49ers vs. Rams Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2020

Dipublikasikan tanggal 29 Nov 2020
The San Francisco 49ers take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 12 of the 2020 NFL season.
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  • kitchen nightmares

  • They lost to a practice squad

  • Rams are do dog water

  • this game gave me heavy 2019 49ers vibes. We had to earn every single yard and every single inch, and win it the hard way.

  • Damn Jason Varette turned on the turbos and chased guy down.

  • “It’s a 2020 game”

  • Seahawks need to watch this game and implement a similar game plan smh

  • "How many times can the ball be turned over in one game"

  • 49ers NEVER FAILS by destroying lambs every year lettss goooooooo!!!!;))🔥😎

  • 4-0🧹

  • spider man far from home

  • Jared Goff is horrible

  • 49ers

  • sean mcvay's face at the end of these losses to the 9ers for the last 2 years have been priceless

  • turnover game offenses suck

  • 9ersssss!!!

  • I think this backup qb us better than garropolo

  • hii

  • yungblud

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  • Both these teams suck lol

  • Let's go

  • 10-6 were going out

  • Did you guys see sherm , playing safety? He was playing safety on 2 plays , both plays didn't gain no yards !

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  • Y'all know who Debo is now!?? 😂🤣🐑🐑

  • They were playing with a soap?

  • Glad to see Sherm get a pick his first game back.

  • A good coach can win games no matter who is his quarterback.

  • Green law is something special


  • Too bad Deebo will never make all pro smh

    • He's been hurt. It never happens when you miss parts of a season.

  • The Rams defense played like killers! Its too bad Goff let them down


  • 10:37 that oh no is epic

  • Great game!!! 49ers are back....!

  • From a Seahawks fan, thank you Niners for beating the Rams

  • Bang bang niner gang

  • Go 49ers

  • Love beating the LA Lambs!

  • 4:26 watch AD, just like the NBA, all I can say is sometimes (although they missed, but it probably pissed AD), the ref's impact on the result of a game can be significant. When you watch some of the Esports, you suck, you suck, at least the ref is not in the play.

  • 10:39 that “Oh no!!!” was so genuine lmao

  • Deebo is straight up beast

  • Mullins and the offence were truly awful...thank you defence for that win!

  • Haha on that pick 6 Warner pushes the guy only to trip on his ankle. 😂

  • 4:27 Aaron Donald and that play! beautiful.

  • How many times has Robbie Gould won us games? Can someone please comment and let me know?

  • Deebo Samuel is kindo op

  • 🐨Congratulations and thanks to the 49ers from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan!🤓👍🏉🐨

  • This is the team we have been waiting for

  • I can’t believe Nick Mullens beat the rams

  • offsides at 5 secs left was in the SCRIPT. what a joke this league

  • Damn y’all Rams fans are quiet as hell now. Was on a high horse and had so much to say when y’all beat Seattle. The niners gave y’all some humble pie.

  • Aaron Donald: “Who?” Deebo Samuel: “And I took that personally...”

  • Go Niners. Empire faithful Love ! Born in tha Bay in a past life!

  • 3:00 AM

  • Deebo been that yal just gettin a taste of the niners 😌

  • Was this the NFL? With all the fumbles and ints I had stumbled across a high school game. What happened to the talent?

  • Both teams really wanted to lose this game. No you win, no you win, no you go ahead and get a win, no no no you can get the win!

  • That's gotta be the biggest offsides this season

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  • Rams can beat any team But Niners lol

  • Both Teams: How many turnovers do you want? NFL: Yes!

  • Goff thanks for the 3 points in fantasy, Good game 49ers!

  • As a frenchman, I am very impressed by the accuracy of the passes from blue team to white team. Great teamwork!

  • The living end!

  • Deebo Samuel has some of the best run after catch skills I’ve ever seen

  • 49ers just helped the Seahawks win the division.

  • I've never seen such a game with so many fumble and interception.

  • interesting

  • Rams have all of that talent at wide receiver at can’t do anything. If it were not for that turnovers, I would really say that they were very well being dominated. Rams defense did take it up a notch towards the end. Just sad to see. The bucs are the same. They were dominated by The Chiefs. It’s just ridiculous at this point. Maybe they will be different teams in the playoffs.

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  • To many turnovers but go 49ers

  • Deebo and terry are absolutely monsters and so underrated!

  • Goff is a waste of 134 million

  • People wanna rave and scream about DK Metcalf's ability, which is understandable -- he's an elite talent moving forward but just because Deebo has missed games this year and 49ers aren't the same, don't DISRESPECT that man #19. Out there BULL-DOZING grown men!! #YACGOD

  • 49ers showing signs of Life go niners

  • The Rams would be so good without that utter garbage Goff just like Philly without Wentz.. Both are immobile, spaghetti arms bad decision making QBs... not at all franchise quality

  • 2:50 I may but dumb but why run it at 3rd and 20?

    • Better field position for a punt

  • Its official Kyle Shanahan is Sean McVays daddy

  • Jalen Ramsey LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO n000b

  • Idk why no ones talking about the speed from verett at 7:34