이하이 (LEE HI) - 홀로 (HOLO) Official Music Video (ENG/CHN)

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이하이 (LEE HI) - 홀로 (HOLO) Official Music Video (ENG)
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#홀로 #HOLO
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  • HI🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm HOLO! aomgofficial.lnk.to/HOLO

    • Hello HOLO! Thank u, i luv this song so much💕 fighting!

    • I ❤️❤️❤️ the song ... Just like I'm not gonna lose you by Meghan Trainer ❤️❤️ .. I like both

    • Love this song... Glad ur back hayi.. Stay well , happy and healthy All the way from india

    • NO! I'm HOLO..

    • Holo😍❤

  • It’s okay to feel, don’t completely shut out your emotions from the world :,)

  • This songs is what I need right now. Thank you for the good song, Lee Hi ❤️❤️❤️

  • 노래 좋다......

  • 저 죄송한데 2:38 에 나오는 만화 제목이 뭔가요?

  • 다 잘되기를 행복하길 빌어요. 응원할게요!

  • Why do she always sing so sad songs...she always makes me cry

  • 듣노라면 아델이 떠올라 음색이 비슷한게 좀더 신비로워~~

  • Why does it feels like Jonghyun is close

  • I ship LEE HI and B.I 💖 and the way she wear the shoes in this mv reminds me of B.I 😭😭

  • Thankyou Hayi ah

  • preciosa, que mensaje tan bello 😍😍😍

  • Lee Hi x B.I omooo I miss the collab 🥺💖

  • My favorite song

  • Love from India/mizoram/aizawl. Like or comment 😊😍

  • Thank you for this song ♡

  • Hayii ❤ We always stan for you no matter what #YGfamily #YGstan. Untill whenever your still family ❤ Himneseyeoo Uri Hayii

  • I love you Lee hi saranghae 😂😂

  • [MY THEORY FOR 'HOLO'] I think that the little girl is her past self. She had depressing thoughts in the past. She wanted to end everything, because she thought that she's all alone, but actually she wasn't. Also the animation she's watching is about a fairy that gave the mouse wings, he was happy because of that, but quickly realised that he doesn't know how to fly. It's like her lyrics says "Isn’t everything supposed to happen As it’s said or thought" I think the song is about K-Pop idols life. Everything looks shiny at first, but when you dig deeper It's not that shiny after all. Lee Hi had to compete with others in this bussines for succesful career like any other idol and her lyrics say "Is it that important to compare who’s better between others and me or me and others"...

  • this song is so addicting

  • I wish the whole world would hear this song

    • Sorry for my English, I don't know if it's okay

  • Im not much fan for korean song, but after long time i love this song so much its literally perfect with all her voice,music and lyrics and whole video editing..🥰

  • Beautiful voice

  • 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  • Parece que essa música está falando comigo

  • Simplynailogical is shaking

  • lee hi

  • i'm gay for her n i don't even care :)

  • Love Lee ❤️

  • You're doing great Lee Hi!

  • Holo is't made my life

  • its beautiful

  • This song is so pure and beautiful, and when i say i cried more than once watching this i aint joking!

  • It's okay if you not okay, just enjoy your life...even your lonely...

  • kirain umji

  • This song deserves recognition! I hope more ppl will get the motivation from this song. 화이팅!!!

  • "HOLO (홀로)" [Romanized:] Hollo inneun ge gamanhi inneun ge Eoryeoun iringayo Hollo isseodo gachi isseodo Oeroun geon gatayo One day it will stop Malhaneun daero saenggakan daero Doeneun geot aningayo Haetbicheul jjoego sum swieo bwado Swipjineun anneyo One day it will stop And I'm gonna stop cryin', stop feelin', stop thinkin' 'bout you my babe Ije geuman ul geoya naol geoya nareul deo akkyeojul geoya And I'm gonna stop Jyaeboda naega naboda jyaega Naeun ge jungyohangayo Sumaneun nareul goerowohada Ije jom algesseoyo Gamanhi anja geokjeonghagien Nan neomu sojunghaeyo Deullyeodabwayo mamsogui minnat Geudaero gwaenchanayo It's gotta stop And I'm gonna stop cryin', stop feelin', stop thinkin' 'bout you my babe Ije geuman ul geoya naol geoya nareul deo akkyeojul geoya And I'm gonna stop And I'm gonna stop Hollo inneun ge gamanhi inneun ge Eoryeoun iringayo Hollo isseodo gachi isseodo Oeroun geon gatayo One day it will stop

  • After hearing her voice in Chanyeol x Raiden "yours" , I liked her already.

  • 7M here we goooooo 🥰👏👍🖤

  • Waoo this music n lyrics are far better then what it means ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hold on, let me just crank this shit up and cry for a minute.😢

  • anybody let me know who wrote this song ? tks alot

  • เพราะมากๆเลยครับ

  • From Vietnam with love

  • 노래에 감정을 싣고 끌어 내는게 100년은 노래 하신 분 같아요. 정말 뭐라고 해야 하나 ... 가슴을 울리게 하네요....

  • apaixonada por essa música!!! 😍

  • Lee Hi had always have this solemn look in her face. Some silent sadness and calmness. I dunno if it's just me or she looks like someone who's been mastering the art of being alone but not lonely.


  • Let’s go for 7M?????

  • Dalem banget liriknya

  • who 's getting isobel's constantine vibes from the MV?

  • les comento algo muy raro pero muy hermoso...mi madre falleció hace diez años y siempre que e estado en peligro eh percibido un aroma a flores muy peculiar... hace poco empece un proceso de ruptura con mi pareja después de nueve años...quisimos intentarlo de nuevo pero fracasamos.... venia de su habitación hacia la mía después de una platica definitiva de rompimiento...sentí que me quebraba y pensé que la música me ayudaría a sentirme mejor....comienzo a ver este mv que habla de eso...del dolor de perder a alguien y note que en el mv simbolizan la aparición de plumas con el cuidado de un ángel cercano.... al final el mv volteo y a pie de mi cama una pluma blanca...mi madre siempre cuidándome...ojala LEE HI sepa que al otro lado del mundo su arte me dio un momento magico que jamas olvidare

  • 2:57

  • Que música linda. A voz de Hi é incrível. Amo amo amo!!!

  • is it just me or this kinda sound like Megan trainor: "like I'm going to lose you" song?

  • this song is soooo good

  • Hi Hi and AOMG Fam, Just a fan putting out and idea, but Hi should def cover Alicia Keys' 'If I Ain't Got You' It would be cathartic 꼭 어디선가 언제 한번쯤은 커버해주시면 너무 좋을 거 같아요 하이님 부탁 드립니다. 신곡 홀로 도 잘 듣고 갑니다

    • She did this in her vapp few years ago

  • Saw her on dg and here I am a new sub and loved everything about this song you just earned yourself a new fan from South Africa ❤

  • الاغنيه ابدااااع.......♡

  • 이 노래 요즘 내 최애플레이리스트 ㅠㅜ 😭😍 첫소절 음악이 살짝 슈렉 영화에 나오는 음악 느낌이 나서 뭔가 오묘했음. 암튼 결론 걍 좋아 ㅠㅜ 이하이 언니 사랑해. 계속 나와줘 앤드 예쓰 레츠 스퇍 크롸잉. 흐극 😭😍💕💗