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00:56 Get creative with these simple hacks
04:17 Yummy and beautiful egg recipes
08:47 Eggs in the clouds
11:03 Easy ways to carve fruits and vegetables
15:10 Lovely apple ideas
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  • You do not know how to cook eggs new untested way? Just see how we do it at 9:10! Brilliant, isn't it? Do you already want to try this method too? 🙄

    • Вы вообще русские?

    • You stole that joke from the comments

    • I’m a vegetarian but I eat egg. Not meat. My grandparents hate eggs so we pretend we never even heard of eggs when we visit them. We also get rid of eggs for a few months when they visit us. This is so sad because this is how I learned to lie and it is really hard for me to keep a secret. From random 12 year old girl. P.S. I think my grandparents hate eggs because of old Indian traditions.

    • 5-Minute Crafts what if I don't like eggs?

  • People do this to *look* go but in reality there is 2 things on that plate....

  • Cool

  • Not trying to be mean but u guys copied the channel So Yummy with most of your ideas

  • Omg u guys just copied so yummy

  • You know, I think 5 minute crafts are worthless. They do nothing but get money for doing awful crafts like this! I Don’t know how people are subscribed to them.

  • when five minute crafts runs out of ideas:

  • This channel is dead !

  • 9:29, ew.

  • 1:34 blackpink in your area


  • cool but wouldn't use it

  • please tell us ur ingredants thx

  • 14:04 why is that onion such a pretty shade of purple ? Is it weird that I want to dye my hair the colour of an onion

  • 14:00


  • 4:20 tamagoyaki 😍😍😍

  • Why such big plates but so little food 😞

  • No one will lick of that sauce from their plate

  • I ja ovo mogu napravit. Inace ja i radim specijalitete i svi kazu da su pre fini

  • Hey uh, could I have these eggs on the menu? Waiter:Sure thing! -they put them in a load of salt and stuff- Four days later *WhErEs mY fOoD*

  • *yup cause we do just love minty eggs .-.*

  • 1:28 blackpink!!!

  • stop stealing from tasty!!!!!!!!

  • Is anyone gonna talk about the thumbnail....?

  • Channel name: 5-Minute Crafts Video: Wait at least 4 days Me: Do you mean 5 day crafts?

  • 7:45 Lol ahahahaha šta ova reč radi ovde! Anybody else?

  • To no contact be no noon on in no

  • Soy la única que abla español😂😁

  • Did yall got dish plate for one freaking macaron?

  • Umm. No thanks. I'd rather have my food clean than non edible.

  • the things we do for food!

  • Who watchs the never does them🙄

  • Am I the only one who realized that it seems like they stole most of the plating hacks from the channel So Yummy?

  • Soooooooooo cool

  • Who just got bored and thought how useless these things are? Me.😂

  • 8:47 i dunno why but that reminded me of koi fish😂😂😂

  • Ever heard of non-stick pans? (8:30)

  • All of these look finna good

  • My friend: let’s have pizza for dinner! Me: ok *one eternity later* My friend: where’s the pizza? Me: hold on I didn’t finish melting the white chocolate! Friend: wut?

  • Now i want to be a chef

  • 0:41 site where a mini atomic bomb was exploded

  • They stole ALL of the plating videos🙄

  • 0:32 I'm the kind of person who would reach to grab the spoon // Fork and get whiter hands.

  • 9:10 ok

  • stealing ideas from "so yummy"

  • Spot the difference nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmnnn If you did. Leave a like!

  • your making me hungry!aaaaaaa

  • I I L I Lo I Lov I Love I Love i I Love it

  • Wow, Amazing~!

  • Y dis 5 minute crafts if these take less than 5 mins? Oof

  • 6:58 HowToBasic

  • 8:31 me when I'm lazy 😂

  • Where do you guys get these ideas

  • 8:30 Is this an idea to place food like a chef?

  • The thumbnail looks like a crime scene..... not a fancy dinner plate

  • I'll make one there are very delicious mmm i wonder what's takes like egg exampls are really easy I'll make one of those

  • My dad was a chef for 30 years and he never did any of these playting stuff. #rosting5minutecrafts

  • Nice 8:59

  • Half of this isn't even about plateing your food like a chef

  • 6:43 just wasting all that sugar that could be used for cake

  • Hail satin

  • 14:33 Wanting to try an "easy" food hack that will be a fail... :/

  • 1:56 skid mark

  • {\_/} (*. *) /- - \ This is bunny He wants to learn how to plate food like a chef 1 like=1 lesson

  • this video is really really fast but I like it

  • I Guess i'll never understand fancy food

  • 4:27 is it not burning hot the pan and how does it cook if its cold?

  • Wait i need to clean up my room

  • Gordon Ramsay approved.

  • 🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Want to know the first song plz

  • 7:23 i think 5 months isnt 5-minute >:3

  • The wax paper is useless. That’s why we put butter on the pan before we cook.

  • Ha 2:35 @hamcutcom

  • 1:27 black pink

  • This is a great video pls do more of this

  • This is just Quality over Quantity

  • we all know what Gordon would say to this.

  • ɗɛuร ɱɛ ɗiɓtɛ quɛɓʀɑʀ ѳ pʀɑtѳ

  • Yummy yummy looks so good I should tell my mom to do this

  • At 1:28 all i could think about was well me being the blink i am think of blackpink Any body else just me ok😅

  • 1:01-1:05 does anyone think it looks like the word juul

  • 5 minute trash


  • An egg barito do you really have to just put the ingredients in a bag and mix it then just tap it on the pan then ur done? Nah man you don't really !!YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN IT MORE 5 MINUTE CRAFTS I bet it doesn't really take 5 minutes lol😂

  • so im just going to design a plate just for 1-3 macarons? really 😒 edit: and the plate was so big for a SINGLE macaron 😒😒😒

  • Gordon Ramsay has left the chat

  • Is it *Okay* To Eat The *Egg* *Shell* ?

  • Great video

  • 🤗😋

  • *casually eats strawberry like a barbarian in my office*

  • 0:40 that does NOT look appetizing. 1:50 that still looks horribly disgusting.

  • They literally coppied So Yummy!! 😡😠

  • They copied So yummy and that makes me mad cuz i love this channel and i loveeeee So yummy

  • this vid that 5 minute craft made is a copy of the video so yummy made 10 months ago and 5 minute crafts make it 3 months ago 😡😡😡

  • They copied so yummy.

  • Buuuuuuu 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • i need to have one 9:10

  • watch this and eat moms spaghetti