:40 Game Start! 45:14 Ini kapan Kelarnya? 45:28 Kronii Support 46:33 Winner : Garuda Team 46:46 Math Time!! 48:33 Announce the result : Overall Winner is Garuda Team *|「 Lomba Panjat Pinang」|* 49:40 Pembagian Posisi Di Lomba Panjat Pinang 51:18 Moona Explaining about the game In ID └52:36 Ollie Explaining in JP/EN 54:28 This is will be chaos 55:52 Everyone became the participants 58:26 Everyone : ehemm hhm Humu Humu 58:46 Chaos Moment 1:02:16 Lmaoo Kronii Nooooo 1:07:42 STARTTT!!! (Practice) 1:15:12 PANJAT PINANG START! 1:28:46 TONJ0KK BOTANN 1:32:11 GG Luii!! 1:35:36 Poor Miko Moment 1:37:27 Watame got the Netherite Armor 1:39:50 Zeta showed up 1:40:03 👏👏👏 Yayy 1:41:00 Kaela : Where is my elytra!!, Koala Vs Time 1:42:14 Hadiah Yang di dapat Para Partisipant *|「 Penutupan/Closing」|* 1:45:20 Hashtag Garuda Energy!!! 1:46:37 Kaela : netheritenya bisa di ambil balik kan ya? 1:50:41 Lemao What risu doing 1:55:26 Dari awal Kobo Kebelet pup 1:57:27 Before Endstream Moona gonna give something 1:57:43 Yagoo Medal Lmaoo 1:59:02 Event again In 2023 1:59:12 OTSUUUU MINNAA 2:04:22 Picture With all participants

  • 運営お疲れ様〜☺️ 最高に楽しいholoIDCupだったよ! どの種目もアイデアもクオリティも良くてめっちゃ盛り上がった! 次回もまた開催して欲しい!😆 amazing event❗️thank you‼️

  • Otsu minna, terimakasih kepada sponsor ela dan panitia moona,ollie. Besok tinggal nunggu deh lagu baru yang bakal keluar aww

  • I’ve got to say, what a wonderful arena design! The theme was so well done, I especially liked the dragons at the entrance and the ropes of lights attached to each pole! But what really impressed me the most is how integrated and well planned the space of each event was. Having the tower climbs use the fishing event for safety, placing the cake eating event between and using that for the tug of war, and then discretely including the race track around the perimeter, it is amazingly well thought out! I also really appreciate the creativity of each event! I’d say this years holoID cup was a huge success, and I’m sure it will inspire the other branches and future events! So much effort on the part of ID to prepare, but it was very cool to watch the streams leading up to the event as the arena came together, and in the end it lead to an amazing event! Thank you everyone!

  • The sports were actually quite creative! It was great to relive some of the hype from the Sports Festival all those months ago. Excellent organization and tons of fun, girls!

  • I love these minecraft events. It brings out the best of ID, JP, and EN all in one fun competition. Thank you Ollie and Moona for hosting!

  • Thank you Moona and Ollie as well as everyone else from HoloID for hosting this fun event! It was so much fun! Congratulations Team Garuda for winning the HoloID Cup!

  • thank you ID member for making this event in just 1 month, the most important thing is the fun, the crowd, and many other moments. Thank you also JP and EN members for attending 👏👏👏

  • terimaksih atas kerja keras para member Holo ID atas pembangunan Gelora Bung Yago dan mengadakan acara ini, walau ini lomba pertama dan agak kurang kondusif, tapi nice. seru bangeeettt... paling ngakak pas bagian mancing-mancing... Ini video menunggunya keren bgt sumpil, seru Wkwkwk,,, Terimakasih sama mona dan Ollie yg bikin bangunan GBY ini, tak luput sama sponsor kaela dan risu. Buat aku sih ini keren sih,,, sampe kaga kerasa udh abis aja.. Mungkin klo tahun depan ada acara 17 Agustusan lagi, semoga lebih kondusif lagi... Dan tentu saja semoga ada lomba tambahan dan biar banyak... Kaela senang, barangnya bisa balik lagi walau sebagian wkwk

  • Thank you HoloID (especially Moona and Ollie) for organizing this event! Even Mio and Miko as the usual sportfes organizer now can also join as participant thanks to this event. I hope the HoloID cup will be held again next year. Great job, everyone!

