80's toys you DEFINITELY don't remember

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It's a Manglorious day.

Dino animation made by Apartment D!

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Animator: Sean Malony ( instagram.com/seanchiridion/ )
Story: Maximilian Lopez ( instagram.com/mxmln.machi... )
Puppet Fabrication: Joe Aragon ( instagram.com/joearagonde... )
Puppet Assistants: Maia Kerr ( instagram.com/maia_does_a... , Megan Van Hoogmoed ( meganrvanhoogmoed.wixsite.com... )
Rig Removal: Danny Ruiz ( instagram.com/stopmo_dann... )
Flash Frame Paintings: Robyn Stanford ( instagram.com/rskyrays/ )

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  • Dino animation made by Apartment D!! Check Us Out: ID-tv: id-tv.org/ch/UClM8YqIILhffQx8wlOLMHyQ Website: www.apartmentdfilms.com/ Instagram: instagram.com/apartmentdf... TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@apartmentdfilms Twitter: twitter.com/ApartmentDfilms Animator: Sean Malony (instagram.com/seanchiridion/) Story: Maximilian Lopez (instagram.com/mxmln.machinist/) Puppet Fabrication: Joe Aragon (instagram.com/joearagondesign/) Puppet Assistants: Maia Kerr (instagram.com/maia_does_art/), Megan Van Hoogmoed (meganrvanhoogmoed.wixsite.com/animation/visual-development) Rig Removal: Danny Ruiz (instagram.com/stopmo_dannymation/) Flash Frame Paintings: Robyn Stanford (instagram.com/rskyrays/)

    • Can someone tell me what the drink is called that Arin has in the beginning of the video? Thanks so much! ❤

    • @Mr Meseeks You may not always be able to stay young, but you can be immature *_forever._*

    • Why y'all look 40 and act 20, damn?

    • Cheese man approaches, he darkens the future of our Dino bois. Be strong and take piss wolf’s training to heart. I believe.

    • The "FOOLS!" part of the dino animation reminded me of Excalibur from Soul Eater.

  • The last boss of those stop-motion animations is 100% going to be David Cheeseman.

    • Nah, david deburgerack

    • @Transform987 as far as we know...

    • He’s going be a Lich King- a master of death and decay

    • I sincerely hope not. for health reasons

    • @Transform987 maybe Euclid then, easy to contain but will kill you as soon as it has the chance

  • the spatial awareness of the video granted to us by seeing dan standing up in the full set really shows how tall and gangly he is. like a giant teenager.

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    • And Arin is the Large Man and also a Small Boy xD

  • Arin geuinely yelling stop after getting provoked by the ET hand and being soaked in water made me laugh so hard

  • I love how Arin just goes “Manglors!” again for no reason at 12:43

    • @512 I think it would be considered palilalia since he repeated himself. Unless he’s repeating the way it was said in the commercials back in the day, which would make it delayed echolalia :)

    • I honestly wanna find an ‘80’s/‘90’s toy store in my state and see if it’s possible to find one of those.

    • It's the echolalia

  • I’m not seeing enough appreciation for the stop motion at the beginning. That was incredible!

  • the E.T hand finally lets dan have a glimpse of having ‘normal’ thumbs

    • how does it feel to know that the grumps saw this?

    • What do you mean

    • hahaha

    • But only cause it makes the rest of his fingers just as monstrous

    • god damn bro why'd you do him like that 🥲🥲

  • Hearing Dans "HUWAH!" at 6:34 and seeing the demon just bounce off the wall really got me

  • i love how arins face was genuinely disturbed when he was caressed by E.T 13:03

  • 10:56 (Dan falls through ceiling.) “Hey Arin.” “Hey Dan.”

  • *Dan flopping around on the floor with his Moon shoes is my new spirit animal.*

  • The stop motion animations are literally so cool I love the voice acting

    • @ur momma DONNY AND ARNOLD

    • Not sure why Arin doesn’t get more voice-over work. He’s pretty fantastic.

    • @bradstrew Danny and Arnold

    • Dude I can't wait until they fight cheeseman

    • @Dominic Saavedra exactly

  • The fact that arin didn’t realize he had to put the plugs into the wet head hat absolutely made me break and Dan’s I’m so done with life motion cracked me up

  • these dino animations are getting SO intense! i think next time they should go to applebees on a dinner date 😊

  • The way arin manages to always be a mess at the end of literally every ten minutes power hour is almost as amazing as the way Dan leaves almost exactly as clean as when he came in 😂

    • Aaron is his Dorian Gray portrait lol

  • Watching Dan use moon shoes made me laugh so hard I almost cried.

