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Following the 2-1 victory over Chelsea in the Premier League, Pep's men train at the CFA. Who will win the 7v7 match?
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  • Is this England training or spain

  • The magnificent Riad Mahrez. The best marginalized player

  • instagram.com/p/B52urkehEfb/?igshid=1w1yjr9mkpmbs

  • Guys come on y'all need to step up the rest of the games.

  • He Zhrz the best player in the Man City Monkey Yola seat on the bench Zhad

  • Just zoom out please so we can see the full pitch instead of this close zoom and turning camera 24/7 so annoying

  • Another time Mahrez replace against shakhtar, I do not understand for what !!! you have to change club Mahrez , Guardiola he will break your career, go to chelsea or arsenal or even Manchester united, you are wasting your time with this idiot.

  • We have to sell otamendi

  • Who's watching city Vs shakthar tonight

  • Ilike it

  • viva mahrez

  • Otamendi really is finished

  • first start for city vs shaktar: Ederson Cancelo Stone Fernandinho Angelino Gundogan Kevin Foden Mahrez GJ Sterling...

  • is it just me or does Kyle Walker seem very lethargic to anyone else?

  • *speakers Corner I Hyde Park I* #EFDawah ID-tv channel #SCDawah ID-tv channel

  • Too many injuries for an 11 a side game 😂

  • 19 14 ? Come back?

  • Anyone know why walkers not been getting picked for England, can’t get my head around it

  • mahrez is the historic and the best player ❤❤✌⚽🏆💪

  • mahrez is the historic and the best player ❤❤✌⚽🏆💪

  • why man city get too much injury with their players

  • I understand this training that: 1-otamendi continue his mistakes 2-garcia makes a development for defending 3-and pep tell angelino to close his foot and also to put his hands back.

    • Great analysis good job

  • Wow. Bernardo is pure class.

  • Wher is mahrez the guipard

  • Liverpool trash

  • Keep doing that guys we the CITYZENS don't give up... And we fight till the end.. 1⃣❤🇳🇬

  • 90% of the comments= MARHEZZZ, MARHEZ KINGGGG

  • man city to the world......

  • Riyad Mahrez ❤️❤️❤️

  • hola 😝

  • Maahraaaaaàaaaaaaaazzzžz

  • Riyad #Leave city

  • Pep Why not play mahrez 😡😠

  • Team looks good. I really want Otamendi to work on his ball retention and Passing. We need him more than ever right now. - Cityzen from Jamaica

  • Mahrez leave city you are a talent fuk of pep guardiola and everyone Hite riyad 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🤬🤬🤬

  • The quality of the surfaces here in Africa. ......I end there.

    • @A.Y.D. Football yeah. Them sandy and extremely bumpy pitches would show them how much their surfaces do all the work for them while they concentrate on what's happening around them. Here, you have to be aware and focus on the ball's movement as well. But we embrace it anyway.

    • Lool brooo, some of these city players don't know the half of it😂😭some of em need to come play on some sandy pitches here in Africa


  • . Bravo Cancelo Otamendi Garcia Angelino Bernardo Gundogan KDB Mahrez Jesus Sterling

  • bad filming ankle

  • City U always the winner.. loser liverpool they win only referee and the VAR..

  • can we please try Angelino in Sterling's position

  • Pep showing Angelino the left back dance.... Classic pep

  • Otamendi awful even at training ground. 🙄

  • 3:55 Wait what ??? Did he hust call Kyle Walker Kylie 😂😂😂😒👌

  • When will Zinchenko come back?

  • Guardiola is racist

  • Like if city will go trophy less this season 😊

  • No video of riad mahrez ?????!!!!!! It’s crazy Fu......ing racist team Riad should go away from there 🇩🇿

  • Kiper must train harder

  • Tunnel cam when

  • How many wants city to sell mahrez to get rid of our comment section of toxic algerians?! Man Leicester must b breathing free ryt now!

  • City aint good enuf mate tbh..v miss a leader..v stopped pressing..davud and kun on decline mendy is slow..v cant press anymore..thats why v nw sit bck and counter..v miss ferna in midfeild..its a team in transition..v need bernado in middle or foden..it lacks energy..mahrez sure does produce magic but hes sleeping most of the the tym esp in defense and its a team game..

  • You can see how awful otamendi and bravo in this video

  • Pep : “Angelino, this how I do the Polka dance” 9:04

  • enjoy ☺ 💙💙

  • Bernardo Silva ❤❤❤

  • Pep instructing Angelino to keep his arms under control or risk a handball call. Attention to details.

  • There goes the blues

  • مكاش محرز غي ما تشقااوش 😔

  • Poveda juega para Colombia