5 Biggest Tsunami Caught On Camera

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5 Mega Tsunami Caught On Camera - Enjoy the video.
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Tsunamis are giant waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea. Out in the depths of the ocean, tsunami waves do not dramatically increase in height. But as the waves travel inland, they build up to higher and higher heights as the depth of the ocean decreases. The speed of tsunami waves depends on ocean depth rather than the distance from the source of the wave. Tsunami waves may travel as fast as jet planes over deep waters, only slowing down when reaching shallow waters. While tsunamis are often referred to as tidal waves, this name is discouraged by oceanographers because tides have little to do with these giant waves. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was triggered by a 9.3 magnitude earthquake with the initial surge wave of the tsunami measuring 33 metres. It was the largest earthquake-generated tsunami in history. Certain places in the world are subject to earthquakes and tsunamis more than others as there are only seven tectonic plates covering the earth and the borders of these plates lie in certain areas.

5 Biggest Tsunami Caught On Camera
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If it were not filmed, no one would believe it


  • The fact that they just casually stand there... and 4:58 just casually films a guy dying... 5:07 let’s face it they aren’t getting out alive..

  • Our planet Earth is getting destroyed slowly.

  • america deserves tsunami ..every day

  • Clickbait af those pictures;

  • I thought Asian people were smart. Doesn't look like it by these clips!

  • Why in the HELL did that helicopter go near that twister?? 😮

  • Just think. How INCREDIBLY STUPID these people are! Going TO THE TSUNAMI instead of AWAY FROM IT!!

  • 3:30 (Everyone evacuating) Me: "Hold on i didn't get a cute picture!" Who else can relate?😂😂

  • Let’s look at the bright side... free fish for all

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  • 1 error:It can be 2 countries at one video

  • 1:15 That was so weird and rigged that this is fake.

  • Why does people laugh when people get hurts of the tsunamis thats so nasty AND why does people dont run?

  • They are floods

  • 4:41 Wait isn't that a tornado? Or am i just dumb as fuck?

  • The last video is not tsunami indonesia that was the same on Japan

  • Thumbs-down for the fake thumbnail. And fake tornado + helicopter scene.

  • The last movie is not india. It is Japan.

  • 大勢の人々が亡くなってそれよりもっと大勢の人々がずっと苦しんでいるのに自然の驚異ではなく面白がって動画を配信している事にユーチューブの残酷さを

  • Its funny how theres a tsunami and theres happy summer beach music playing

  • Itna sb hony k bawjod b log wahi khry ha or recording KR rhy ha strange

  • The ocean is getting back at us for killing its babies aka sea life

  • *(Laird Hamilton Grabs Surfboard)*

  • its not a tsunamy the tsunamy is big than that



  • Me: really really run that's no time to surf and your like I need to record this to get 1,000,000,000,000 views

  • Tsunami:gotta go fast People:let's bust Other people:😄😄

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  • That last one is not Indonesia its Japan 2011

  • Is that a man? He was thrown from the helocopter. I guess he died :( and wtf is wrong with the man hanging from a tree just to record the tsunami. Omfg.

  • The last one is not Indonesia as the vid says, it's Japan.

  • #1 is NOT Indonesia... that’s Japan in 2011. Can’t you hear them speaking Japanese?

  • When you try to play with nature and nature plays back with you

  • Whoa.... 8:30


  • This is why I have no sympathy for people who die in natural disasters. They are informed a week ahead of time by the government itself to evacuate and they refuse.

    • Mekai Rocco You still have time though!! Get the necessities and slam on that gas!!!! It’s time to gtfo!!

    • WARLORD op earthquakes and other tectonic disasters are generally unpredictable. you have little to no time to react once the message is sent out.

  • It’s so weird how I looked up “tornadoes caught on camera”, and this popped up lol

  • The first one was not a tsunami, it was just storm surge

  • The harbour footage in the last video is Japan not Indonesia. I lived in Japan at the time and find it very insensitive of you to put this up as a 'monthly winner'.You're advertising your ignorance and insensitivity for everyone to see. I'd appreciate it if someone on here could inform me if there's a way to report this tripe and have it removed?