  • Dan gently tapping the ice above Arin’s mouth only to have it launch directly into his face made my Monday 😂

    • He took a load from Dan to the face

    • It was definitely on purpose XD

    • @Squidgy I know right? 😂

    • Lol

    • @Squidgy thx bud

  • One giant leap for Dan-kind! idk what got into Dan this episode but it was pure chaos energy and I loved it 🤣

  • I love arin just randomly saying “manglors“ every so often for the whole rest of the episode after they bring out the Manglo-Demon

  • I feel like Dan has slowly gotten less uptight/nervous on camera and is letting his chaotic freak flag fly. I'm here for it.

    • I noticed when he did the mini golf thing that was uploaded like three days after his 40th birthday he got goofy

  • Dan jumping in the Moon Shoes is the most slapstick thing I've ever seen from him. I'm glad he's still spry.

    • Ninja Sex Party.


    • Lmao he's not like geriatric or anything, wdym "still spry"?

  • I feel like Danny was the chaotic driving force for this one. Was not expecting it but am absolutely here for it

    • As a 90's kid, I had a pair of the moon shoes. I loved those damn things. Can't tell you how many times those rubber bands would break and leave red marks on your calf. I sprang my left ankle also lol.

    • @SOULREAVER654 every video he gets harder and harder

    • Every video he gets harder and harder to contain

  • 12:05 Dan just dropping all the plugs and putting his head in his hands is so fucking great🤣🤣🤣

  • Everyone handing the box around to sniff it was for some reason so entertaining to me lmao

  • love the animations at the start of these episodes. they look like they require a TOOOON of work, so props to the animators!

  • @5:18 *"It still tastes like strawberry or whatever it's supposed to taste like. I just don't know if it's gonna like..."* -Arin _"Kill me."_ -Me *_"Kill me."_* -Arin _"NAILED IT!"_ -Me

  • I was totally expecting Arin to hurt himself with the moon shoes but Dan was like ''hold my sparkling water'' as he fell over

  • What a nice smile Arin has.

  • The number of dance routines my cousins and I put together incorporating moon boots--often set to the dulcet vocals of Shania Twain--is incalculable. It's a miracle none of us ever broke our ankles. The early 90s were something else.

  • The Dino animation was awesome loving this season so far and love you both and the team behind it that puts in so much work. Stay safe out there you two and keep making a lot of people happy like me!!!❤❤❤

  • Arin having genuine fun with the Manglore was kinda cute ngl

  • 4:24 “Giant muscular child” is the perfect description for Arin

    • So until I get a video of arin modeling naked for everyone to see his rippling chub muscles you guys should hold your arguments. P.S. After these messages I’m not coming back to this, this entire situation is not worth anyones time by any measure. Do yourself a favor and calm your clits.

    • 1. It’s a joke, of course you can be strong and have a multichin. 2. Muscular’s definition in this scenario is “having well-developed or defined muscle” essentially, which arin visually from a video standpoint does not. Had he said big baby hunk I would’ve have said different. I’m not wrong for taking the words at face value.

    • Looool

    • Boy slim t h I c c

    • Sumo wrestlers are crazy muscular under all that flub. they gotta be to move each other. but i do see the confusion, "muscular" being read as "jacked" or "ripped" or something seems like an honest mistake.

  • As a tall man with tiny baby feet myself I appreciate the representation from Arin.

  • The stop motion animations are literally so cool I love the voice acting

  • Every other week I look forward to watching Arin's facial reactions to any number of his senses being violated.

  • this might be the biggest fall i’ve seen dan take since they did the video unpacking the room after moving offices lmao

  • 10MPH summary (applies to any episode): - “What are we doing today?” “Idfk” - Destruction - Arin: “AHHHHH” - Dan: Bringing out the yaoi paddle at any chance - Dan: Making eye contact with the camera, and then immediately going deadpan - Arin: Having uncontrollable gas - Arin: Putting everything in his mouth - Dan: “I’m not putting that in my mouth” - Homoerotic tendencies - Arin: “Im a small boy” - Arin: “Im a large man” - Dan: Sitting back and watching the chaos happen

    • It’s like a bingo sheet

    • Something horrendous falls out of Arin’s mouth in every episode, it’s a truth of life Edit: 3:32 told you

    • My favorite 10MPH cooking trope is Dan being like "ew I don't want that" after eating each individual ingredient raw

    • Loool

    • I was reading "Dan going deadpan" and here he was. Never miss 😂

  • 12:56 5 years after the Good Mythical Morning episode, Dan finally gets his revenge.

