10 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2019

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10 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2019
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Even though 2018 has been an epic year for movies so far and still has many amazing movies left to come, it’s never to early to see what the next year has in store for us movie-goers. So sit back and enjoy what 2019 has to offer!
Glass | 0:26
Hellboy | 1:26
Captain Marvel | 2:10
Toy Story 4 | 3:18
John Wick: Chapter 3 | 4:18
X-Men: Dark Phoenix | 5:08
Godzilla: King Of Monsters | 5:56
Star Wars: Episode IX | 6:45
Untitled James Bond Movie - Bond 25 | 7:30
The New Mutants | 8:28
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  • 10 Movies you can not miss in 2019! Which would've made your list?

  • LIKE!!!!!♥\

  • Turner classic movies for me for 2019 till I see something better.tired of all the mutants.

  • Sherlock Holmes 3

  • Finding Nemo 2 Ok

  • More like 10 more wasted movies 😂 😂 😂 😂... No originality at all. These days... Yawn 😴 video

  • Sansa stark

  • I can’t wait for glad! I’m going for my birthday! Hey ohhh hey ohhhh 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Once upon a time in hollywood fina be my favorite I'm a huge Tarantino fan

  • No.1 has to be How to train your dragon 3

  • Fek you, lady in the water was brilliant.

  • You miss the most wanted movie AVENGERS ENDGAME

  • I think Capt Mar-vel is going be mediocre

  • It's not x-men if wolverine ain't there 😭

  • kevin FI-GEE

  • Wait this channel thinks SW episode 8 was awesome?? Shill media much. These guys are clearly payed to lick buttholes and spit lies.

  • Cap Marvel and star wars ep 9 will both flop hard.

  • Milia Jovovovich ? :D

  • No one is talking about Game of Thrones this 2019? Its about to end... I guess no one wants to talk about someone dying...

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  • Half the list is superhero shit. The last thing we need is more superhero movies. Hollywood really needs to get creative again.

  • M Night Shamalan rules.

  • Who the hell is Milia Johovovich??? :D

  • I seriously doubt if any movie will blow me away wihin the next decade. As long has Hollywood directors are all on crack, nothing original will be produce. Only ludicrous Fantasy and sequels. Hollywood has been on it's decline for over 10 years now. Nothing can stop it. Ho well, part of their audience will remain brainless kidds for the rest of their adult life.

  • Where is Avengers Endgame?

  • another list and another year of remakes and CGI... *yawn*

  • wait for these movie to come to amazon prime or netflex

  • So, basically nothing to look forward to in 2019.

  • Pretty excited about New Mutants now!


  • Thanks for the heads up looks like we have some good viewing next year can't wait.

  • Same shit again, please get some new writers.

  • I hate the word epic, means good now

  • Well, Glass is definitely on my must see list. The rest...we will see.

  • Another year of horrible movies. Great. I'm done going to the theatre, etc until HW starts producing something worthy of my time.

  • dear me, glad everyone else got there with the criticisms before me!

  • A bunch of boring bullshit.

  • Cpt Marvel and SW9 will both not make the money Disney is wanting

  • Its Funny how it says ”blow us away” when avengers endgame Will realease

  • Same shit different flavour. Isn't hollywood lucky the world is full of sheeple

  • look fire

  • Too many superheroes. Soon we won't be able to differentiate one movie from another.

  • nothing good then :(

  • Hollywood is in despair because The state of Georgia is taking all of the block busters to film here and others are following. Hollywood is hearing a sucking sound getting louder. The sleepy politics built up over the years throughout the Hollywood scene has cause actors, actresses, studios, and the like to say screw Hollywood, we’re out of here. Home Depot has built a supply store for them only and they can build props and studio sets on credit until the income flows. Not in Hollywood. And Georgia has roll the red carpet out to the industry and we reaped some $10 Billion dollars and rising. Because of the Hollywood arrogance filming is leaving by the bushel.

  • What about Avatar 2, Scheduled for release in Dec 2019?

  • For the love of god...please...no more superheros. It isnt fun anymore!

  • Godzilla King of the Monsters is Warner Bros last hope!

  • Your telling me avengers is not the most look forward film of 2019?

  • 2018 was a shitty year for movies.

