비투비 포유 (BTOB 4U) - 'Show Your Love' Official Music Video

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비투비 포유 (BTOB 4U) - 'Show Your Love' Official Music Video
Composed, Arranged by Hyun Sik Lim, EDEN, Ollounder, LEEZ
Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, EDEN, Min Hyuk Lee, Peniel
“우주에서 사랑보다 더 큰 힘은 없습니다. 모두 사랑을 보여줄 때입니다. 함께 사랑으로 이겨냅시다.”
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"There is no greater power than love in our universe. It is time to show love. Let us overcome together with love."
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  • show your love, melody!

  • Ahh kangen Sungjae anj💔

  • This is so good omgg, I'm sad I didn't discover them earlier.😭👑 but it's never too late to support them!❤

  • the vi3ws are getting slower since morning

  • Why is the view still the same??

  • The vi3ws are fr33zing :(

  • Do Melody stop streaming or did youtube delete views? Cause since I woke up early in the morning the views are already hitting 20.5 or it is just me????

    • It's the same for me. The view is not changing??? What happened?

  • 어려운 시기를 사랑으로 함께 이겨내자고 노래한 비투비도 막막한 이 시간을 무사히 이겨내고 다시 웃으며 볼 수 있길 기도하며 기다릴게

  • 20Mil 🎉🎉

  • I love you always

  • 2000만이라니.. 무슨일이야ㅠㅜㅜㅜ

  • Thank u all melodies for working for our boys 💙💙

  • As expected from BTOB

  • 2000만>< 역시 믿듣 비투비

  • 20M?????????????

  • That feeling when apart from a love theme can not come up with anything left.

  • Please somebody tell me where was ilhoon for last two years. We cant see him at all 🥺

    • Ilhoon right now is currently in military enlistment but before he enlisted he is a DJ on IDOL RADIO MBC.... 💙

  • Hurray 20M! Cheers Melodies, Melodudes, Melomoms and Melokids!💙💙💙 검베 우리 형들이 진짜 잘했어요! 사랑해요 정말!💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Melody i love u

  • 20.531(+700k) NB: Views have been freezing, so the tally is inaccurate and less than actual engagement. Still, great going.

  • Born to beat love


  • Congrats melody 💙

  • Wow its amezing 😭

  • Loveyouaaaaaalll

  • Please like comment and listen they deserve better

  • Lalalalalalalalala love

  • Btob 4u

  • I never stop streaming eventhough the views are freezing..


  • thanks you , love you song

  • Why views the views stuck since yesterday ??

  • the vi3ws are freezing

  • Is it just me or the views are getting veeerrryy slooww today -___-


  • Just like the star, BTOB with stay by our side.

  • Views not moving

  • Are the views deleted? Or just stop... It's been hour already we reach 20.5millions why ID-tv why

  • 30.11.2020

  • Minyhuk 🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  • Can i ask. Why Yook Sungjae isn't here?

    • Oh i thought they join military before

    • Bcz He Is Serving In Military with his Other 2 Hyungs. And This Is the Subunit Called BTOB4U which includes BTOB Hyung line and Peniel. They have completed their Military Service.

    • SungJae,IlHoon,Hyunsik are in military

  • I likeee

  • Why i cant stop watching this mv ????? This song and mv make me crazy😭💗

  • This song is attractive

  • 나만 호준님땜에 옴?

  • 20.5M and still counting

  • Let's streamm more and make it higher melodies bec they deserve higher n higher😌😭🙏

  • Waaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 20M🥳💙

  • I feel so sad for those so called Kpop stan who doesn't know the Artists like BTOB exists.

  • 미치겠다 정말로,, 영화 오마주 한거 정말 배운사람이구나 싶고 어쩜 이렇게 하나같이 소화를 잘할까 싶고,,, 귀엽고 멋있고 다하는데 세상 다가진거 같고..그냥 너무 좋아 미치겠다고 ㅠㅠ 노래는또 왜이렇게 좋은거냐고.. 머리에서 떠나질 않아 아ㅏㅠㅠㅠ사랑해 ㅠㅠ

  • now that we're being reminded by ugly covid news again, nice to see korea is handling the case fast and efficient; hope the boys are okay. my country's gov handling it so poorly its kinda sad, hope you all Mels are okay too.