  • I lost it when Dan put the rubber bands on his face. Straight up channeling Jim Carrey 🤣

  • The Dino animation was awesome loving this season so far and love you both and the team behind it that puts in so much work. Stay safe out there you two and keep making a lot of people happy like me!!!❤❤❤

  • I love how the Manglors box was passed around because everyone's minds were blown over how it smelled!😂

  • 4:33 dan keeps physically trolling arin and I love it

  • I love how the original E.T. light up finger also "vibrates when pressed". Y'know for all those times you want to really replicate an alien experience.

  • “A great battle is coming” in the stop motion intro… I get the feeling the battle is going to be with David Cheeseman. And Im here for it.

  • I used to really liked “Dino Carnage”, it was an Anime me and my Japanese exchange student friend used to watch together in HighSchool But I feel like the pacing suffered severely in the BeyBlade Arc, still had cool fights though

  • The fact that I was born in 2003 and I have moon shoes somewhere in my garage just shows how timeless they are

    • i broke them mfs

    • I think they totally still make and sell moon shoes

    • I think they totally still make and sell moon shoes

    • I was born in 2001 and I remember wanting them badly lmao

    • @IEmmaSoprano They still sell those snoopy machines, they come in stock in our store every summer.

  • The Dino animation was awesome loving this season so far and love you both and the team behind it that puts in so much work. Stay safe out there you two and keep making a lot of people happy like me!!!❤❤❤

  • can we take a moment to appreciate arin's voice acting in the intro? 🥺

    • I seriously thought it was ProZD

  • THE INTROS OMG They're always amazing and wonderful, I love the grumps team, I just love hanging out with game grumps and the grumps as well as the clips and films hehe I love these videos I only know wethead due to Markiplier hehe

  • Arin what pants thingies are those?! They look so comfy! Also the reaction to the water on your head was close to the reaction my 3 year gives when I rinse his hair during bath time but missing the high pitch notes of being murdered.

  • Dan brought out the Yaoi paddle a lot faster than I thought he would this episode

    • Something tells me that he really wants to use it on someone

  • I love Dan, the excitement. "WE GET TO MAKE SNOW CONES?!?!" Priceless

  • I seriously love these stop motion intros, I really hope we get more of them in the future.

  • The stop motion cape-wearing top did it for me. They did a great job animating that. Amazing.

  • 10:45 One small step for Dan. One giant leap for Dan-kind.

  • Dan has become so chaotic and I’m completely here for it.

    • Personally I think Dan's Chaos era started when he turned 40

  • ... okay, these stop motion intros are really going above and beyond! On a related note, are they hinting that Daniel Cheeseman is the final boss?! I am intrigued and also concerned for the health of whichever stop-motion animator has to touch him.

  • I remember having a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine when I was little, and even in the mid-to-late 80s the plastic always felt stinky and smelled funny. Never had Moon Shoes, though, since those were expensive. We did the DIY scout project version where you stand on two wide metal coffee cans with holes drilled through and tie them to your feet with kite string. Both were equally likely to snap your ankles like twigs. Fun!

  • I remember my parents got my sister and I Moon Shoes - They watched us play with them for like 10-15 minutes and determined we were almost guaranteed to break our ankles if we kept going; returned them the same day, haha!

  • I legitimately remember all these. My cousin had the Snoopy snow cone maker, a friend had those Moon Shoe things (he hurt himself, so they stayed in the closet), and I did play with one of those Wet Head things at a birthday party once. Never saw the E.T. hand in real life, but did see the commercial when I was a kid. ... honestly, the '80s kinda sucked.

  • Nice to see Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills was willing to voice Pee Wolf the Beyblade.

    • It's the least he could do, his nephew helped promote his book back and forth!

    • Dr. Cecil H. H. Mills has hit a new low.

    • he's really been branching out lately since In Space With Markiplier, glad to see being a displaced omniscient entity is going well for him

    • I was expecting the Beyblade to go " *Buy my book* "

  • Danny's slo-mo fall was expected, yet hillarious 😂

  • When I was a kid I thought I wanted Moon Shoes. I ended up wearing them only once since I had a fear of falling and they were not easy to walk in at all. I was so worried for Arin and Dan trying to navigate with those things! It just brought back the memory of how much I didn't want to put them back on. 😆

  • Arins expressions make me lmao. Also moon shoes must have been around for twenty years lol

  • I never thought I'd feel so entertained by a 43 year old man in moon shoes.

