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Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Agu 2022
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Collab with @Moona Hoshinova hololive-ID @Pavolia Reine Ch. hololive-ID @Anya Melfissa Ch. hololive-ID @Kobo Kanaeru Ch. hololive-ID
Moona POV: id-tv.org/tv/video-xjmXD3MDG1I.html
Reine POV:
Anya POV:
Kobo POV:
This game is being streamed and monetized after confirming with the rights holder, and according to the Game Content Usage Rules.
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  • 5:25:55

  • Thank you for the AoE2 + free talk stream, Ela!

  • I thought i had tuned in into an AoE2 stream. But little did i know that the game part was only the prelude for one of the best talk streams + superchat reading i've ever seen.

  • OtsuLemao~

  • Ah good old AoE2. I bet Kaela could become quite a force in this game if she commits that hardcore gamer mindset to it. The micromanagement and information is quite overwhelming at first but its very fun once you get the hang of it. There's all kinds of places to pick up tips if you need them. Don't mind the chat, AoE2 is one of the biggest strategy games for over 20 years so hardcore "you should have done that" players who are use to optimal play is to be expected. I was WAY worse when I was a kid playing the game so I find the newbie learning experience kind of cute and nostalgic.

  • Thank you for the stream Ela! Couldn't stay until the very end unfortunately, but it was fun watching the game, and even more so listening to the (totally not free talk) donation reading session with your many versions of ara ara (tskr!)

  • We need Ollie in the next Age of Empire II collab as that would be a full HoloID collab. Also I'm not if any of the JP talents play Age Of Empire 2 or even have the game so a collab between them doesn't look possible.

  • Thank you so much ela for the AOE stream. It was intense and fun at the same time, I could feel the pressure. Sorry if some of us (including me) might have ruined your experience and other pemaloe's experience, we're trying to be better in the next stream, we can do it pemaloe

  • How did I miss this, I hope they do this again.

  • Otsulemao! The penguin empire will rise again someday.. thanks for the stream boss you did so good for your first time playing

  • What a nice donation reading stream with a bit of Age of Empires 2

  • Otsulemao.. Makasih untuk streamingnya ellaaaaaa 😉

  • Thanks for the stream Kaela,i think this is the first time for me that the donation reading part was my favorite one

  • This was such an interesting stream, hyped for the next.

  • Thanks for the stream kaela! even though I fell asleep I still had time to watch your stream LEMAO, the donation reading and the stream is really fun and funny, and you almost get distracted by pemaloe and kaeluarga before you end the stream LEMAO, anyway have a good rest kaela and see you again tomorrow! Otsulemao~

  • 2:40:48

  • I was so excited that I watched all POV the entire match

  • Thanks for the stream Kaela, I love AoE2 and loved that you liked it too

  • OtsuLemao