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00:56 Get creative with these simple hacks
04:17 Yummy and beautiful egg recipes
08:47 Eggs in the clouds
11:03 Easy ways to carve fruits and vegetables
15:10 Lovely apple ideas
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  • You do not know how to cook eggs new untested way? Just see how we do it at 9:10! Brilliant, isn't it? Do you already want to try this method too? 🙄

  • 13:26 she ate the leaves

  • 13:35 polla zene

  • Who else watched this but never used it in their life?


  • Hi

  • That is freaking useless! 😬😬

  • 5 minutes craft Cheap life hacks

  • I think that plates r not clean sems like un clean toilat 000

  • I thought this was for food plating ideas. Why are we suddenly on weird food recipes or whatever?

  • Aren't these videos from the channel "So Yummy"?

  • “5-Minute Crafts” Bake for 30 mins!!! ;-; Gurl what??

  • Has anyone ever wondered in the intro how the tire gets on the screwdriver? Did it have glue on it? Reply if you have an answer :D

  • 6:25 or you could use the previous hacks

  • u wasted my time.

    • Why did you come here if you can't recognize art?

  • me at 3 am: *watches this*

  • Türkçe olsa şaşarım

  • Да блин как вы это делаете????? Это же самое главное

  • Cheating copied of so yummy

  • Honestly half of these platings don't look great at all lol specially the one where they just use a spoon and smack the fruit puree, it makes it look like you just splatted it on the plate by accident and just throw the food on it

  • 0:09 - 4:10 Song name ?

  • 신기하고 재밌어서 자꾸보게되요!

  • really good i like the good map

  • I have seen all the videos of 5 minutes craft who ever likes 5 minutes craft plz like

  • Robby come try these one's

  • Русские, лайкайте комментарий чтобы англичане думали, что я что то крутое написала!


  • 2:04 Katy Perry ❤️

  • 1:51 did the plate have diarrhea?

  • 0:41 holy sh*t the cupcake died

  • Is this a food presentation video or a tutorial of how to make more dishes

  • 0:28 2:46 2:56

  • These aren’t even hacks tbh...

  • Robby sent me :|

  • 13:26 why did that low-key give me groom troom vibes?

  • Im not doing the dishes this time!

  • U guys did you copied from So yummy

  • I found this really satisfying

  • why do ppl hat eon 5 min crafs they are actually pretty smart

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbait and so did u

  • U should make a channel called 5 Minute Food

  • Like si tienen enbidia de que ellos se coman lo mejor y nosotros la peor

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  • That is cool I did that on my birthday me and am a kid me and mommy did this on thanksgiving and I had ID-tv friends there wow it was just so much fun and I’m kida not you favorite ID-tvr sorry so so so sorry I don’t wach that much of your shoes because I have school 🏫 but now I’m watching people ✌️

  • Ahhh this is helpful for babysitting. It tricks the kids into eating fruit

  • im just... getting more concerned as i watch these.. i .

  • Playing is easy use a appropriate sized plate and use a little something extra like a mint leaf or a drizzle of chocolate

  • There’s only 1 thing 2 say 5 words 4 you What are we doing here?

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  • True works of art

  • What is eel sauce?

  • 1:53 super pomysł na śniadanie

  • Türkleri görelim

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  • 12:39 That apple look moldy

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  • Anyone else thinks these are satisfying

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  • I'm not going anywhere near the border with a statement issued by the end of the year before I have to be a great way for a few years

  • 1:34 blackpink

  • who watches 5 minute crafts but never try the hacks lol😂

  • Nice and beautiful furit heches

  • Güzeldi ama eşyaları yemekleri araya verdiniz biraz🤗

  • They copied so yummy >:0

  • 6:59 *Someone call an eggsterminator*

  • like si ablas Español

  • Well have fun washing all those plates!

  • It would be nice to tell us what you’re using. This a not a hate comment, by the way.

  • 00:38 it looks like you just murdered someone

  • 15:10

  • 2:36 What’s the powdery stuff and where can I buy it?

  • This is just a waste of preciously clean plates

  • @1:59 could I please have my plate look like the inside of my 4 year olds underwhere?

  • I’ll never do a single one. Ever

  • Hello exo-l's!

  • 1:26 This reminds me to the Girl Group BLACKPINK lol

  • Uh...A lot of these are from So Yummy..

  • Alguien abla español

  • its nice idea we create like this in insta

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  • Imagine it if they don't eat it

  • 1:34 Black pink

  • Amazing 😱😱😱😱

  • I'm only watching because I have nothing better to do

  • The heck is eel sause

  • You are copycat from Tasty! Noob.

  • *oh no the spoon in the thumbnail made a crime scene*

  • Mais vcs gostam de ovo heim

  • You guys copied So Yummy

  • 00:20 no offense but that seems like a bit of a waste just for three macarons? No hate on 5-minute crafts though

  • I wonder when did cooking eggs become a plating hack

  • Türk yokmu Türkler Beğendi bile