金黄的季节,载满了收获的喜悦和玉米的香甜 Corn | Liziqi Channel

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Golden Season Overflowing with the Bliss of Harvest and Sweetness of Corn | Liziqi Channel
再到餐桌上的玉米粑 窝头 玉米片儿
Spring is for sprouting,
summer for growth,
fall for harvesting,
and winter for preservation.
Our ancestors were already cultivating crops in accordance with the law of solar terms.
A tiny seed of corn, sprouts, grows, and gets reaped,
and eventually becomes corn buns, steamed "wotou", and cornflakes.
Please always remember where our foods come from.
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  • I live roughly 100 miles from her village and I'll tell you this: as part of an agricultral civilization we prefer our mother nature tamed. What you see is as much as nature's gift and is men's.

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  • She seems living in a remote area and the winter is quite harsh. But that doesn't hinder her creativity.

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  • I can see the grandmother's happiness and love from each other. She was very poor financially and left school so early, but she is very rich in heart and spirit

  • God Bless always the fruit that you produce! Let their roots reach far into the earth ,let the sun touch them and let them dance and sing gently in the breeze,let the little children play and hid underneath their leaves!

  • many millenials are prone to gadgets technology and what so ever...they don't even know that life is better when it comes to nature not by gadgets😍

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  • 小时候我也是这样剥玉米的,喜欢💕

  • 小时候我也是这样剥玉米的,喜欢💕

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