15 Things You Didn’t Know About Indonesia

Dipublikasikan tanggal 29 Jan 2019
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Indonesia | Travel Tuesday
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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
Where is Indonesia?
How expensive is Indonesia?
When to travel in Indonesia?
When is the best time to go to Indonesia?
Is it safe to travel to Indonesia?
How cheap is Indonesia?
What are the best places in Indonesia?
How good is Indonesian street food?
Where to stay in Indonesia?
What to do in Indonesia?
Why is Indonesia considered instagram heaven?
Why do people go to Indonesia?
Who is the richest man in Indonesia?
Which is the most expensive house in Indonesia?
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  • Hey Aluxers, which place should we cover next? Inside the No.1 HOTEL in the World (Bali, Indonesia): id-tv.org/tv/video-W7WnGc_UiEg.html

    • Jin-Tian Chan , I agree. This video is amateurish. Rich people, find other sources of information.

    • Jin-Tian Chan , I agree. This video is amateurish. (1) The narrator mispronounces common words (e.g. archipelago), (2) the choice of examples does not reflect the truly important parts of Indonesia that I know, being married to an Indonesian and (3) the research on each topic often incomplete and inaccurate. Alux

    • Why were you inclined to bring up negativity and bad news about Indonesia? And seriously that wasn't up-to-date info! Congrats you've just made misleading info on here! 1. You said Freeport is 90% owned by Americans and 10% owned by the Indonesian Government? Freeport now is 51% owned by the Indonesian Government and your people have 49%! Please note it before you're spreading misleading info! Indonesia isn't AS POOR AS YOU THINK!!! 2. You said "trans" are very popular in Indonesia? Hello!! Were you talking about Indonesia or Thailand?!! LOL! What a STUPID fuckin' misleading platform!!!

    • My country Indonesia

    • Fucking channel .. banned this plz ID-tv

  • im indonesian

  • beautiful places and nice people!I will be back again!

  • Largest gold 51% | 49% us...not 10% in papua,not java..🙄

  • Alux some of ur information is wrong.. Richest Man in Asia is Mukesh Ambani..

  • I from indonesia thank you for news

  • What are you doingggg guysss??? Some of These facts are incorrect. What the heck

  • Correction. Hindus Temples. Only Borobudur is Buddist Temple. The rest are Hindus. One of the biggest religion in Indonesia. Number 11 is not true at all.

  • 30,000 tonnes of gold in one year?? There are are only 170,000 tonnes in the world in 2013.


  • Totally many wrong informations here

  • Wtf????? Indonesian eat dog?!!!!FACK INDONESIA U DONT GOOD!!!

  • The food stuff is hoax

  • Don't trust this video I live in Indonesia and it is corrupted as hell

  • I live in indonesia i love it

  • I want to add one more unique fact: most Indonesians don't have family names.

  • The located of largest gold isn't Java it's Papua. Please.!

  • wow so catchy when she said : Endonesiahhhh

  • wow so catchy when she said : Endonesiahhhh

  • 2. no huge transgender dude _-

  • stupid,ur need more search fact about indonesia

  • too many ads -_-

  • there are points are not in accordance with the facts in Indonesia, lets explore to find out more real facts about Indonesia before you conclude.

  • Lemme correct you The mine is not on java its on papua Trans are not popular in indonesia,there are a small population of them

  • indonesian, aku cinta kamu ❤️ ~ from the Philippines

  • Thanks for featuring my country on your channel, Alux. As a proud Indonesian, I have to tell you that there are some points that are totally wrong especially point no #1, #2, and #16. I suggest you to do more research on this so you can deliver more accountable, accurate, and genuine information to your viewers. Another one, Indonesia has so much more than Bali itself, so take your time to study and if possible visit Indonesia to see the beauty of my country through your own eyes.

  • Dog eating assholes should be nuked. Fuck these losers.

  • I'm sorry Alux, but a lot of information were wrong..

  • Number 2 is defenely wrong, probably 2-3 transgender people if there is any, and hidden prostitution and mostly they are Vietnamese and Cambodia

  • Maybe I Do Cause I Live In Indonesia

  • some fact is not actual

  • Eating dog meat is illegal in this country

  • That's true

  • Accept number 9

  • And you never beeen there

  • All of this is fake

  • Every thing in this video is wrong

  • Are you sure abaout the number 2 transgender i mean really are you sure because i live there and it's rare to see a transgender

  • ALUX made video no with survey???? Where country u from Alux???

  • Please do more research before putting in to the video, as an Indonesian I disagree on some points.. 1. Gold and Copper Mine is not in Java. Papua is different province from Java 2. Transgenders are NOT VERY popular here. (Do more research on this part) 3. Racism are not exist here. You need to see how native people treat Chinese in the east part of Indonesia. They even choose them to be leader of some church community. 4. The currency is not the lowest value in the worlds. Search more for this!!!

    • @• Shy Cat • Bali is tend to be LGBT friendly (Some Balinese are annoyed of them though) and the rest of the island, I guess, nah...

    • I 100℅ agree on all of the things you corrected especially the transgender thing. You don't see *much* LGBT people here

  • hey guys some information about Indonesia is wrong in this so watch this video about Indonesia id-tv.org/tv/video-yQbcNRO1XUw.html and do tell me how is the video

  • you make mistake, the biggest gold and copper mining was is in papua island! not java


    • Okay what's your problem with them? Or maybe it's just an act of sarcasm? Idk but *okay like we give a shit about your opinion I live this place*

  • definitely misleading info !!! Better read books more, check google map and do more research moron!!! What a stupid video

  • slaughtering a man who resembles a woman because it is a shame to the degree of man himself, I am a sane Indonesian

  • Your video contains so many wrong and provocative informations, especially for this part: 6:31 - Seriously, you'll gonna make people who don't know anything about it get the wrong idea. FYI: there's no more massive deforestation because of palm oil since 2011, the deforestation that you talk about is from the EU researchers who get the data from 2008, they seems trying to prevent Indonesia from exporting CPO ( green fuel), why? Because Indonesia is currently at the 1st place as the biggest exporter for CPO in the world including Europe which also has their own green fuel product (rapeseed oil). On the other hand palm oil or CPO is a great alternative fuel to minimize or even stopping the use of fossil fuel that we all know it's limited and of course, one of the main factors that caused global warming.

  • Wrong information! in here there's no popular transgender. please don't making Indonesia look like bad country ~salaam(mean)peace

  • English=java Indonesian=jawa

  • hey guys some information about Indonesia is wrong in this so watch this video about Indonesia id-tv.org/tv/video-yQbcNRO1XUw.html

  • i live in indonesia

  • Im from Indonesia

  • Number 2 is very wrong

  • 1:36 the gold mine is actually located in Papua, not Java Island

  • Why is there so much wrong information in this video whether you underestimate our country

  • Hadir

  • i know about Indonesia because i live there

  • For number 11 I.. I dont think we eat dog meat?- Well, not that I know of..


  • I don't know indonesian is awesome. Now i love Indonesian, full of spicy food hooray

  • The gold mine is not in java, it located in papua