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00:56 Get creative with these simple hacks
04:17 Yummy and beautiful egg recipes
08:47 Eggs in the clouds
11:03 Easy ways to carve fruits and vegetables
15:10 Lovely apple ideas
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  • You do not know how to cook eggs new untested way? Just see how we do it at 9:10! Brilliant, isn't it? Do you already want to try this method too? 🙄

  • Who agrees that tomatoes are a FRUIT not a vegetable no need to like just reply Edit: also how did you make the grape things for the turtles?

  • Nice

  • Copied everything of yummy!

  • This Is fake, original Is so yummy

  • So many of these copied from So yummy!

  • Some of the “sauces” literally look like paint

  • Copied entirely from so yummy

  • Minimum

  • But my mom won't allow me to waste so many eggs.

  • I am so tired at five minute crafts. First of all half the time you don't even say what the ingredients are, you just put something on there leaving all of us to guess what it is when the whole point is so we can try this. Second of all many of the ones in this video are very similar, you're just doing a different pattern. How many ways can you sprinkle some kind of red dust on a plate in almost the same design. Ones on the left ones on the right. Ooooh. I'm really tired of trying to watch these videos and you not actually telling anybody what the product is called, you just leave us in the dark. If I wanted to hunt items down for hours I would be doing that instead of looking things up on ID-tv. I'm done with you guys.

  • Eh, I prefer HowToBasic

  • O my gosh serving food even with flower.Even we don't offer in that way to deties.

  • You are mad

  • 6 презентация плохая пироженое размокнет и неприятно так есть руки будут липкими

  • Dont you think people care more about the food than the plates?

  • Now I'm ready to go to Master Chef thanks!

  • cringe

  • Stealing is so easy guys

  • Wow..😍

  • One that you fry the eggs in works and it's so nice

  • The flour egg one works I've done it looks amazing

  • Never thought I'd enjoy a 5 minute crafts video. Some of these are terrible (never use a lighter for food), but others are pretty cool

  • Aswd are you minecraft animy

  • You stole it from so yummy cuz their video was first came out and then yours

  • Stolen from the channel "so yummy"

  • it’s funny how half way through it just becomes egg hacks heh ah i always like a good lie and a clickbaited video don’t you?

  • Wat

  • When you leave auto play on and like an hour later you are like wait what video am I on Just me ok

  • Hi my Ghazel ALKaser

  • I didn't come here for EGG TIPS and FRUIT cutting tips! Also, many of those egg tips are just disgusting, especially the frozen and then fried eggs.

  • I love how there are massive plates and tiny desserts

  • 0:39 looks like a horror movie 5:55 what a massacre

  • They stole everything from so yummy :| but their videos are better :).

  • Who else used these life hacks and ended up getting cut?

  • It's called 5-minute craft and there is no food in craft

  • 3:09) TODOROKI?!?!?!

  • On the one with the paintbrush that looked gross

  • Half of them are litterly from so yummy 🐤🐤🐤🐤

  • 繁华过后(SOGRRA)

  • What do they use to decorate the plates????

  • What was that dessert at 0:18

  • These snakes stole this vid from so yummy

  • I’m crying here is a as of finish the plate cleaning brand before the vid such a good coincidence

  • honestly I don't think chefs plate like this, these are way too complicated for chef plating. simplicity is key.

    • +sena jabeen can you speak English lol


  • who watch this but not use in real life

  • Sabre Norris here I would say goodbye to the two men who are in the same position as the two of them are not the same people as they give us the way I,m and mad are the two things that

  • Stolen

  • Isn't this video from "so yummy"???????

  • This seems like a lot of pain to scrub dries chocolate off a plate

  • This actually gave me ideas to get into the cooking club

  • 3:21 such a big plate for such a small thing

  • Its a cute

  • ไม่ชอบ

  • I like how everything is 10% food, and 90% plate and decorations.

  • This entire vid is eggs

  • This entire vid isn eggs


  • If you are going to steal other creator's content, at least make an effort to change it up a bit.

  • 5:01 they’re egg rolls😂

  • **gordan Ramsey wants to know your location*

  • Basically. I can do those decorating. But. The food. Imma just eat my decoration. 😂

  • *nahhh how to basic is better At cooking*

  • Awesome..♡♡♡

  • At 1:25 Blackpink in ur area!!!!

  • Ittu sa desert ke liye inna vadda plate use kaarungi to meri mummy to mujhe ghar se nikal deni hai 😂😂😂😂

  • Wow too much creativity❤

  • คนไทยยั่วๆจร้าา

  • 6:59 If its on expiration date you should not eat them anymore why would you still make something out of it 😆😆😆

  • Who is watching this and don't want to do just watching can I get some subscribers plz if yes so hit the like button

  • 0:40 some one been killed

  • Wow!! Good idir

  • 9:26-9:28 is it just me or will you NOT eat that

  • How does plate ideas turn into egg hacks😂

  • .... most of this wasn’t even plate decoration It was just cooking “hacks”

  • Rip notifications when u subscribe to 5 min crafts lol

  • White and Red =🇵🇱 Poland

  • Am I the only one that would be triggered if I had that tiny dessert on such a big plate? Or is it just me?

  • *Waiter comes: Sir here's your bill only $2,000*

  • I hope the first and third won't spread out

  • I love food

  • I feel bad for the person washing the plates tho 😢😂😢

  • Apa cuman saya yang orang indonesia

  • So this is what rich people eat for dinner....

  • Nice

  • 1:27 ‘bLaCk pInK iN yOuR aReA!”

  • J

  • 1:32 BLACKPINK 😂 Where you at Blinks?

  • Yutfuruvurufuufugrugu😑😑

  • This is so extra..

  • Okay. In what context would splattering what ever the heck that was look good? Because I think most can agree. That looks worse than Troom Troom’s script. It look unprofessional if that is what you’re swinging for. If you’re going for a more artistic style. Then it still looks awful. I’m sorry but it does. It isn’t even centered. Okay rant over.

  • Please stop using giant plates for the tiniest dishes

  • Should i lick the plate

  • This should be "How to get your kids to eat what th don't like"

  • At the restaurant. The client: - "Waiter, there's something floating in my soup!?" Waiter: - "This is soup! Something supposed to float in there!" Client: - "You don't get it! That something is lying on it's back and rowring with both paws!" Waiter: - "Don't worry Ma'am! It won't make it to the edge.. most likely will drown!" 😆 (It was the fly)

  • For the egg yolk thing DO NOT ATTEMPT THAT AT HOME because while yes it’s done at some restaurants those chefs have lots of experience and if you attempt this you may get ill so DO NOT ATTEMPT THAT AT HOME

  • Have you ever saw a comment and was like DooD i WiSh I wRotE daT

  • Wow I like it😍😍😉😉😉😍😍😍😍

  • Me

  • Everything isn't about plating. Some of it is about preparing.