Dipublikasikan tanggal 4 Des 2019
Everybody loves funny videos about everyday life and we prepared a new one! Here are examples of the most annoying situations ever! Ask your friends and share your fails and funny stories with us! The situation I hate the most is when I’m going to leave home but forget about the keys, wallet, and phone. And I need to come back for about three times! Ugh! One more annoying situation is when you ask your friend to make your photo but the result is awful! At night when I’m trying to sleep, I have a common struggle like it’s too hot under warm bed cover and too cold without it. What should I do?
Do you have a clumsy friend? I bet you have at least one. A lot of funny moments happen with clumsy people. Watch this video till the end and find a selection of awkward situations that could happen to your clumsy friend or with you! Sometimes it’s hard to understand whether a person is unlucky or clumsy. For example, when you spill coffee in a car and the super cute guy looks at you, do you consider this situation as bad luck? Share stories about your clumsy friends with us!
As a bonus, you will find a compilation of every day fails all the people can relate to! Find more funny moments!
00:09 Everyday fails
03:48 Crazy annoying situations
10:00 Low battery nightmare
12:30 Are you a lucky person?
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