  • The number of times I laughed during that Cup is uncountable. Really every one of you had a lot of fun and gave us a big smile in our faces. To me Garuda AND Harimau both win! Respect to you ID members to build and set up the competition over the past few weeks, the arena and all the buildings you made in the server inspire a lot and personally they made me go back to do more survival Minecraft . Looking foward your next streams and projects, love you all

  • Thank you for hosting this wonderful event, Moona! We had so much fun watching the 2022 HoloID Cup! Excitement filled the arena as the three branches of Hololive came together to celebrate the spirit of Tujuhbelasan! The friendly competition between Team Garuda and Harimau kept us on the edge of our seats throughout the games! From fishing to tug of war, passing the baton to each other while scoring points! Moreover, your shared commentary with Ollie was entertaining to listen to and the blissful cheer brought the festive atmosphere to life! Both teams gave it their all, but the Garuda’s wings flew higher! Congratulations to Team Garuda for bringing home the gold Yagoo medal! Team Harimau likewise made a valiant effort and they fought hard until the very end! Everybody did an amazing job! That includes our MCs, you and Ollie! We’re really happy to see that all of you enjoyed the festival today! As the fireworks end this grand celebration with a bang, let us look forward to another one next year! OtsuKare! 🔮🏆🎉

  • Terimakasih semua yang sudah berkerja keras buat event ini, sangat menyenangkan dan semoga tahun depan lebih baik lagi tentunya lebih seru juga!! Otsu~

  • Congratz everyone at ID for making this beeg & fun event! Please do it again next year! 🤩🤩

  • Thank you Moona, Ollie, HoloID, and everyone who helped organize this event. Congrats to both teams and to everyone who joined, It was very fun and funny :)

  • Congratulations to Team Garuda for winning the HoloID Cup! Thank you for hosting the event! It was a really exciting. I hope we can see another event in the future.

  • Happy celebrations ID!!! Glad to be able to share this moment with all of the cast!!! Impressive work on all parts of the montage, from the stage itself to the design of the races, but most important of all, impressive teamwork on both parts. You all put on a show to remember. Thanks for this unforgettable experience, here's to a lot more chances in the future!

  • Thank you Moona and Ollie for organizing such a big event! It was a lot of fun to watch~

  • Thanks Moona and all ID Girls for the great work! It was an amazing event!

  • You guys have worked hard for this moment, and we are very proud of you. We look forward to cheering you on in your next adventure ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💗

  • Thanks for hosting this event moona and ollie, congrats to you all hope the next event will be even bigger

  • Thank you Moona and Ollie for the amazing project! It was really fun

  • Thanks moon and everyone you did amazing on the event

  • Terimakasih atas stream 17-san nya sumpah seru banget dan berkesan , semoga tahun depan Event 17-san sama serunya seperti hari ini 😊 ~~ Otsu~~~

  • Seeing everyone having fun interacting and -killling- Cheering for each other really makes these Minecraft festivals super special. All the events were a blast to watch, huge thanks for everything that went into organizing all this! Thanks again Moona and Ollie for hosting this event!

  • Спасибо за стрим!

  • Selamat atas perayaan ID Cupnya, bersama perwakilan member JP dan EN yang ikut memeriahkan acara ini. Semua member melakukan kontribusinya dengan sangat baik. Tentu banyak sekali momen seru yang terjadi disetiap tim pada acara ini. Terima kasih kepada para member Hololive yang sudah berpartisipasi. OtsuID~ OtsuJP~ OtsuEN~

  • Congratulations 🎉🎊 ! We got : Trending at the top 10+ on the Kategory Gaming ! In Moona's Stream,

  • Thanks for the wonderful event, Semoga kedepannya bakal ada lagi, semangat!!

  • Thank you Moona, Ollie & the team for making this event. It was a lot of fun and Happy Independence Day!!!

  • Thank you for all the hard work in organizing the event! My personal favorite event is the Tug of War and Panjat Pinang I hope we could see more next year too since the stadium is very beautiful and all the events are very well-planned Otsukare~~ Congrats for Garuda Team and nice try for Harimau Team

  • Congrats of the successful HoloCup and thanks for putting this together for everyone! 💜💜💜

  • Otsukare ID, EN and JP, you guys are the best. Thank you to Moona and Ollie as well to make this happened. Looking forward for the nexy year ID cup, Let's Go!!

