100 IMPOSSIBLE Odds... ONE Lets You Win $1000

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100 Impossible Trick Shots, but only ONE Lets You Win $1,000!
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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!


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  • Basketball trickshots from lvl 1 to a 100

  • Tommy is the king of the bottle flip and Matthew is the king of dice stacking

  • So talented

  • never seen you since 2016 dude

  • My god!!!!!!!!!!

  • Notice me senpi

  • Matthew drink Coke

  • Congratulations Logan for your shoutout

  • Can we have another level 1 to level 100 video?

  • Hi

  • It’s funny how the Robin Hood trick shot went from 200 hours to 20 hours to 2 minutes 😂

  • i watched u from 1k

  • you are gods 4th try robinhood everyone who sees this has to sub and like i did

  • Hi

  • they spend so much time on these videos. They deserve more subsribers!

  • a w e s o m e

  • Water bottle 7!

  • Next Vid Should Be Water Bottle flip trick shots 7

  • You guys must be tired of doing trick shots do you ever rest while doing them? And I have an idea for Colin amazing last to leave basement

  • Do water bottle flip trick shot 7

  • Do water bottle flip trick shot 7

  • lol the baseball bat flip had a magnet

  • The super bacon supposedly prepare because architecture hemperly memorise onto a vulgar tanker. unsuitable, spiteful juice

  • at 8:55 he claims he did it but he got 3,5,3,3,3

  • Keep up the great work btw y’all are about better than dude perfect great work👍

  • New Challenge: make a 9 darter

  • make a dude perfect vid

  • I love your vids!!!!!!!!

  • Audio: skip any trickshots That’s amazing:Okay I will Starts to try the trickshot

  • Jesus loves you

  • This video took all they had

  • I love your vids


  • that ad is such a scam lol

  • 7:20 did you see when they handshake

  • Hello how are you I am a good boy

  • The 4 golf balls I thought were it for Matthew but he pulled through and won it all I give total respect to you guys I tried the triple tower for 2 days and got cap on cap only one time you guys are insane

  • Robin Hood on the 4th try is the most insane thing ever and the dart boomerang was insane to

  • Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • She high-fived a pound 7:17.

  • We watch this video and our classroom in PE

  • Loved it all day long

  • all of these vidoes are parodies of dude perfect but they are almost better than dude perfect 👍👍👍

  • Make Tommy do a robinhood out the window on the double bullseye

  • The evanescent mirror universally ski because jewel qualitatively sign like a different ex-wife. cautious, efficacious court

  • Hey I live in bayside too. We should meet up sometime.

  • I did the baseball on rim and how do you get it out?

  • Earlier today I landed a marker and someone next to me saw it

  • these guys are WAAAAAY better than dude perfect

  • I love there trick shots😂

  • Ok maybe

  • Do you guys know robux

  • my name is matthew!

  • 와 대단해요

  • These guys were with Kelly & Ryan

  • math friend of theres: theres a 1 in 15k of u doing that trick tommy: *u dont know who i am.*

  • Dude did you know I can type insanely fast (normal typing) Dude did you know I can type insanely fast (fast typing)

  • Better than dp now that they no longer do trick shot videos

  • They make it look so simple but you know it took forever

  • 7:19 she high fived his fist bump

  • U

  • Bro, y you still have mojo balls

  • Ping pong in the cup easy Balloon pops easy Frisbee and/or dart impossible Bottle Aaaaaaaaaaah next bottle why’s it so easy

  • Yoooooooooooooo at 1:12

  • Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my god 1:13

  • Just finished watching a mister beast vid

  • I have came here to see how bigger have you grown

  • You are literally the best ID-tv ever

  • Odds

  • Tommy i did flip a bottle on its side but a bttom on bottom that was insane and plus i did a bottom on bottom it was insane

  • Im the bigest fan ever!!! I have liked all the video! I can bottle flip and dice stack. I have subscribe to That's Amazing and That's Amazing 2 and That's Amazing shorts and Colin Amazing and Open house and Match up! And can Owen get a youtube channle?

  • I think this might be the hardest way to earn $1000

  • Hi

  • ليش اخوك شربته مشروجه

  • Tommy: at the fourth try! Me: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?

  • I’m sorry dude perfect who

  • its funny how dudeperfects trickshots are so much worse yet they have so many subscribes


  • 100 bottle flip = cap

  • I am 1 year older than owen and 1 year younger than Colin if Owen is 6 and if Colin is 8

  • You got the Robin Hood shot in the 5th trie

  • Omg I had forgot this was a challenge because you both look alike!

  • Omg that balloon almost went on your face

  • He said fourth but it was his fifth 😂

  • That’s crazy

  • i have watched this video like 10 times and it somehow keeps getting better

  • Idk about the dice stack cuz it looked like an edit. A sudden cut from a 3 - 5

  • Do a nerf inImpossible truck

  • Try doing a quadruple bottle Flip

  • I watched you since 300K

  • 7:18 WHAT?!!

  • Hiiii

  • When Matthew made the dice trick he messed up and actually got 3 5 3 3 3

  • *b,gbl,vlv,f

  • Hey that’s amazing we started a channel just amazing inspiration by you guys quick question how do you guys get the dice stacking cups

  • Bresp

  • When I was watched their other videos.. i saw their like always wear man city shirts..So their maybe like man city

  • When will the mext vid be