22 years of life milestone (but this time for me)

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I'm turning 22 this time and i hit 2,000,000 subscribers. Sweet.
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  • 1:01 *NO MEANS NO ADAM!!*

  • James:No means No Adam

  • Why can’t they be room mates that’d be great

  • It’s pacmans cousin who slept in the Arizona sun for 1 year Black man!!

  • Its weird because James is like Adams child but Jameson is older

  • WOW i just realised i have the same birthday as him june 17 i swear to god

  • Happy birthday even if it is not your birthday anymore.

  • Jame: *gets friend zoned by siri*

  • True friends💕

  • james, you pronounced flameable wrong


  • Is that the oddonesout

  • you look like tony stark

  • Help rice with cake

  • *your telling me that James sleeps with a camera and shoes on?-*

  • James:NO IS NO ADAM! Me:Lol

  • this is straight up a cursed video

  • Floof!!!!!


  • I have the exact model and color desk that James has- I know I'm being sToOpId but I dunno, I thought maybe I waz kinda KeWL... gUeSs nAT

  • Pls stop waisting food

  • I love how James says “Did you just spit in my room?” and Adam comes up with the brilliant excuse of “I got fire in my mouth!”

  • Adam: "ok google" my phone goes off* Me:"HE WASN'T TALKING TO YOU!"

  • Como cuando sabes menos de la mitad de lo que dicen Adam y James

  • In here, we eat everything with rice..

  • Why did I just realize we have the same birthday •_•

  • i dont understand cuz sirst he was playing video game wiTH FLOOF ON HIS LAP BUT HE HAD TO DRIVE TO SEE JAMES..... BUT THATS JUST A THEORY A ID-tvR THEORY....- okay im done now- happy birthday

  • When he said ok google my google went off

  • New game black man in store right now ebay gamestop enyware only $2.99 buy now

  • I don't know why but you look like Tony stark

  • Sooubway UwU

  • The James scream is kill me 😂 jajajajajjaja

  • 8 minutes of adults being idiots

  • Does James always sleep with a fricking CAMERA?!

  • Does James always sleep with a fricking CAMERA?!

  • 1:01 The kind of content our generation requires...

  • Typical: sleep with a camera and your friend comes suddenly ... with a camera

  • Floof? James¿ huh?

  • 0:17 he stole floof

  • Fucking died at “NO MEANS NO ADAM!”

  • Suoobway!

  • Did they have to have sex to get out of bed

  • *pours rice in the floor* ASIAN SCREAMING

  • 1:03 cant sop laughing

  • Soobway classic James

  • How normal people spend birthdays: With cake and presents How the pro gamers spend birthdays:

  • someone, please tell me that I am the only one who thinks Adam is hot as FRICK

  • The part my mom walks in on: 0:59 - 1:04 VS the rest of the movie: 1:04 - 1:09

  • Alexis Alexis better at beat boxing

  • Now if you think about it Adam does look like Markiplier ._.

  • Happy birthday

  • hes almost got to 3,000,000!!!

  • "Ahhhhh ah ahhh no means no Adam! "

  • I like how he’s just playing smash

  • It looks like you are eating poop

  • JamesOOON, how does it feel to be friendzoned by Siri?

  • Otros: *hablando del video* Yo: ... Que mierda dicen? :v

  • lol 0:23 he has odd1souts dog


  • Nono Adam you have to put 1Million cakes on one grain of rice 💀💀😂😂