  • 0:44 that's your last ever film

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  • #3 was fascinated with the white water and ignored all the waves striking land. :(

  • 5:51 was that an actual person??!!!

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  • 03:04 So Scary!

  • 4:38 Hmm... Weird tsunami. Have you guys seen those?

    • Sammy Su yea

  • When a tsunami comes Plays summer music

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  • No.1 video is not Indonesia, It's Japan We should remember the day,we can not forget the day

  • 5:12 *FBI OPEN UP!*

  • The second one isn't tsunami

  • Nobody: Tsunami:I don't give a damn *hits land* God:y'all said you were thirsty 😒😬😑🙃

  • Random tornado....

  • Is it normal that people in Asia are just like „Chill“ when a Tsunami is coming?

  • Some people thinks tsunami is a joke...

  • God ,but tsunami , these boys and girls suffered so much that I wanted to cry

  • Please dont show that because im getting emoitionless

    • cristina baetiong T H E N. W H Y. D I D. Y O U. C L I C K. O N. T H E. V I D E O

  • 9:20〜 ⇦Indonesia🇮🇩

  • No1 7:00〜9:20 ⇦japan 2011.3.11 IWATE or MIYAGI mabye

  • Zusammengestoppeltes Zeug- Nr. 4 z.B. ist kein Tsunamii, sondern eine Gezeitenwelle.

  • It seems like some of those people don't understand the power of that much water. Like they think that their strength will outlast the OCEAN! 🤤

  • *Tsunami gets near* Other people: Wow!! (Not running away) Other people:OMG!! Run!!

  • 0:33 That guy be like **Whatever it takes**

    • I do whatever it takes... ya take me to the top I'm ready for whatever it takes

  • Number 5 was mini and most of them were floods

  • No 3 is in kanyakumari Kerala

  • So much fail on this video


  • How the fuck was there someone laughing at the second one, I'd be pissing my pants right that moment.

  • "The five biggest rushes of water that we could find that were recorded on camera"

  • w Was that superman flying past that helicopter ?

  • The second is the rising tide in zhejiang, China, not a tsunami

  • Aceh tsunami kill more than 260.000 people

  • Tsunami:*im going to ruin these people whole career*

  • I've never seen so many people keen to take their own lives.

  • The tsunami enters a lift, then it plings and then it comes out of the second floor🤣🤣🤣

  • Jesus christ their water is dirty.

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  • these seem more like floods

  • the helicopter....for real??? are you THAT stupid????? FFS

  • Water slowly comes in* oh look at the water water comes in faster Oh we’re gonna die

  • I’m not saying people don’t dump trash in the ocean because they do, but these tsunamis carry an ungodly amount of debris into the ocean.

  • 1:13 When you don't make it to the Taco Bell bathroom in time.

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  • The helicopter one tho

  • Japan Is like the most coolest cities Well There Richness is Unlucky,Very Unlucky

  • *Biggest Wave Coming* People:Yo Guys We Can Swim In The Roads Now Yay! Tornado:Ima Play With helicopter Yay

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  • Tsunami Almost Hits Kid* Plays Happy Music* Me:ITS TYE BEST DAY EVERRRR BEST DAY EVERRR!!

  • 1位Indonesia〇 & Japan 〇

  • Compared to the forces of nature, man is powerless as an ant in a rain gutter

  • The people watching tsunamis are the dumbest of the dumb

  • I don't understand why that helicopter flew that near. I just don't get it. People need to listen to their survival instincts. Goddammit.

    • +Yusuf Anteur Man I don't think that can happen unless you flew near it and that's what happened on this video.

    • +EZ_Panguin I bet you're right. I don't think that thing just appeared out of nowhere near the helicopter and the helo got sucked in. At least you gotta fly near it ro get sucked. It just doesn't make sense. Yousef Anteur

    • It’s fake, from a college students movie

    • it got sucked into it