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Let’s optimize cooking activities together! We will show you how to cut the time you spend on cooking routine. We share perfect ideas on how to quickly peel, cut and serve fruits and vegetables. Remember that fruits are the main part of a healthy diet as they are a source of nutrients and vitamins that are so important for your body. Besides, fruits contain potassium and fiber that help our stomach to work properly. The main benefit of fruits that they contain natural sugars like fructose and glucose that are not so harmful to your health as sugar in processed food and drinks. You can cook a lot of dishes and tasty desserts using fruits. So, don’t forget to add fruits to your meal as it reduces the risk of obesity, heart diseases and some kinds of cancers.
Our fruits and vegetable tips will teach you how to cut cherry tomatoes for 10 seconds. Place tomatoes between two plastic covers and cut. So, you can cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half at once instead of slicing them one by one.
We know the most comfortable way to cut champignons - take wooden skewers and watch our tutorial. We prepared the fastest way to peel kiwi. Just place the edge of the kiwi against the lip of a glass and slide it down. Because kiwi is a soft fruit, the glass can slide through it and separate the skin relatively pain-free. We know a lot of tips and tricks about cooking efficiently and effectively!
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00:20 How to cut dragon fruit
02:19 How to peel kiwi
03:20 Pomegranate lifehack
04:07 Watermelon basket
05:44 The quickest way to cut pineapple

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  • 28 WAYS TO PEEL AND CUT FRUITS LIKE A PRO 1st clip is shrimp

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