    • Praying for the boys' welfare as well as the staff and other artists as well.

  • The voice and their visual is no joke.

  • The BTOB boys have received approximately 5% of the love and appreciation they deserve. This little album is EASILY contending for mini album of the whole year.

  • Stay safe everyone ♡

  • 20 million views and counting. Yes. We can do it Melody! Show our LOVE to BTOB 😍😍😍

  • 제발 건강만하자 오빠들.. 기도할게..ㅠ

  • Omg 20m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 49k likes to 200k

  • 진짜 미쳤어 너무 잘생겼어진짜 노래도 개좋아ㅠ

  • Que lindo Hyun Sik, dejando esta obra de arte...

  • Es mi idea o se congelaron las visitas

  • I'm here againnn, I'm in love with this songg

  • Wow 20M!!! Let's go to 25M then 30M! Melodies, we're doing so well!! So proud!

  • ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • 아니 진짜 비투비 제발 음성판정 받아주세요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 소식 듣고 너무 놀랐어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Let's show our love to the kings of vocal😀😄😁😁

  • Wait btob is soo good?! I actually am a moa and decided to check them out because melodies were being so nice T.T literally one of the nicest fandoms I ever interacted with

    • Thank youu ☺ hope you have a good day too!

    • @KHUSHI For B sides these are few of my fav- the feeling, friend, red lie, finale, nanana. :)

    • @Analyn Madelar oh okie :D which bsides do you recommend?

    • @KHUSHI i suggest their bsides tooಥ‿ಥ its so good and comfortingಥ_ಥ

    • Aww everyone in the replies is so sweet too .< I think I was looking for the song a long time ago and couldn’t find it so this is such a good coincidence!! I’m happy!

  • please be safe btob 4u and others on sbs inkigayo yesterday T_T

  • trascendiendo chicos。

  • 20M

  • well done melodies, we've reach 20,5M now, congrats all now, don't stop, keep str3am, BTOB deserve more, fighting melodies

  • BTOB 사랑해 💕

  • I was so used to BTOB having ballads that I thought this was another one but surprisingly it wasn't lol The song reminds me -somehow- of old Kpop, back to 2013-2015 when we had so many tropical, hyped up beats. Even though the song makes me feel as if I'm on a party the music video is good, relaxing. It feels good to have another BTOB comeback even if they're 4

    • Hi!! Thank you for appreciating the song. This is a fusion of house music and reggaeton, called moombahton genre which was created on 2008 by an American DJ. It is influence both from the US and Latin. And I think that's why somehow it reminds you of old K-pop.

    • the genre of this song is moombathon dance

  • 20.5M and 151K likes for 2week and the channel is now 1.6M sub💙

  • I need more songs of this band.

    • BTOB Title Track : - Missing You - Only One For Me - Movie - Beatiful Pain - Ill Be Your Man - It's Okey - Way Back Home - The Winter Tales - Beep Beep - Thriller - 2nd Confession - Insane Bside Track : - Friend - The Feeling - Blue Moon - Someday - Climax - Butterfly - Red Lie - Finale Our Concert - Dream - Sorry - Summer Romance - Live Well Yourself - Killing Me - Hello - Monday to Sunday - When I Was Your Man - Star - Na Na Na - Drunk - Never Ending Melody - Yejiapsa - My Lady - Last Day - Miss You - Here Before Flowers - Come and Play BTOB Japan Song : - Brand New Days - Cherry Blossoms Love - L.U.V - Tear Sky - Reapiting Goodbye - Dear Bridge Sub Unit BTOB-BLUE : - Stand By Me - When It Rains Sub Unit BTOB 4U : - Show Your Love - Mirage - Bulls Eye - Alone Solo Member Song : 1. Hyunsik : - Dear Love - Rendez Vouz - Swimming - In Your Heart 2. Eunkwang : - No One Knows - Have a Nice Day - Love Again - One Day 3. Changsub : - Gone - Ever - Shelter - At The And 4. Minhyuk (HUTA) : - Ya - Tonight (With Melody) - Fallin' - Waiting For You 5. Ilhoon : - She's Gone - Always - Spoiler - Fancy Shoes 6. Peniel : - That Girl - Fly 23 - B.O.D - Valentine 7. Sungjae : - Come With The Wind - Hypnotized - Yook - Paradise