  • GG, everyone! Thanks for hosting, Moona and Ollie! And big ups to all the ID girls for making this happen. The stadium looks beautiful, and the games were a lot of fun! Look forward to seeing another next year!

  • Thank you everyone for today!! Today is really a great day!!

  • Молодцы, конечно, ID девочки, постарались. Было очень весело.

  • Is it just me or Moona and Ollie feels like sisters because of their energy/sound together.

  • Спасибо за стрим, Муночка!

  • Thank a lot for this unforgettable day !!! You all are amazing !!! That was truly best moments and the event was amazing 🔥 congrats to the winning team 🎉🎉

  • Thank u for ollie and moonaa for handle this event, you both did very well, and thanks for all member, you guys very excited❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Thanks for hosting this event!! It was great fun watching everyone compete and have fun at the same time!

  • Thank you for your hard work!! 👏👏

  • Thank you for the first ever holoID Cup!! This was an absolute blast! Both teams played so well but #BigGarudaEnergy came out on top!! I'm really looking forward to 2023!!

  • otsu everyone! that was so much fun! thankyou very much for everyone who put their best effort for this event!

  • It was great I look forward to times like this again

  • Thank you great HoloID Cup 2022! It was clear to see all the hard work in organizing this legendary event. The interactions between ID, JP, and EN are always so much fun to watch!

  • Terima kasih buat streamnya Moona, event kali ini bener2 seru banget, meski masih agak kurang banyak interaksi, tapi ya dibawa enjoy aja, kami tunggu untuk event 2023 nya, OtsuID~ OtsuMoon~

  • おつムーン!楽しい企画だった~!

  • みんなおつかれさまー!とってもたのしかったよー!!!

  • Thank you, it is really fun to watch. Please make more content like this. I love to watch girls fight or compete each others, funny and chaotic, lol. 😁😁

  • That was pretty fun after all, hope you see in the next year.

  • Great job Moona dan Ollie. Terima kasih sudah mengatur jalan nya acara hari ini!! SELAMAT HUT RI KE 77!!!

  • Otsu this is such a nice event hopefully next year can be held again with probably more participant

  • Terima kasih atas stream nya moona! Yeeeeyyy SUKSES! Perlombaan nya seru sekali dan menghibur! Banyak banget moment kocak dan PON nya Terima kasih untuk para panitia dan donatur~ Moona Ollie Kaela, DLL. Moona~~

  • Thx for all the participate members for this events!!!!

  • What a Fun stream, Botan MVP with the Panjat Pinang lol. Thank you for the stream

  • 1:48:13 Kaela was so happy she reverted back to penguin crawling

  • Great Game for the first ID Event. Congrats for the ID HOLOCUP 2022! It was so FUN! Hopefully there will be more events in ID Server next year as well. Everyone did really amazing works in this event. Welldone!

  • Otsu semuanya! Terima kasih untuk para peserta dan juga untuk panitia yg sudah membuat acaranya berjalan lancar. Semoga tahun depan diadakan lagi dan lebih baik dari tahun ini! 👏👏