  • Arin pouring in the water without assembling the toy first is just…so expected 😂

    • Its what he does lol Arin has been pouring shit on other shit without knowing wtf he’s pouring or WHERE since the Power Hour was first born 🤣 Fr I’ve seen this man do that for so many years that it’s almost fascinating to watch with the context of the MASSIVE span of time its gone on lol

    • Yeah, it's like he doesn't know to first read the tutorial...

  • I absolutely remember the Snoopy snow cone machine! My sister and I had it. It was awful ad shredding the ice but I do not remember the flavor “powder.” That brought some nostalgia fever dreams right back!

  • 3:32 I was really hoping they would Arin’s drooling for the slo-mo outro 😂

  • The 10 minute power hour really puts into perspective how large Arin’s business is. I never know anyone behind the scenes.

  • I had Moon Shoes! Even though I was always small for my age, my feet hit the ground every time I jumped. These shoes meant an instant headache lol

  • The gentle caress of ET Dan while Arin is agonizing over being wet gave me life. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile, much needed. Love the TMPH content as always 🥰

  • The stop motion animations are literally so cool I love the voice acting

  • These stop motion animation is amazing, been loving these random stories you create with them

  • So much effort for such an amazing mini series, im so in love with the dino battles

  • When the Manglor hit the door, I started crying laughing…. It really was a whap demon

    • I laughed more at your comment than the bit you referenced

  • As someone who experienced moon shoes for 10 minutes when I was 12 years old, their excitement was justified. Maybe I was closer to the ground but it wasn't nearly as dangerous as they made it seem, and they do leave an impression on you with how your feet feel like they defy gravity.

  • These intros can be its own epic series.

  • I definitely remember Moon Shoes. I wanted them after watching the commercial, but after seeing them in action, I was sorely disappointed. I had that ET finger with a light-up tip when I was a kid. I was too young at that time to realize how phallic it was. Not sure what my parents’ excuse was. Edit: I’m amazed the moon shoes didn’t break. All my rich-kid friends definitely broke theirs shortly after getting them, and they were well below the weight limit.

  • These old toys episodes are the best 10mph, really glad you guys did more of em!

  • I really love the dino cinematic universe they are starting

  • I am in LOVE with Dino battles, I can’t wait to see where this goes

  • I remember having the snoopy snow cone. I always wanted the moon shoes!

  • The second Dan put on those moon shoes, I really expected him to shoot through the ceiling and completely demolish the Grump office, which I'm glad didn't happen because I was really worried it would impact Manglor's bath time

  • Dan gently tapping the ice above Arin’s mouth only to have it launch directly into his face made my Monday 😂

  • Dan gently tapping the ice above Arin’s mouth only to have it launch directly into his face made my Monday 😂

  • 12:04 Arin not knowing to plug up the water thing before filling it seems par for the course. After all, who expects him to read the instructions. Though with toys and board games, you can't expect in-game instructions to be provided.

  • Please. More of this chaotic nostalgia my body craves! Make Creepy Crawlers! Tug of war with Stretch Armstrong!! Keep digging into the crusty recesses of my childhood!!!

  • I remember getting the Snoopy snowcone maker for Christmas. I was so excited until I tried to use it. ☹️

  • 3:40 I didn't know how old that snow cone maker is!! I used to have one when I was a kid in the early 2000s

  • I wonder if they have any plans on bringing back their other show Good Content, been so nice chilling with more 10MPH videos.

  • I definitely remember moonshoes. Those are advertised like crazy on Nickelodeon back in the day

  • I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved this. I wanted Moonshoes as a kid and watching Dan clumsily walk in them like they were heels was hilarious.

  • I had the snoopy snow cone maker growing up and it definitely was hard as hell to crank that lever 😆

  • Dinosaur hair clips would be a perfect merch idea! I got my boyfriend the Dino collar pins and to have some hair clips or something to match would be lovely. Love you both xoxo

  • I had the Snoopy snow cone machine and yes it's exactly as hard to turn as it looks. As kids our parents had to do it for us 😂

  • The muffled "I'm good!" Coming from somewhere behind Dan's feet really sells it

  • Dude, that snoopy snow cone thing was no joke. I’d bruise my inner thighs trying to hold the base still😂 Moon shoes? Broken ankles for days lol

  • I loved the stop motion at the beginning, that was so cool to see

  • This was a really good one I haven’t laughed this hard in a bit

  • I had moon shoes! I got them for Christmas one year, nearly broke my face 🤣🤣