    • Add their music video “when I was your man , Beep beep beep haa a cool beat I think these where from 5 to 6 years ago , but I like it . Enjoy your streaming and thank you💙




    • Virtual hugs. I hope you're doing fine right now. If you are having a hard time, you can listen to their healing songs like "IT'S OKAY", "WAY BACK HOME", "DRAWING"


  • Finally, 20M??!! 🥺💙

  • changsub suddenly has a yt account. hahahahah

    • @us and you you and we BTOB and Melody i wish to know minhyuk oppas account too. ..htey are soo sweet.so their accounts are meant for espionage on melodies' activities lol.

    • @Phoebe Zafra Lagahit i think they are secretly active lurking on ID-tv. Bc like Eunkwang said he just wanted to comment on his performance video Cube uploaded also he is curious about how to upload a video. So that's what happened why some Melody found out their YT accounts. Also when i was new to the fandom, heard rumor that BTOB are actually lurking Melody's activities lol so when issues come in YT (like fan wars) that's when BTOB scold Melody not to engage, i remember Minhyuk posted on Daum to Melody about this that loving them is enough so don't fight. Anw Minhyuk said he has his own YT and he'll surprise as all soon what's his account. He'd been using it since he enlisted.

    • ​@us and you you and we BTOB and Melody really? i hope they will be active in yt.

    • Its been there since 2012 both Eunkwang and Changsub's. But Minhyuk's is fake he said it's not his.

  • BTOB 4 U

  • TOUCHDOWN 20 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melody, let's keep on streaming. Let's show our love to BTOB 4U. Fighting!

  • wow 20M in a week ?! good job Melody !! I'm here to support Buddy President aka Changsub 😂

    • @Snm Buzz you are very welcome !! ❤️✨

    • Thank you buddy :)

  • 20M views whaaa (crying) congrats melo fam hugsss we did it (Smiley) Thank you for the love (Blue Heart Emoji) BTOB4U this hardworked is our gift to you guys showing our love and support we continue to strem harder we love you.

  • pasamos los 20M, que bien! buen trabajo Melody sigamos reproduciendo

  • Minhyuk: « showw yow’ lowve »💥

  • Congratulations BTOB.. awesome as always MELODY.. 20M views less than 2 week.. love u guyss.. let's keep support our ultimate love.. partner in crime... They deserve the world... It's time for us to show our love..

  • Daily target today 21M++ Melodies can do it

  • 20M VIEW WOW....

  • 첫 시작부터 시작되는 서로의 연인과의 상황과 만남 헤어짐을 보여주면서 영화 오마주등의 섞임으로 현 상황을 보여주는 듯 하네요. 헤어짐 만남 사랑 등 제목처럼 보여지는 사랑과 보여지는 관계 그리고 그 뒤에 있는 진짜 사랑과 상황 만남과 헤어짐에 따로인듯하면서 잘 어울려지네요. 그리고, 마지막 장면은 아마 열린 결말로.. 제 생각은 이제 닫혀있던 보여지는 사랑이 아닌 열리게 된 진짜 사랑을 만나는 건가요..?

  • I never thought I will fell so deeply in love with BTOB. At first, I just wanted to try and see what kind of music they make and now I’m so hooked! I fell in love with their personality while watching them. So for those who just drop by here casually listening to them and still not yet sure if you like them please do try and get to know them I swear you’ll never regret it!

    • Reminder! The more you find out about BTOB, the more you fall in love hahaha

  • Woa finally 20M

  • Omggg I got goosebumps allover

  • 21M BEFORE 5:00PM (6:00PM KST)

  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Bit,jeulgeoum melody 😅💙💙💙

  • 20M in 2 weeks! woots