  • Event lomba 17-an yang luar biasa. Terimakasih gaes, thanks banget 👏

  • Terima Kasih atas kerja keras kalian untuk HoloID saya sangat menikmati acara ini. ini ada beberapa saran dari saya untuk HoloID tahun depan atau acara lainnya. 1. Lebih baik satu tim terdiri dari 5-6 orang, karena kalau terlalu sedikit jadi kurang meriah, tapi kalau terlalu banyak suara malah jadi chaos, kameramen dan leader bakal susah mengatur dan menangkap moment2 di acara, dan penonton juga jadi sulit untuk mendengarnya, ada chaos menyenangkan tapi kalau terlalu malah susah dinikmati. dan juga menghindari bakal ada peserta satu tim yang bakal diam2 terus selama pertandingan karena takut menggangu kalu ngomong. dengan jumlah 5-6 orang diharapkan komunikasi antar peserta di tim menjadi lebih baik. 2. berhubungan dengan point 1, tim lebih baik berjumlah 3- 4 tim. agar setidaknya lebih banyak kamera yang menangkap moment2 menarik di acara tersebut. 3. sebelum pertandingan lebih baik buat rules tertulis tentang setiap game, dan dibagikan ke semua peserta atau diberikan ke leader tim dan leader tim yang membagikan ke satu tim, agar semua peserta mendapat gambaran seperti apa rules dan gamenya. (karena saya lihat banyak yang gak mengerti dengan gamenya dan leader tim juga masih banyak ragu soal rules2nya. dan host ada misunderstanding kalau semua peserta sudah mengerti dan skip menjelaskan lagi rules dan gamenya. 4. sebelum mulai game sebaiknya host memberikan recap/penjelasan singkat soal rules game kepada peserta, dan tanya ke peserta apakah ada pertanyaan tentang game dan rulesnya. ini dilakukan untuk menghindari peserta ragu , lupa atau salah mengerti tentang rules di game. 5. host sebaiknya gunakan 2 discord untuk vc. gunakan discord kedua mengguakan hp (gunakan earphone agar suara tidak feedback) untuk masuk ke discord tim, kalau ada informasi yang ingin disampaikan. agar peserta tidak susah keluar masuk vc utama/host. untuk acara pertama holoid saudah sangat bagus, karena base tempat udah ada untuk acara berikutnya(kalau ada) semoga hal2 teknis menjadi lebih baik. Terima kasih sekali lagi buat semua holoId yang telah bekerja keras membuat acara itu menjadi sukses.

  • Keren banget sih HoloID dalam mengorganize event ini, semoga kedepannya ada event kayak gini lagi (atau lebih besar)

  • Terimakasih atas kerja keras semua member holoid gk nyangka lomba 17an bisa terlaksana dan bisa mengundang member dari jp dan en juga bener bener bangga

  • Congrats y'all !!! Goks, seru parah sih perayaan lomba hari ini. Ga nyangka bakal se-chaos ini 🔥👏 Buat gw sebagai pendukung #TimHarimau , gw cukup kagum sama performa #TimGaruda , ditambah kurangnya satu partisipan (Zeta), buat gw yakin kalo #TimHarimau bakal mendominasi lomba ini. Ternyata semua dugaan itu salah 🙃 Tapi tetep, gimanapun juga, Botan akan mendominasi lomba Panjat Pinang. LONG LIVE THE LION!!! ✊ Terima kasih juga buat kalian semua yang telah meriahkan acara ini. 👏👏👏 (kecuali Jeta. canda, ehe' 😅🛐)

  • Great job from all of you


  • Semangat terus ya kak moona bikin kontennya 😇😇😇 semoga kak moona sehat selalu dan semoga kak moona rezekinya lancar 💜💜💜 amin ❤❤❤

  • Thanks for the stream Woona!!

  • Terima kasih atas kerja keras para panitia dan peserta,sehingga acara pada hari ini dapat berjalan dengan baik. Semoga tahun depan ada lagi

  • Good job everyone, it was a fun competition with alot of interesting games. Some possible suggestions: Would be cool for next time to maybe set up a camera system, platforms and stuff specifically for cameramen so they can always have a good angle. Also possibly get more cameramen volunteers, and then the MCs dont have to control the camera, they can just focus on commentating while switching through different camera angles or player POVs. And I guess the other thing would be possibly have some sort of on-screen info, that shows scores and/or flips through various info like game rules and such. Also not 100% sure on how everything was scored, so you guys mightve done it, but instead of points for winning, have all aspects of the game give additional points so that it feels like there are more chances to win the competition. Like having the fish give points to the overall team score, and the win is bonus points. ex. one team gains 25 points from fish, while the other gains 30 points and an additional 10 points for winning, so the score becomes 25 to 40 instead of 0 to 30 for winning. For the cake eating, you can score based on how much is left of the cake, and then additional points for winning. Even the tug of war, can count how many were taken out from the other team. I feel like this makes scoring more dynamic and more up in the air instead of having flat scores for winning, just have to make sure you test calculate beforehand so scoring is still balanced.