  • I'd go to watch Mila open a packet of crisps

  • Where's Pokémon Detective Pikachu?

  • New Mutants will be the one I am most looking forward to.

  • so hollywood's still releasing crap films

  • John Wick is all I'm interested in. 😒

  • What a shit list, lol, or a shit year?

  • John wick is going to die in the New movie

  • 1 - Shyamalan... Even in best case sceanrio it'll only be a solid film 2 - sounds good 3 - MSJWCU's first film. Yuck. 4 - cashgrab 5 - at least they have self-critic and stop with this one 6 - that"sga" takes 2 original issue comicbook. It's bad to start with. And man, that CGI looks BADD 7 - let's hope it'll be as good as the Kong film 8 - Shame Wizard 9. 'Nuff said. And JarJar Abrams as your saviour? Seriously? 9 - this franchise still exists? 10 - wanna bet Disney ruined this one?

  • I. REALLY. NEED X-MAN: DARK PHIONIX.and godzilla

  • Too much X-Men crap and should have not gone past the original 3 Star Wars movies.

  • I miss John Wayne.

  • dragon ball super broly?

  • James Bond, Godzilla, X Men..., good grief.., what next a new Smurf movie. (facepalm)..., BOOOOOO Hollywood.

  • When will star wars die

  • David harbor is going to be terrible as hellboy. You guys hype any actor regardless if they can act

  • Ads make me not wanna have a phone

  • Wow is this a video about movies or channel kissing hollywoods ass?

  • John wick !!!! Yes !!!

  • This is bullshit

  • really looking forward to the new Godzilla

  • wrong actor for Hellboy. i won't be watching it

  • Two things: First, let me get this yawn finished ..................Second, a female Captain marvel? Really?!? Sets that storyline back 58 years ..... Lastly Star Wars has become too cucked to watch, period.

  • Okay , few films here that interest me next year. Glass, meh. Hellboy, maybe. Captain Marvel, superheroine maybe. T Story 4, another TS from the last eh maybe. John Wick seen the last one epic badass maybe. X-Men, Gene's phoenix unleashed again maybe. Godzilla, the return of the kaiju-sized king of monsters maybe. Star Wars, Ren finally moving on from Force Awakens with galaxy in peril again maybe. Bond 25, the return of Agent double-07 epic spy maybe. New Mutants, the first ever X-Men horror film...interesting maybe.

  • Suddenly the movies from China seem more exciting.

  • So no movies for anyone over the age of 12?

  • Lol the force awakens? Don't you mean chick version of new hope and not nearly a fraction as good lol

  • The new mutants looks so shit

  • spider-man far from home should be on this list!!!

  • How many fucking Godzillas do we need!!!??! All flops!

  • im like a school kid eagerly waiting too see all these movies

  • Shit movies, if you are 13 and love comic books or some never been laid basement dwelling asshat then you may love it. If you have a fucking brain you will not.

  • Lol JJ abrams star wars will blow that is for sure.

  • I absolutely hated John Wick 1. Stupid movie, duck the automatic weapon fire. Kill 45 bad guys in a 10 minute segment. I wouldn't walk across the street to see another one.


  • force awakens Awesome ha ha ha not what the fans or sales say pmsl

  • I haven't been to a cinema since 2004.

  • I’m excited for this solo Joker movie starring Joaquin Phœnix

  • Im not to sure but i think they needs working on but will see.

  • Brie? Shit!!! They got the casting wrong. Hope she won't be in Avengers 4 if the movie Captain Marvel flops. Jessica Chastain would have been the sure hit.

  • I like the movie Lady in the water. Go to hell

  • Apart from Godzilla : King of Monsters, there is nothing to be excited about.

  • If Hollywood had that earthquake we would see a literal renaissance in film making.

  • bullshit list.

  • the same shit... over and over again

  • not really..... just money movies

  • Great if your a 13 year old boy, but not for me.

  • So basically more jump scare horrors, horrific comedy's, boring action films and geeky animation, comic book and sci-fi bullshit that we have been getting over the last decade.

  • I doubt I'll be blown away. New movies are just bloody awful!


  • JEAN GREY!!!!!

  • Really not that excited. Star Wars looks good but expect it will be same old same rebel vs empire stuff after god knows how many similar films and won't blow me away as the last one didn't.