36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Okt 2019
Playing the only 36 Strings Bass Guitar in the World.
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  • Finally a new dining table

    • Davie504:Yes

    • lmao

    • Maybe make a hole in the middle that would be easier to clamp the strings?

    • Please clear Nathan Diaz slapper challenge.

  • Are there songs that are pretty much all like 2:09 - 2:36 ?

  • Your bass is so big

  • 69 strings B A S S, I need to see it

  • I wonder how long it took him to tune this base

  • I was going to like this video but I'm sure you're all ready bald.

  • Wow! 36 strings!! Is this the basssss? Why can you play this!

  • Ahah, mozart beat you with 230 strings bass solo (stop saing that is a piano)

  • Everyone:don’t try to beat Davie504s record Davie504:I am going to beat Davie504s record

  • Very Impressive but can you do a 48 string bass solo

  • impressive but what can you do with a 50 string BASS

  • Destroy all your or ill don't slap this

  • Impressive but can you play a 36 string bass solo having to play EVERY fret in EACH string (that makes 36x number of frets)

  • That's gotta suck to tune

  • There going to call hem ONE SLAP MAN

  • The first part sounds like a Nirvana song

  • 2:13 - 2:38 - I loved it so much

  • If ling ling see this

  • Thats ridiculus!

  • 2:09 Was The Best Part .. IDK .. Guess So 😅 I Love To Hear That Sound

  • He's not actually bald in the video

  • Try a 56 bass string

  • EPIC

  • 590k likes where your bald head

  • E P I C

  • just 100k more for the 69lmao bass please xDDD

  • жесть :)

  • I don't see a bass i see a table with strings

  • murdoc... niccals...

  • I mean, is that really a 36 stringed intrument or is just 4 guitars stapled together? Also is it really even a bass when at least half the strings are in a higher register?

  • lmao


  • Very impressive, but can you play it use 69 (lmao) string?

  • Well thats not really comfortable...

  • now do it with 69 strings

  • Who all are after the hair cut?

  • Edited

  • Кто русский?

  • 1:04 NANIIIIIII!!!!!!!

  • 弦の本数はおかしいけど、それ以前にめっちゃ上手くて草

  • Next 100

  • LMAO Davie is going bald

  • How strings do you want? Davie504:yes

  • amazing

  • 690k likes yet?

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  • That has to be one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen! SsaBssab

  • Dang you got recked by Davie 504

  • Imagine how much time will it need to be tuned.


  • 36 strings bass 3.6 M views

  • Holy fucking shit. Dude must now every not and scale to ever be played! I just freaked out a little bit.

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  • Where did you get that chair

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