  • It's Indonesian's big day and it's everyone from everywhere having fun. Never have such seiso moment in my life

  • Terimakasih panita yang sudah bekerja keras membangun dan melaksanakan acara ini. Acaranya seru parah sii, semoga tahun depan bakal ada lagi, dengan improvement dari sektor apapun dan juga games-games nya.💪💪💪 We love u 💜💜💜💜

  • Thanks for the stream, i love thisss

  • Terimakasih atas kerja kerasnya untuk semua yang terlibat dalam acara ini!!!

  • despite the lack of preparation, the events run pretty well! it was so much fun! thanks for all the hard work to make it happen! I hope there are more ID/JP/EN events in the future!

  • 1:39:51 Inya having deep talk with Zeta

  • Makasih untuk panitia acara dan seluruh peserta, semoga tahun depan lebih banyak lagi lomba dan pesertanya ! Dirgahayu RI yang ke-77

  • Keren semoga tahun besok lebih seru lagi semuaaaaa , Thanks you minnaaa

  • Thx u for making this event HOLOID SAIKOUUUUU🥰

  • Otsu minna, terimakasih juga kepada panitia moona, ollie dan member lain yg udah bikin event di id server untuk pertama kalinya

  • Selamat atas acara peringatan kemerdekaannya Hololive ID semua berjalan dengan sukses, Eventnya seru banget diikuti sama Id, JP, dan En sekaligus, Semoga kedepannya Hololive ID semakin berkembang dan semakin kompak, Terimakasih juga bagi moona dan yang lainnya yang sudah susah payah mempersiapkan event ini.Semoga tahun depan bisa dilaksanakan lagi 🎉🎉

  • Trending #11 for game in indonesia

  • terimakasih panitia holoid cup atas kerjakeras nya 👍

  • Gila, 4 video #holoidcup2022 masuk trending game Indonesian🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Love your creativity for minecraft, i hope you can make some minecraft games with 2 or more people (similar to It takes two). Btw, Happy Independence day for Indonesia. Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke-77.

  • OtsuHoloIDCup! Masih banyak miskom sama kekurangan nya di sini, jadi semoga taun depan bisa lebih baik lagi Semangat HoloID!

  • Makasih buat live HoloIDCUP 2022 nya hehe walau awalnya ga ada waktu, di sempat kan juga buat nonton walau pun sibuk

  • Otsuuu semuanya. Good job, event nya fun & seru banget. Cuma kalau boleh kasih 1 kritik: Lomba tangkap ikannya, agak kacau sih. Harusnya jangan satu-satu ikannya muncul seperti itu, nggak seru. Harusnya masukin sekaligus banyak ikan + Axolotl. Kalaupun sistem otomatisnya tidak berfungsi, kan bisa dimasukin secara manual aja. Secara Salmon, Tropical Fish, Puffer Fish dan Axolotl itu semuanya gampang dicari dan ditangkap secara manual.

  • Terima kasih banyak buat semua yang udah mempersiapkan acara nya, keren lah buat awalan mah... Btw , itu panjat pinang 1 lagi padahal abisin aja buat acara yang cuma setahun sekali mah moon 😆 keroyok ramean siapa duluan dia dapat, tanpa ada yang panahin, nambah seru mungkin itu ,, tapi yaudah lah wkwkwk

  • Otsu selamat dan sukses atas terselenggaranya lomba 17 an nya HoloID

  • Terimakasih atas streamingnya Otsu~


  • #HoloIDCup2022 Blessing

  • Otsu ! terima kasih untuk stream nya seru banget !

  • 7:28 look how kusogaki she is

  • Otsu minna, terimakasih kepada sponsor ela dan panitia moona,ollie. Besok tinggal nunggu deh lagu baru yang bakal keluar aww


  • 1:48:13 "go touch the grass? no, let's swim on it." ~Kaela the Penguin

  • Very Beautiful Thank You I Love You Moona Hoshinova & Kureiji Ollie

  • Gg Moona produser Ollie mc Reine+Irys tim hore Kaela sponsor Saran aja buat tahun depan. mungkin panjat pinang dibikin jadi siapa cepat dia dapat, kan waktunya 20mnt, setiap tim 4 orang manjat semua gausah pake giliran + 4 orang nembak. Dan setiap 5 atau 10 menit tukeran antara yang nembak dan manjat